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Valérian and Laureline

#1 The City of Shifting Waters

original title: Valérian et Laureline


  • Regular Issue
  • Anthology Version
Release: Apr 07, 2016 - Author: Preacher - Translator: DaxRider123
Xombul - Galaxity's most dangerous prisoner - fled. He wants to rule over the whole world. He uses a space-time-machine which he stole during his escape which allows him to be at any place in time.

Valerian and Laureline are supposed to capture Xombul. For this, they have to use a space-time-machine to get to New York in the year 1986.

Because of the explosion of a fusion bomb at North Pole, the whole planet and its civilization was destroyed. New York is the only city that' inhabited by a few survivers. The chase after Xombul begins...

That's the (translated) summary which was used to promote the Sci-Fi classic "Valérian and Laureline" in Germany.

The story "The City of Shifting Waters" was originally released in the French comic magazine "Pilote" (1968/69).
This pre-release consisted of 2 parts (The City of Shifting Waters/Earth In Flames) which both consisted of 28 pages.
In 1970, the story was released as a whole issue, however, it was shortened to 52 pages.
All issues worldwide were based on this shortened version.
The only uncensored version you can find is the anthology version.

NOTE: The page numbers in this report always refer to the uncensored Pilote version.
After part 1 is finished (page 28), the numbering of the second part doesn't start at page 29 but at page 1 again. This numbering was adopted for this report.
The page numbers can be found in the last image of the page in the lower right edge. For the regular issue they deleted these page numbers (because of the missing pages).

The quality of the images in this report are not the acutal quality of the comic - the quality suffers from the fact that the pictures were taken with a digital camera.
The City of Shifting Waters Part 1
Cover of the French comic magazine "Pilote" Issue 455 (1968).

Page 16: Valérian and Laureline - wearing new clothes - are on their way to Lester (who is the gang of criminals' boss).

Page 16 (Regular Issue): The image of Lester's boat was re-drawn in a smaller version for the regular issue.

Page 17: Valérian and Laureline sneak on board of the gang's boat.
(The second last image where Valérian surprises Lester is also included in the regular issue.)

Page 18: The whole page where Lester accepts Valérian's offer and the two of them start their dive were taken out.

Page 19: The first 2 images of this page were replaced by a new one in the regular issue. This new space allows to sum up page 18 with a few sentences.


Regular Issue

Page 26: The last 2 images of this page show the boat snagging into one of the Hudson Bridge's hawsers and thus lead over to page 27 (which was not included in the regular issue).

In the regular issue you see a new image of the Hudson Bridge sinking behind our heroes' boat.

Page 27: Lester and Valérian unsuccessfully try to get the hawser off. Only with the help of an android's laser they're able to get the hawser off.

After the end of the first part you see a whole page of previews of the second part "Earth in Flames".

Earth In Flames Part 2
Cover of the French comic magazine "Pilote" Issue 492

Page 18: Valérian points the bazooka at the plane of the approaching robots; unfortunately, a moose gets in the firing line. The last image of Laureline waiting for the shot is also included in the regular issue.

Page 19: When the moose makes a dash at Valérian, the latter is only just able to fire at the robots - the explosion runs the moose off as well. Again, only the last image (you see the plane which was hit) was included in the regular issue.

Here's the exact same course of events in the shortened regular issue:
Image 1: Valérian lets the robots get a little closer. (new)
Image 2: Laureline waits for the shot. (old)
Image 3: Valérian fires the bazooka; the robots explode. (new)
Image 4: The plane was hit. (old)

Page 21: The "cage bubbles" are thrown into a small lake by the force of the eruption. When the force field of the bubbles vanishes, our heroes fall into the warm lake and swim ashore.