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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 08, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The version rated R has been compared to the unrated version, both released by Sony Pictures.

The movie at hand has, except for the title, nothing to do with the original "8mm" of the year 1999. The film was initially supposed to carry the title "The velvet Side of Hell". Sony decided for marketing purposes to rename the film to suggest the appearance of a sequel to the famous thriller.

The unrated version consists of even more sex and nudity than the R-rated version already does. The differences are mostly made of alternative footage, but some additional sex- and nude-scenes can be registered in the unrated version, as well.

Runtime of the R-rated version w/o credits: 1:41:47 NTSC
Runtime of the unrated version w/o credits: 1:42:49 NTSC

5 spots that are longer in the unrated version
2 spots where alternative footage was used and the unrated version is longer.
12 spots where there was alternative footage used without time differences
= 62,12 sec.
Timecode: R-Rated / Unrated

The unrated version starts much earlier as David and Tish sleep with each other.
26,63 sec.


R-Rated: 12 sec.
Unrated: 23 sec.

After part of the love scene is the same in the two versions, the final shots differ.


In the R-rated version, David lies down and Tish bows down over him. She kisses him and then lays down next to him.


In the unrated version the two are shown in a close-up shot. They kiss. Then, David lays down and Tish bows down over him. She kisses him and then lays down next to him.

9.74 sec.

Both versions use different footage as Tish and David both remember the night with Risa.
In the R-rated version, you see Risa and David kiss in a close-up shot. In the unrated version, the shot is more distant. The scene was filmed from slightly different perspectives.
No time difference


For the next flash-back, there was alternative footage used as well.
The R-rated version shows Risa and David kissing again. Then, Risa kisses Tish as David strokes Risa. In the unrated version you see Risa kissing Tish in a close-up shot. Then, the three are shown from above for a short while. Subsequently, David and Risa are shown having sex.
no time difference


The porn movie scene is different.
The R-rated version shows the woman touching her breast during sex. In the unrated version you see a woman having sex with a man.
No time difference


The next film scene differs as well.
The R-rated version shows a man in a leather mask. In the unrated one, you see a man and a woman having sex.
no time difference


The frame of the R-rated version is smaller than in the unrated one as Tish is shown. Also after then, when a half-naked woman is shown pleasuring herself, the frame is bigger in the unrated version, which makes it more explicit.
No time difference


The woman is shown again touching herself. In the R-rated version, David is shown earlier while the unrated one shows the woman a bit longer.
No time difference


Trish watches a couple having sex in the brother. For these scenes, both versions show different footage. The unrated version is also longer here. David comes to her then. Different takes have been used here and the unrated version is shorter. Different footage is shown again as you see the man and the woman again.
No time difference


The R-rated version shows a couple kissing as David watches some porno clips on the internet. In the unrated version, a clip of a man and two women is shown.
No time difference


Another view of the video on the notebook.
No time difference


David pauses the video.
No time difference


The R-rated version shows the photographer. He says something in hungarian. In the unrated version you see two women lying on the bed. One of them does the other orally.
No time difference


The unrated version shows an additional shot of the two women. Then there is the photographer giving directions. The subsequent view of Tish and David differs slightly in the two versions.
6,74 sec.

Another shot of the two women is shown. Again, the woman is being pleased orally. After an intercut to David and Tish, you see the women one more time.
7.6 sec.

The beginning of the scene in which Tish and the woman ascend the steps is missing in the R-rated version. The woman asks Tish if it was the first time for her and recommends thinking only about the money.
7.24 sec.

Different shots were used as the woman talks to Tish. In the R-rated version you see the woman in the mirror. The unrated version depicts another naked woman passing the two behind them.
0.4 sec.


The unrated version shows an additional shot of one of the women walking towards David, who is sitting at the bar. Like all the ladies of this establishment, this one is also (almost) completely naked.
3.77 sec.

The screen shows slightly different images as Tish and David watch the secretly shot video showing them and Risa. The R-rated version shows a smaller frame of David and Risa. In the unrated version, Tish is also seen, lying on the bed.
No time difference