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  • Theatrical (Vipco VHS)
  • Extended (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray)
Release: Jun 06, 2024 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

The UK VHS from Vipco ("regular" version) was compared with the US Blu-ray of Vinegar Syndrome (Extended version).

After an accident, wealthy Ivar Langrock is in a wheelchair and dependent on help. Nurse Meredith Stone moves into his house to help him with everyday life. She immediately feels warmly welcomed by the cook Duffy and the butler Phillip. Langrock's grandson Gabriel, who previously lived in a hippie commune, also moves into the house. Meredith falls in love with him, while the family lawyer Jeffrey has his eye on Meredith. A terrible series of murders soon takes place in the house...

Delusion is a charming psychological thriller that skillfully builds up several mysteries and offers a surprising finale. The production is quite classic with few spectacular murder scenes. Patricia Pearcy (Squirm) can be seen in the leading role.

The film was released on Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome in the USA on May 28, 2024. The cover advertises a longer and previously unreleased cut of the film and indeed, the US Blu-ray contains some action scenes that have apparently never been seen before. This gives the movie more depth, as, for example, the relationship between Meredith and Jeffrey is developed further or Meredith's mother is dealt with a little more. However, the scenes are not absolutely necessary and it must be added that the movie is unfortunately stretched out a little more as a result. Due to the excellent picture quality of the US Blu-ray, the US Blu-ray is highly recommended either way.

Picture comparison:


US Blu-ray:

Running times:

  • UK VHS: 79:49 min. (PAL)
  • US Blu-ray: 90:39 min. (Film)

Alternative title overlay.

UK-VHSUS Blu-ray

No time difference


The US Blu-ray continues showing Meredith looking around the old barn. Her gaze falls on the old saddle, to which she finally walks.

US: 39 sec


The conversation between Jeffrey and Meredith has been extended. Jeffrey apologizes to her for being a bit on the fence.

US: 12 sec


After Gabriel says goodbye, the scene continues. Jeffrey jokes that Gabriel must have his eye on Meredith. He goes on to say that Langrock has offered him a plot of land that he can build on. He wants to take Meredith there so that she can give him her opinion. Meredith says that she has no idea, but wants to go with Jeffrey anyway. The two wish each other a good night and Jeffrey leaves.

The camera pans from the saddle to Meredith. She says that she often goes to the stables because she can be alone there. We also hear that she has gotten closer to Jeffrey, but doesn't know how to behave towards Gabriel.

US: 1:36 mins


Meredith can be seen watching Gabriel earlier. Unnoticed, she seems to have wrapped her hand with the holder from the saddle. She frees herself from it again.

US: 15 sec


After Langrock makes his comparison to the animal in a cage that's too tight, Meredith says that she always tells herself that the past is over and she doesn't think about it anymore. Langrock remarks that he always looks out of the window in the morning and thinks about the time he rode out with the horse to get the newspaper. Meredith says that he shouldn't think about that. Langrock explains that he's in a cage because he can't walk, but he wonders what Meredith's reason might be. He considers whether it might be an accident or a broken love. Meredith answers how he would think of such a thing.

US: 44 sec


Langrock says that he naturally asks a lot of questions. Meredith wants to know from him what he said about “perfect”. He explains that madness comes slowly and there are small signs of decay along the way.

US: 28 sec


Jeffrey and Meredith are seen having a picnic. Jeffrey says that he really likes it here and explains that they are actually in the center of town. He explains that a railroad line was built for a mining company. Langrock bought a piece of land cheaply at the time, which was very important for building the railroad. This made him rich. Meredith asks if Jeffrey wants to buy this land now. He says that it was just an excuse so that he could ask her out on a date. Jeffrey says that he called the hospital where Meredith's mother is. He wants to bring her to the Langrock estate, but he was told that the medical records have been misplaced. He says that he has a meeting with a doctor next week and everything should work out then. After that, the house can be seen earlier.

US: 2:05 min


After dinner, Meredith is seen helping Langrock get into bed. Langrock looks depressed and Meredith asks if everything is okay. She says that it's not good to keep everything inside. Langrock says that everyone has left him except Gabriel.

US: 50 sec


Gabriel says to Meredith that she thinks he killed Wilfred. Meredith denies it. Gabriel accuses her of turning the whole house against him. Meredith confesses that she believes Gabriel is the culprit.

US: 26 sec


Meredith can be seen in the bathtub in another shot.

US: 5 sec