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1.01 First You Dream, Then You Die


  • Short Version
  • Long Version
Release: Feb 03, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Loosely based on the Psycho movies, the series Bates Motel, broadcast on the American channel A&E, tells the story of Norman Bates in his teenage years and of the beginning of the famous motel. The series premiered in early 2013 in the States with very high ratings. Small wonder that they've produced a second season, which is set to be aired in March 2014.

But the series is not only interesting in itself. Apparently two different versions of the first episode were produced, which is also worth taking a closer look at. There is the long version (about 48 minutes NTSC in length) and the short alternative, which lacks about four minutes. The longer version was broadcast on US TV and should also be contained on the US DVD/BD.
So, what's the difference between the two versions? The shorter version is actually just a bit tightened. Some scenes were shortened or completely cut out, and some black screens were added. But why, you might ask. Probably just to have a pilot which fits into the usual broadcast frame of 42 to 44 minutes (NTSC) per episode.
It's not unlikely that the short version was broadcast in other countries and will also end up on the DVD releases there.

Compared is the short version with the long version.

There are to be found 44 differences in the two versions:
* 39 additional scenes/ shots in the long version
* 4 additional scenes/ shots in the short version
* 1 scene/ shot with alternate footage

The long version is 231.2 seconds (~3:51 minutes) longer than the short version.
5:44 minutes
Norman descends the stairs and walks towards the car.
5 sec.

6:22 minutes
He's longer ascending the stairs now.
1 sec.

7:55 minutes
The car ride is slightly longer.
0.9 sec.

7:56 minutes
Norma is cutting some meat when the phone rings. It's Dylan, her oldest son. Apparently Norma didn't tell him that she and Norman have moved. He complains about what would have happened if he got hurt or had to go the hospital. When Dylan tells her that he needs money Norma immediately hangs up. The following credits are displayed in the following scenes in the short version.
54.5 sec.

9:26 minutes
The shot of Norman is longer.
1.4 sec.

9:28 minutes
Some things were added to the conversation between Norman and Miss Watson. She says that she's noticed that Norman and his mum have moved quite often, because he attended five different schools so far. She then asks whether everything's all right at home, whereupon Norman answers that everything's fine and that his mum is a bit impulsive and always has new ideas, which is why they've moved that often in order to start a new life. The teacher takes some notes.
29.1 sec.

12:51 minutes
The scene of Norman beating the rug starts earlier in the long version.
3.3 sec.

13:30 minutes
The shot of Norma coming out of the house is a bit longer.
0.3 sec.

14:17 minutes
Again a longer scene with Norma.
0.9 sec.

14:18 minutes
Summers says that he knows every dirty secret and that Norma has no clue about how things work in this place.
5.1 sec.

15:25 minutes
An exterior shot of the house.
3.9 sec.

14:47 minutes
For a change an extension in the short version now: Bradley is shown longer.
0.5 sec.

16:30 minutes
One of Bradley's friends says that she really digs the house. Norma thanks her and says that there's still a lot of work to do.
9.2 sec.

17:17 minutes
A bit more fighting. Norma asks: "Friends?" and Norman answers that she (Bradley) is pretty and that she might like him.
4 sec.

15:26 minutes
The scene with Norma starts a bit earlier in the short version.
0.4 sec.

17:43 minutes
Norma is shown longer.
1.7 sec.

18:54 minutes
Norman is shown longer when he and the girls arrive at the party.
0.6 sec.

16:57 minutes
The following scene starts earlier in the short version.
2 single frames.

19:34 minutes
Norman takes a few steps forward and watches Bradley...who wouldn't?
14.4 sec.

20:06 minutes
Bradley says that Norman doesn't look like someone who would use cheap pick-up lines. But Norman says that he really means that there's a lot to see and that this wasn't meant to sound like a cheap pick-up line.
9.2 sec.

20:32 minutes
Bradley can't put her finger on why Norman's different, but she can feel that he is.
3.6 sec.

26:47 minutes
A shot of the house.
4 sec.

24:25 minutes
Norman is standing around for a while before he leaves in the short version.
2 sec.

27:35 minutes
Norman says that he's been upstairs when his mum asks where he has been. She doesn't believe him, because if that were true he would have come down to help her. So she repeats her question.
7.4 sec.

28:52 minutes
Norman and Norma are getting rid of the blood and the corpse.
10.2 sec.

29:44 minutes
Norman asks how it is possible that there's still blood oozing out as he and his mum are carrying the corpse through the motel room. This question was put over the following shot in the short version.
3.9 sec.

30:15 minutes
Norma puts a towel over the bloodstain on the floor. Norman's question about what they should do now was put over the previous shot with the corpse.
7.2 sec.

32:42 minutes
Sheriff Romero is shown longer.
0.7 sec.

35:53 minutes
The sheriff is longer taking a leak.
1.9 sec.

38:02 minutes
Emma tells Norman about her illness and that the vomiting is just one of the more pleasant side effects of the medicine. She asks him whether he also has something like this, to which he says no.
16.5 sec.

38:20 minutes /35:08 minutes
There's a cut to Norman in the long version when Emma tells him her last name. This isn't the case in the short version. There's a little goof at this point, because the guy in the background is actually walking through the picture a bit later. See next cut.
1.4 sec. / 0.9 sec.

Long VersionShort Version

38:26 minutes
The shot of Emma starts earlier.
0.8 sec.

38:42 minutes
Emma is shown longer when she's leaving.
0.9 sec.

38:45 minutes
Norman walks out of the picture.
0.2 sec.

38:46 minutes
The scene of Norma crossing the street starts earlier.
7.8 sec.

39:15 minutes
Norma takes a look around and then walks on.
7 sec.

39:58 minutes
Norma and Norman open the doors of the car.
1.2 sec.

41:17 minutes
Norman says that he doesn't want to live without his mum.
5.6 sec.

42:12 minutes
Norman grins.
3.1 sec.

42:45 minutes
The two need more time to drop the corpse into the water.
3.9 sec.

44:08 minutes
Norman gets out of bed.
1.9 sec.

44:10 minutes
Norma is standing longer at the door to her son's room.
0.2 sec.

45:07 minutes
The tracking shot to the chained up girl is longer.
1.2 sec.