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Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth


  • BBFC 18 (Unrated)
  • German Red Edition DVD
Release: Oct 25, 2009 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
The German Red Edition was cut together from different sources, so some shots have a different Running Time than the UK Release which creates an additional difference in the comparison of both Running Times.

The Movie "Hellraiser III" was released in many different versions worldwide, therefor its hard to say which is the Original Cut.

The US Theatrical Version (Rated R) is perhaps the shortest "Uncut"-version. In comparision to other releases in this one basically plot scenes are missing, but also a very explicit warflashback was shortened. We can't tell if this happened because of cuttings for a R-Rating. A longer Release is on the UK DVD Release, but the new scenes are different from the rest of the movie. With smooth fadings these differences are partial found in the R-Rated cut, the scenes are zoomed in the UK DVD Release. Even longer than the UK DVD is the German "Red Edition"-Release. Apparently material was brought together from different sources, therefor the Warflashback is more explicit. On the other hand one shot is missing inJoeyīs walk through the boilerroom. Furthermore there is one deleted scene in the bonusmaterial, which is only shown on the japanese Laserdisc.

The German Publisher "Kinowelt" decided to re-release the movie on the German market, with the original cinema format (anamorph 1,78:1) and better Picture and Sound quality. Therefor Kinowelt took the R-Rated Cut because of the better Picture/Soundsource with the unrated material missing.

If you are interested in buying a Release you have to choose an the different advanteges and disatvantages. Regarding the technical background the "Kinowelt"-Release should fit because the quality of the unrated material from UK and US Releases is rather bad. The German "Red Edition" only reaches videotape quality and is therefor not advisable. Disadvantage for the Kinowelt Release is, that it contains only the uncut R-Rated Version, but the cuts are only on plot bases. We're not sure if the cuts in the flashback scenes are because of censorship, the UK Release is in this sequence not complete as well. The longest version is the German Red Edition. It has some shots which are even missing in the unrated version and only lacks one single shot of a body. But the Red Editon comes with lower picture quality. If you like anamorph transfer and the unrated version you should pick the UK Release by Anchor Bay. Best Picture/Sound quality with small cuts delivers, as said, the German Release by "Kinowelt".

(Glogcke / Playzocker)

Comparison between the UK DVD by Anchor Bay (BBFC 18, Unrated) and the German Red Edition by Laser Paradise (unrated).

There are 13 Seconds missing at an amount of of 5 Cuts.
Running Time UK DVD without Credits: 1:27.42 Min
Running Time Red Edition DVD without: 1:27.59 Min
Both Releases start with different Logos.
+3 Sec

53.13 / 53.08
A torn of head from a soldier lies on the ground, the shot of Joey walking simply keeps running in the UK release.
6 Sec

53.21 / 53.11
The face of a dead person is shown a bit longer before the camera moves on.
2 Sec

53.28 / 53.18
The impaled body is shown a bit longer.
1 Sec

53.31 / 53.20
Again the shot of Joey is interrupted by a dead body.
3 Sec

1:04.27 / 1:04.08
A cut of Joey in the boiler room is missing as she discovers the corpses.
1 Sec