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Release: Jan 19, 2018 - Author: TheHutt - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

The first screen adaption of Stephen King's It is a TV production from 1990 was produced for US TV. Directed by routinier Tommy Lee Wallace (The Twilight Zone, Halloween III), the movie does not focus on blood violence but on suspense and certainly on Tim Curry's brilliant performance as Pennywise. And indeed, Curry was the reason for an entire generation suffering from coulrophobia and with It (2017), one actually got the chance to relive it on the big screen.



The version that premiered on ABC on 11/18/1990 was a two-part version. As for home theater releases, it was released on the first US VHS and also on Laserdisc. In addition to that, a single movie version was edited as well. It was released on VHS internationally in 1991 (and also released in the US later on). This is also the version that was released on DVD (cropped to 1.78:1) and Blu-ray (in its original aspect ratio 1:33:1). The original two-part version is hard to find these days. Occasionally, it is being broadcasted in the US or UK.



As far as the differences go, there is a bit additional footage at the end of the first part (including end credits) and quite a lot of additional footage at the beginning of the second part. As a result, the single movie version lacks Bill's arrival in Derry, including some really nice scenes.



Compared are the Single Movie Version (Warner DVD) and the US TV Two-Part Version (US Laserdisc). Time index is in NTSC.



The US TV Version contains 4 extended and 6 new scenes. Die Blu-ray Version contains one extended scene (due to additional end credits)

Part 1

Scene 1 (extended).

LD: 01:33:54
Blu-ray: 01:33:54

The Single Movie Version fades to black after Patti Uris screams "No" for the very first time. On Laserdisc, she screams twice.

5 sec


Scene 2 (new)

LD: 01:34:04

Further footage of "IT" written in blood. In addition to that, Pennywise's maniacal laughter is audible and "To be continued..." pops up on the screen.

9 sec


Scene 3 (new)

LD: 01:34:13

The credits of Part 1 are rolling, funfair music is playing.

1 min 10 sec


Part 2

Scene 1 (new)

LD: 00:00:00

Now the opening credits of Part 2. Except for the very last picture, they are identically equal to the credits from Part 1. There is a transition from the picture to a driving cab.

1 min 12 sec


Scene 2 (new).

LD: 00:01:12

The cab is driving, the opening credits are still rolling. The camera zooms to some ditch showing the sewers. A suspenseful gargling sound comes from in there.

19 sec


Scene 3 (new)

LD: 00:01:31

Bill arrives at his hotel. The receptionist, a fan of his books, welcomes him. In his room, he is not exactly sure why he is there in the first place.

Receptionist: Welcome, Mr. Denbrough!
Bill: Thank you.
Receptionist: Oh, I hope you are going to enjoy your little reunion.
Bill: Are any of the others here?
Receptionist: No sir, you're the first to arrive. And may I say sir? We are very proud of you. Hometown boy makes good.
Bill: Thanks.
Receptionist: And if there's any way that I can be of service, I want you to ask for me, Bettyruth Claire. That's me. Bettyruth is one word. Bettyruth.
Bill: What the hell am I doing here?

57 sec


Scene 4 (new)

LD: 00:02:28

Bill is in a cab. The cabbie complains that all the old buildings were about to be knocked down due to modernization. Bill asks if the "Paramount" theater was still there, the cabbie says he should see for himself. Bill is relieved when he sees it is still there even though it has become "Retail space for lease".

Cabbie: There's not really all too much to see here, mister, there was all this talk about revitalizing downtown. Well, they tore down these great old stores, put up a lot of banks and parking lots...
Bill: What about the "Paramount"? That still there?
Cabbie: See for yourself. Here you go.

25 sec


Scene 5 (extended)

LD: 00:02:53
Blu-ray: 01:33:59

The cab drives by the cemetary. The Blu-ray fades in from a black screen. On Laserdisc, the beginning of the scene is longer and there are further credits as well.

5 sec


Scene 6 (extended)

LD: 00:03:02
Blu-ray: 01:34:03

The vehicle stops in front of the cemetary. Once again, the beginning of the scene is longer on Laserdisc. In other words: The time for a further credit to pop up on the screen has come.

4 sec


Scene 7 (extended)

LD: 00:03:27
Blu-ray: 01:34:23

Bill is walking across the cemetary. Business as usual: Earlier beginning on Laserdisc due to another credit.

3 sec


Scene 8 (extended)

LD: 01:35:06
Blu-ray: 03:06:00

New and slightly longer end credits for the Single Movie Version.

11 sec (Blu-ray longer)