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  • US TV Version (Blu-ray)
  • Original Version (Blu-ray)
Release: May 21, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US TV Version and the Original Version, both available on the German Blu-ray by Koch Media (2018)

44 differences, incl. 5x additional footage in the US TV Version
Length difference: 692 sec (= 11:32 min)

* Additional footage US TV Version: 247 sec (= 4:07 min)
* Additional footage Original Version: 939 sec (= 15:37 min)

Paradise Alley (1978) starring Sylvester Stallone is really something when it comes to the numerous versions. As already documented in the comparison with the UK DVD, the movie was not released "uncut" in every country (Germany for instance got the very same cut UK Version). In the US on the other hand, the scene was in the movie - this goes both for DVD and HD releases. It is likely that this version has been released in further countries as well. On 01/25/2018 however, the German label Koch Media released a Blu-ray that contains two further versions of Paradise Alley.

On the one hand, the main version of the Blu-ray which, with a length of approx. 109 minutes, is almost 2 minutes longer than most of the previous releases worldwide. On the other hand, the release also contains a US TV Version which is what the following comparison is all about. A lot of the missing footage are subplot cuts, like the love triangle plot with Lenny/Cosmo and Annie but the fights or rather sinister scenes in general are also censored in the US TV Version. All that leads to the conclusion that the TV Version ist not exactly what people would call recommendable.

What does make the TV Version appealing though: As often in US TV Versions, there are some missing that are missing in the Theatrical Version in order to get a reasonable length - despite the numerous cuts. According to an interview with Stallone, he was dissatisfied with the cuts the studio made for the Theatrical Version and he at least enjoyed the fact that some of those removed scenes are in the US TV Version. In the center of it is the longer scene with wasted Lenny and the soldiers at the bar which is one of many examples for a vietnam trauma in a Stallone movie. Furthermore, there are two scene in which Stallone's character Cosmo is hitting on the receptionist of the motel of his prostitute friend.

Two more things though: First of all, the two additional minutes of the main version (compared to earlier tapes, DVDs, Blu-rays) are mostly in the US TV Version as well. Only the scene with Tom Watts is completely missing. Secondly, the picture quality of the US TV Version is as good as the quality of the main version(s) but it is HD.

Time index refers to
US TV Version (Blu-ray) / Original Version (Blu-ray)
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05:26 / 05:27-10:41

Subsequent to the opening credits, the US TV Version contains a scene at some bar - some dancing included. In other words, the introductory scene with Cosm and Victor on the street is missing. The former then bumps into Annie resp. one gets a look at the love triangle with Lenny. Lenny also speaks with Cosmo and this scene with the three brothers perfectly illustrates the basic problems (Cosmo is up for some scams in a pretty ruthless way at the beginning of the movie while Lenny is the calm one). The monkey and Lenny's relationship with Susan is being mentioned as well. All in all, the abscence of this sequence is a real bummer.

At first, an alleged war vet is panhandling. After making some cash, Victor carries him away. In the car nearby, the war vet was Cosmo in disguise.
Cosmo: "Times is tough. When a guy can't make peanuts as a cripple, the world's getting cheap."
Victor: "How much you make today?"
Cosmo presents a few coins and laughs: "Millions. Get out of here."

They keep driving and Cosmo spots Annie.
Cosmo: "Hey, Vic! Stop this crate! Whoa! Annie O'Sherlock. How about a lift with a gentleman?"
Annie: "I thought you were in jail."
Cosmo: "Not yet. A lift with a gentleman?"
Annie: "Know where one is?"
Cosmo: "Hey, listen. I'm shooting up in this world."
Annie: "A regular rocket, huh?"
Cosmo: "I don't wanna brag, but I'm the most promising human in Hell's Kitchen."
Annie: "Come on, Cosmo, I'm late."
Cosmo: "I'll walk along. This place is crawling with desperate characters."
Annie: "Desperate as you?
Cosmo: "I ain't desperate, I'm in love."
Annie: "Back it up. You're wilting my permanent."
Cosmo: "Hey, Annie! Hey, listen. You're too nice a dish to have them dime-a-dance creeps mauling ya. You should only associate with businessmen such as myself."
Annie: "You got a lot of style for a guy with pigeon crap on your shoulder, Cosmo."
Cosmo: "That ain't real pigeon crap. That's a little something I had sown on to make me stand out in the crowd. Huh? How about I come by and see you at Sticky's at ten tonight?"
Annie: "If you still want."
Cosmo: "Oh, God. If I still want? Everybody needs something. And what you need is a lot of me, wrapped around you on a cold night. How about I see you at ten, OK?"
She walks away and he says: "I'd like to mangle every pigeon in town."
Victor: "Ain't Annie got great yams? With them legs, she's built for a long race."
Cosmo: "You need some help? Good. Hire a partner."
He laughs and on their way in, they ask the elderly guy sitting by the door: "How much ice today, Mr Gaimbelli?"
Mr. Gaimbelli: "Huh?"
Cosmo schreit: "How much ice, Pop?"
Mr. Gaimbelli: "Just the two."
They repeat it singingly and get inside.

Being inside, Cosmo says: "Nice place. Remind me to throw a party here, will ya?"
Victor: "What are you doing?"
Cosmo walks past him: "I don't walk behind. I ain't no fart catcher."
On the way in: "What's buzzing?"
Lenny: "Nothing's buzzing. Just throw the ice in the box, Victor."
Cosmo: "Hey, who's the new stiff?"
Lenny: "That's El Zuppa."
Cosmo: "El Zuppa? The organ grinder who worked on 49th Street? Yeah? What happened to his monkey?"
Lenny: "Somebody took it, I guess."
Cosmo: "Is that a fact?"
Lenny: "That's a fact."
Cosmo: "Is that a fact? Damn. I could've used that monkey."
Victor: "You don't like animals."
Cosmo: "I ain't keen on your licebag bird. But El Zuppa's monkey has real class, real talent."
Victor: "Bella's no licebag."
Cosmo: "Look, Victor. Victor, I don't wanna hurt you, but if you love that bird, the nicest thing you could do is take it to a butcher and have it hacked into a meal."
Lenny: "Cosmo..."
Cosmo: "Where's your sense of humour, huh? Ugh! Getting ripe, ain't he?"
Lenny: "Don't start."
Cosmo: "What?"
Victor: "Don't bad-talk dead people."
Cosmo: "What are you grunting about?"
Lenny: "Leave him alone."
Victor: "It's OK. I'm not annoyed."
Cosmo: "Annoyed? A-nnoyed? And where did you find this word annoyed, huh?"
Victor: "The dictionary. Susan's teaching me."
Cosmo: "That Chink is teaching you to be witty?"
Lenny: "You just don't give anybody a break."
Cosmo: "What are you getting righteous for?"
Lenny: "We're brothers. That ever mean anything to you?"
Cosmo: "Yes, it does. It means a lot to me. It means there's a lot of bananas hanging off the family tree. This place is starting to annoy me. I'll see you whizzos tonight at Mahon's. And in case you ever get lonely, I want you to meet Muriel. I'll see you guys later."
He leaves and Victor says: "Hey, Lenny. Will you do Charlie Chaplin?"
Lenny: "I got work. OK, here. Here's Charlie Chaplin."
He holds a comb in front of the face and spins the umbrella.
Lenny: "Does that make you happy?"
Victor: "Yeah."
Lenny: "OK. I'll see you tonight."

313.6 sec (= 5:14 min)

06:56 / 12:10-12:27

Sticky's conversation with the prostitute is longer. Basically, she tells him to take a hike.

Sticky: "($2 for a good time.) Eight quarters."
Prostitute: "Maybe if you shave your legs, he'll give you 20 cents. Four nickels. Clean it up, Sticky."
She walks away and Sticky comments: "Clean it up. I am clean. This is a clean joint. You! Get out of here, you pervert! We don't have any girls to sell here!"

16.6 sec

09:32 / 15:03-15:07

Cosmo speaks earlier with Mr. Mahon for which the previous dialog from the off (the shot itself is identical though) starts earlier as well.
"How you doing, Stitch? You're looking swell."

3.4 sec

09:51 / 15:26-15:41

Additional dialog between Cosmo and Stitch.

Cosmo: "Hey, Stitch, how do you always manage to stay in such great shape, huh?"
Stitch: "Avoiding wops."
Cosmo: "I know what you mean. This neighborhoods crawling with foreigners."

14.9 sec

10:27 / 16:16-16:35

After Cosmo mentions his brother with pride, he is being pushed by Franky. Then he makes fun of him: "You know, Frank, this morning I couldn't wait to shave, come in here, and get mangled by you. Thank you, Franky. You've made me so very happy. What do you say? No more of the punching. I'm just chewing a friendly rag with Stitch. Right, Stitch?"

19.3 sec

16:52 / 23:00-23:05

Additional footage Rat holding the knife to Cosmo's throat.

Cosmo: "Be reasonable, Rat."
Rat: "I'm gonna cut your throat."

4.9 sec

16:54 / 23:07-23:09

Angry Rat earlier once again. He mumbles: "I owe you one."

2 sec

19:01 / 25:16-25:18

Stitch insignificantly longer.

1.4 sec

19:10 / 25:27-25:42

Victor speaks longer with Susan. Pretty redundant actually.

Susan: "Why the long face?"
Victor: "I don't know my face is long."
Susan: "Here's your shirts."
Victor: "Thanks. I could use some clean shirts."
Susan: "What's the matter with Viccy tonight?"
Victor: "Confusion."
Susan: "And what is confusion?"
Victor: "Hm... A noun."

15.1 sec

US TV Version longer / Alternate
20:24-20:32 / 26:56-27:22

The scene at the club is longer in the US TV Version.
Cosmo puts his hand in the face of the guy on stage which makes the latter smile.

His comment: "Hey, what are you looking at? Come here."

Before the scene with Lenny being wasted outside, only the Original Version contains a scene with him drinking some booze inside.
Later also in the US TV Version though - please see 26:44-29:08 / 33:52-35:12.

Original Version 18.4 sec longer

25:15 / 32:05-32:35

After the shot of Cosmo and the monkey, Lenny spots a homeless guy with a not so nice sign around his neck.
Then Annie working on the sculpture.

29.7 sec

26:32 / 33:52-34:01

Cosmo's conversation with Bunch is longer.

Bunch: "You don't have to."
Cosmo: "Hey, Bunch. Don't I always show? Are you fishing for a compliment?"
Bunch: "Yeah."
Cosmo: "All right, I'll mail it to you."

9.5 sec

US TV Version longer / Alternate / Recut
26:44-29:08 / 34:14-35:12

Now, Lenny also drinks some booze in the US TV Version (please see 20:24-20:32 / 26:56-27:22).

A prostitute shows up and he gets rid of her.
Lenny: "I'm not paying for that, bunny"
Prostitute: "You don't even know the price."
Lenny: "You'd be wasting your time."
Prostitute: "I would not be wasting my time."
Lenny: "You keep that a secret, ok?"
The prostitute is annoyed and leaves: "Maybe you're right. Maybe I would be wasting my time."

Then a little dispute with some soldiers who are also wasted and keep provoking him.
A soldier who lost both his legs says: "If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would. I would. I ain't no less a man for losing these, you know. Losing these is no big deal. That's right, I mean what GI in his right mind wouldn't want to say that he served his country."
The soldier then yells at Lenny: "Hey, Lenny! Lenny the gimp. Lenny lost a piece. Not as big a piece as I did but he lost a piece. You know, piece is piece. You know what happened to him? He got his kneecaps blown off the day before the war was over. You don't see Lenny complaining. You know why he don't complain? Because he's proud."
Lenny: "No, I'm not proud."
Soldier: "Hey, Lenny. You served, that means something."
Lenny: "That don't mean I'm proud."
Soldier: "Well, why don't you go and peddle it some place else, gimp? What are you trying to say, huh? I saw a carrier go down with a thousand kids on it, you know? What do you think they gave it for, for you? I lost these over there and I'm proud. That's right, I'm proud, buddy. And if I'm proud, you better be proud..."
Lenny uses his stick to knock on the table and responds: "Proud of what? What are you proud of? Are you going dancing tonight?"
The soldier keeps drinking in silence.

The Original Version shows Victor with Mr. Gaimbelli at night instead.

Victor: "How much ice tonight, Mr. Gaimbelli?"
Mr. Gaimbelli: "No ice tonight. No ice."
Victor goes inside: "Hey, Cosmo."
Cosmo: "Hey. What's buzzing, Victor?"
Victor: "Where's Lenny?"
Cosmo: "Wrapping his teeth around dinner."
Victor: "Where did you get the new suit?"
Cosmo: "I won it in a raffle."
Victor sees the body on the table in front of him: "Raffle, nothing."
Cosmo: "Come on, Vic. Why should I look like a boiled rag when I could have a stylish set of duds for free?"
Victor: "You're swiping from the deceased."
Cosmo: "Look, Vic. This guy come into the world nude, so it's natural he go out that way."
Victor: "That ain't right."
Cosmo: "When you're gone, you're gone. Why wear a suit? Is this guy going dancing? Are you going dancing? No, he ain't, but I am, and I can't afford to look like no slob tonight."

US TV Version 85.5 sec (= 1:26 min) longer

US TV Version longer
30:33-30:58 / 36:37-36:38

Only in the US TV Version, Cosmo talks to the receptionist first.

Sally: "Cosmo!"
Cosmo: "Sweet Sal(ly)."
Sally: "Hey, how are you doing?"
Cosmo: "I can't complain."
Sally: "$5."
Cosmo: "Well, listen, how about $4 and nickels."
Sally: "That's $1 short, come on now."
Cosmo: "Well, listen, how about an exotic watch. Tick tock."
Sally: "Does it work?"
Cosmo: "Does it work? Almost."
He keeps walking and says hi to someone by stairs: "Well, how are you doing, Butch?"
Butch: "How are you doing, Butch?"
Cosmo: "Well, it's a wonderful life, ain't it?"

The Original Version contains a smooth transition instead (no screenshots).

US TV Version 24 sec longer

37:42 / 43:22-43:27

Rat keeps provoking.

Rat: "Die, you bum, die!"
His pal wants to do the same: "Your mother was a...!"
But Rat stops him: "Leave mothers out of it."

4.7 sec

43:31 / 49:16-50:11

Before Lenny and Annie cross the street, the Original Version shows Cosmo talking to Mumbles at the bar.

Cosmo (while Mumbles is still playing the piano): "Mumbles!"
Mumbles: "What do you want?"
Cosmo: "When was the last time you were with a woman?"
Mumbles: "Probably the Depression."
Cosmo: "What are you saving it for?"
Mumbles: "I don't know, man. Maybe... maybe a big finish."
Cosmo: "You better get out more often cos you're starting to turn grey. Me, I'm on my way to visit the best-looking tomato in the neighbourhood."
He leaves and snatches the ring from the woman who fell asleep: "Good night, Mumbles."

55.2 sec

44:24 / 51:04-51:07

Lenny also says: "Oh, for Christ's sakes, don't make me beg, huh?"

2.5 sec

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