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  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 19, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Some movies are destined to get in trouble with the censorship institutions. One of them is the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, produced in 2010. The British BBFC didn't quite welcome this rape'n'revenge movie with open arms. As is known, they have some slight problems with the depiction of sexual violence, so they denied a rating for the uncut version of the movie. Only after a lot of cuts were made, they gave it a BBFC 18 rating. The movie shares this fate with some other well-known productions. The best-known of them is probably A Serbian Film.

It seems to be the same with I Spit on Your Grave 2, which is no surprise, because the sequel goes even further in terms of violence and also contains some really intense violence and torture scenes, apart from some extensive rape scenes. That's why the BBFC demanded some cuts for a BBFC 18 rating; and there had to be cut even more than for the prequel. The rape scenes with Katie were heavily cut or other parts of the picture were used and some nude scenes were replaced by alternative footage. But the scenes depicting violence weren't changed at all.

This is a comparison between the cut BBFC 18 version and the uncut US Unrated version, both by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.

There are to be found 43 differences in the two versions:
*22 cut scenes
*16 scenes with alternative footage
*4 scenes with zoom
*1 additional scene in the UK version

The Unrated version is 100.84 seconds (~ 1:41 minutes) longer than the BBFC 18 version.

All running time indications are in PAL.
20:20 Minutes
Georgy pulls down Katie's panties.
1.32 sec.

20:24 Minutes
He tears off the last pieces of cloth.
2.16 sec.

20:46 Minutes
Now Georgy lays down on Katie.
1.04 sec.

20:48 Minutes / 20:42 Minutes
Georgy spits into his hand and uses it as lubricant. There's some more harmless footage in the UK version; also, the following shot begins a bit earlier there.
4.68 sec. / 2.24 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

21:00 Minutes / 20:51 Minutes
In the UK version, the picture is zoomed in during the rape.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

21:01 Minutes
Georgy can be seen a few frames earlier.
0.16 sec.

21:05 Minutes
A part of the rape was removed.
2.52 sec.

21:10 Minutes
Some more explicit images are missing at this point, again.
1.56 sec.

21:14 Minutes / 21:01 Minutes
The picture is zoomed in once more in the UK version.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

21:18 Minutes
Another part of the rape is missing.
2.12 sec.

21:26 Minutes
There's no end in sight for Katie's suffering.
2.28 sec.

21:31 Minutes
One wide shot was cut out.
2.4 sec.

21:35 Minutes
A longer part is missing at this point.
6 sec.

21:43 Minutes / 21:18 Minutes
And again, a zoomed-in picture in the UK version.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

21:44 Minutes
Immediately afterwards, there's a tracking shot in which Georgy thrusts into her a few times (this is of course missing in the UK version).
2 sec.

21:48 Minutes / 21:21 Minutes
While it becomes clear in the Unrated version that Georgy finishes, the UK version just shows an additional shot of Katie's dead neighbor instead.
3.6 sec. /2.68 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

29:17 Minutes
Nicolay assaults Katie, who is still chained up.
5.72 sec.

29:26 Minutes / 28:52 Minutes
More harmless alternative footage at this point in the UK version.
1.44 sec. / 4.52 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

29:27 Minutes
Katie is shown longer.
0.32 sec.

30:14 Minutes / 29:43 Minutes
Katie's shown completely naked in the Unrated version, but not in the UK version.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

30:20 Minutes
The camera pans to Katie, who's naked. Then, Nicolay is shown before another close-up of Katie.
5.92 sec.

30:26 Minutes / 29:49 Minutes
At this point, the UK version has a close-up of Georgy instead of a wide shot.
1.84 sec. / 2.4 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

30:29 Minutes / 29:53 Minutes
Nicolay pees on Katie, who can't do anything against it. This is only shown in the Unrated version; the UK version has alternative footage and the scene is much shorter there.
8.32 sec. / 3.52 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

30:40 Minutes
Some more drops trickle down on Katie.
0.56 sec.

31:32 Minutes / 30:51 Minutes
Alternative footage of Katie getting up.
2.96 sec. / 2.04 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

31:38 Minutes / 30:56 Minutes
There's less naked skin to be seen in the UK version when Katie's crying for help.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

31:46 Minutes
Katie is shown from behind.
1.68 sec.

31:53 Minutes / 31:09 Minutes
Katie tries to remove the handcuffs. The UK Version is shorter here and also contains alternative footage.
7.8 sec. / 2.12 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

34:01 Minutes / 33:11 Minutes
Katie's breasts are shown in a close-up when Georgy is washing her. The UK version is a little bit more prudish.
1.12 sec. / 0.84 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

35:03 Minutes / 34:13 Minutes
The UK version is slightly zoomed in, so that the naked Katie can't be seen. The Unrated version sets in a little bit earlier at this point.
13.88 sec. / 9.44 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

35:17 Minutes / 34:22 Minutes
Georgy puts down the shoes and leans over Katie in the UK version. Katie is shown instead of the shoes in the Unrated version.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

35:28 Minutes
A tracking shot to Katie.
1.76 sec.

35:40 Minutes / 34:44 Minutes
The UK version shows another part of the picture when Georgy is unlocking the handcuffs.
No difference in running time

UnratedBBFC 18

45:04 Minutes / 44:07 Minutes
Ivan is shown longer and pinches Katie's breast; she screams. The UK version only shows Ivan sliding his hand under her dress and then she screams.
5.44 sec. / 3.92 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

46:11 Minutes
The UK version sets in earlier when Valko, holding a stun gun, is walking towards Katie.
1.2 sec.

47:09 Minutes
In return, it's missing how she's forced to take the stun gun in her mouth.
4.32 sec.

47:17 Minutes / 46:15 Minutes
Valko thrusts the stun gun into Katie's mouth one more time. The UK version shows him a little bit longer instead.
7.92 sec. / 1.32 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

47:26 Minutes
The stun gun glides over her chest. Then Valko pushes it against her thigh and shocks her.
11.04 sec.

48:08 Minutes / 46:50 Minutes
The camera moves down and we see Valko putting the stun gun between Katie's legs and shocking her a few times, at least in the Unrated. In the UK version, we only see Katie briefly wriggling.
9.12 sec. / 3.36 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

48:20 Minutes
Katie gets shocked once more.
8.88 sec.

49:35 Minutes / 48:02 Minutes
Katie's lying on the floor in the Unrated. Her thighs are full of blood. The UK version only shows her face for a few more moments.
7.16 sec. / 4.16 sec.

UnratedBBFC 18

52:31 Minutes
Nicolay tears off Katie's dress.
1.84 sec.

52:34 Minutes
Nicolay is still "undressing" Katie.
3.72 sec.