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#85 Sous le ciel de l'Ouest


  • Original Version
  • Censored New Issue
Release: Dec 27, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Mr Miau
Lucky Luke needs no introduction to comic book readers all over Europe. The adventures of the famous cowboy and his loyal horse Jolly Jumpers are definitely classics.

It is already well-known that Morris had his cowboy give up smoking and that even the Lucky Luke logo on the front was replaced by a straw in reissues of old comics. However, sometimes alterations were made even to the graphics IN the comics, as happened in this issue.

Comparison between the original version with the censored new version taken from the german reissue.
Changed Cover

The Lucky Luke comic "Sous le ciel de l'Ouest" is one of the earliest issues, in the original series it was #4. Due to several reasons, it had not been released as a regular album outside of France until it recently was released as #85 in Germany.

However, the publisher Ehapa seems to have thought it necessary to change the cover picture, in which Lucky Luke can be seen smoking. This is the result:

Original IssueGerman New Issue

In the special "Classics" issue by Ehapa the picture had been uncensored.

I have to add that this alteration does not make a lot of sense as Lucky Luke smokes on a lot of album covers like "Le Fil qui chante" ("Der singende Draht"), "Le 20e de cavalerie" ("Lucky Luke reitet für die 20er Kavallerie") and more.