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3.05 Más


  • TV Version
  • DVD/Blu-ray Version
Release: Nov 24, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version, represented by the German TV broadcast on 09/06/2013, and the DVD/Blu-ray Version, represented by the German Blu-ray released by Sony.

- 10 different scenes
- no lenght difference

As one could see in our comparison for the pilot, there are a very few differences between the TV Version and the DVD/BD Version of the AMC hit show (which usually is being spread to other networks worldwide, just as it is the case with the German TV Version which has been used for this comparison). But that doesn't concern every single episode. And if anything, we have a removed "fuck" and that's pretty much it because words such as "bitch" or "bullshit" aren't a big deal for a show on AMC.

One of the very few exceptions is the here compared episode 3x05: Más. It's undoubtful that this episode needed to be censored before it could air.
At the beginning of the episode, Jesse and his buddies are wasting their money at a strip club. As a result, there are lots of boobs and that's no fit for a show with a TV-14 rating. That's the reason why the TV Version contains a lot of alternate, more harmless footage. The DVD/BD Version contains the uncensored original version which is a little more revealing.

Additional distance shot of the nude girls when Jesse orders bubbly.
The TV Version sticks to the previous shot of the waitress for a few more frames, followed by a more harmless, closer shot of Jesse.

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


When Jesse cat-calls at the glass guy, the TV Version has the same angle as before while the DVD/BD Version shows more girls from a different angle.
Subsequently an alternate take of Skinny Pete, the cleavage of his plus one can be recognized much better in the DVD/BD Version.

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


Same here until the moment the bottle pops.

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


While the TV Version contains a distance shot here, the DVD/BD Version contains a close-up of a well racked dancer.

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


After the first picture, only the DVD/BD Version sticks with Jesse who has made himself comfortable between two of the dancers. A further picture of Combo is being taken.
The TV Version contains an out of focus shot of the room with champagne in the foreground, followed by a shot of Skinny Pete snorting (interesting that there was no need to cut that out...).

DVD/BD Version 0.9 sec longer

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


When Skinny Pete turns around, the TV Version contains the shot of the picture being taken from the previous difference.

+ 0.6 sec


After the identical remaining part of the picture shot of Skinny Pete, the DVD/BD Version shows two topless dancers.
The TV Version contains a shot of a glass filled with champagne instead. The following shot of Skinny Pete drinking another shot starts a few frames earlier.

DVD/BD Version 0.2 sec longer

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


The two dancers from the previous difference in the DVD/BD Version, two different and more chaste ones in the TV Version. Moreover, the following shot of Jesse begins a few frames earlier which makes up for the previous length differences.

TV Version 0.5 sec longer

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version


In the TV Version, Combo whips out the camera a few frames earlier.

+ 0.3 sec


Two topless chicks in the DVD/BD Version, another one wearing way too much in the TV Version.

DVD/BD Version 0.3 sec longer

TV VersionDVD/Blu-ray Version