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US Version
Region: Worldwide

Japanese Version
Region: Japan

Release: Apr 28, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
The videogame series "Splatterhouse" blew up some dust back in the days because of its use of violence and gore on home consoles. Similar to Mortal Kombat, this trademark made the game a myth amongst splatter games. The first two parts are pretty much identical in terms of their plot, while the third part made it possible to find several different ways through the labyrinth of the levels. "Splatterhouse" was one of the first games that became an "adult" rating. This report shows the differences between the original version from Japan and the US Version. All gore and splatter remained unchanged.
Altered Story
The screenshots that will be compared below originate from the US Version and the Japanese Originalversion. Just as in the first part, the main character's mask was changed to a different one. In Splatterhouse 1 the character received a hockey mask that reminded audiences of the "Friday the 13th" franchise. For fear of being sued by Paramount the mask was altered for later international portings; It became a red ghost mask. In Splatterhouse 2, the original game had a white ghost mask which again was changed for the International Version. There, it became a grinning skeleton mask since the similarities to the hockey mask were still there. However, the background story of the mask was also altered as you can especially notice in the intro and the end credits.
Titlescreen and Main Character/Mask:
US Version:Japanese Version:

Both versions show English text during the intro, however, the story is different. The intro also again shows you the differences between the ghost mask which wants to give Rick power to help him, while the skeleton mask forces itself onto him and tells him that he needs the mask. In the US Version, the mask became evil and not just a "companion".
Intro Comparison:
US Version:Japanese Version:

In between the unaltered levels there are texts that tell us the story. Again you can notice some differences.
Level Texts:
US Version:Japanese Version:

Apart from that, the end credits were also changed. In the US Version there's a threat saying that things like this can happen again and again as long as the evil mask exists. The Original Version instead shows a peaceful ending of Rick and Jennifer.
Outro Comparison:
US Version:Japanese Version: