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Adventure Duo (aka Adventure Kid)

1.03 (OVA 3)

original title: Yj sensen: Adventure Kid


  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: May 12, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The cut UK-DVD released by Kiseki Films (BBFC 18) has been compared to the uncut US-DVD by Anime 18 (Not rated)

There are 16 scenes missing with a total runtime of 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

There was only a censored version released on VHS and DVD in Great Britain of this anime-series in three parts. All of the sex scenes or naked private parts such as female breasts have been removed. Also, the series was renamed to Adventure Duo, since the original title Adventure Kid might emphasize the characters are possibly minors.

The German and US-versions are completely uncut, but the most explicit shots with pornographic material have been blurred. Said scenes had already been blurred for the Japanese release, though. This procedure is not rare there and was also carried out with the anime classic Urotsukidoji. A completely uncensored version without any digital alienations does not exist.
59 min
Yukimoto is playing Sue a tape recording of her moaning and shows her a photograph of her having sex. Sue gets up terrifiedly and wants to know how he did that.
21 sec

60 min
He intimidates her some more with the audio tape and the photograph and forces her to take off her clothes, which she does shortly after.
14 sec

60 min
Sue has to continue to take off her clothes before Yukimoto. He subsequently takes an exact look at her body.
65 sec

63 min
Sue pleases Yukimoto orally.
19 sec

64 min
The title is faded in.
5 sec

66 min
Shortly after, the title is shown again.
10 sec

68 min
The woman spreads her legs and a big beam of light appears.
9 sec

69 min
You can see Sue in a tight leather outfit. Yukimoto throws her to the ground and penetrates her from behind with a dildo. After that, numerous shots are missing of Yukimoto tightening Sue's leather thong via remote control and of her moaning at that. She then has to please him orally. Finally, there is a short conversation between Yukimoto and Midori missing.
241 sec

70 min
The camera pans to the door. Then you can see Eganko, pleasing Norikazu orally.
22 sec

70 min
After Midori has entered through the door, Norikazu pushes Eganko bashfully away. But he orgasms and ejaculates on Eganko's face.
6 sec

70 min
Eganko gets up, grabs a handkerchief and cleans her face of Norikazu's sperm. She then takes a look at the handkerchief.
16 sec

77 min
There is a sex scene between Yukimoto and Sue missing. Yukimoto is thinking about Midori and imagines her.
75 sec

78 min
Eganko takes some of Yukimoto's sperm out of Sue's vagina and fills it into a container. She then covers Sue's vagina in the lust-gel. Eganko gets up, french kisses Sue and pleases her orally at that.
53 sec

81 min
Yukimoto grabs Midori between her legs. Midori starts screaming.
2 sec

81 min
There is another shot of that missing.
3 sec

82 min
Once more.
2 sec