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Release: Oct 03, 2009 - Author: Peda - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The Imperial Edition, which has been released in America and the UK in 2008 was awaited by various fans in pleasant anticipation. Not only because of the official uncut version, as well for the included Alternate Version. There were a lot of hopes this alternative version would contain material from the legendary ‘Cannes Cut’ and would correct some cutting mistakes from the unrated version which lacks continuity.

Let’s have a look at the details the alternate version does not contain. It has definitely nothing in common with the ‘Cannes Cut’ (allegedly 210 minutes). On the contrary, its running time is with its 153 minutes even shorter than the uncut version (156 minutes). It is also not a new version of the movie and contains more or less the known unrated version. The reason why this alternate version is that important for true fans is shown in the detail.

As we know the uncut version starts with a scene in the forest. The AE shows this scene in its actual context.

In addition, every hardcore material which has been inserted by Bob Guccione is missing and now the audience can see the softcore material by Tinto Brass. Because of this editing the ‘Imperial Bordello’ sequence seems to be completely different and the lesbian sequence of the two Penthouse girls is missing.

These changes are the most obvious ones and it is quite strange that there is not much more of additional material available in the AE. Considering the bonus material shows the reason: Most of the scenes are in a horrible condition, often just workprint quality or worse, often just from one camera angle, sometimes black and white or without sound but with massive damages.

So what is he deal with this AE? It is a fictive cut of the movie where Guccione and his cutters had ended their incompetence and decided that the movie has to have lot more of hardcore sexual intercourses. This means the catastrophic cut also influenced the AE massively. If someone didn’t notice yet, Gucciones cutting contained various test-takes and weird camera angles as well as many scenes which have been set to wrong positions.

Scenes which have been positioned in a wrong way. :

When Caligula meets Marco and the doctor of Tiberius, a lot of torture and punishing scenes were cut in between. These scenes actually belong to the sequence where Caligula is welcomed by Nerva in the mansion of Tiberius on Capri. There Caligula disappears behind a curtain and hears some noise of the torture.

The scene where Caligula awakes from a nightmare and is calmed down by Drusilla is the actual initial scene of the movie (as it is in the AE). The uncut uses this sequence right after Tiberius’ grotto which doesn’t make any sense because Drusilla didn’t come to Capri.

Right before the birth of Caligula’s daughter one can see him playing with a rat and a black bird cages itself in a curtain. This scene is actually seen after the birth because one can see Caesonia and her child right beside him.

Cut scenes:

The scene with the killing machine the uncut version fades away after Caligula whispers something into Longinus ear and both start to laugh like maniacs. The Italian re-cut ‘IO, Caligola’ shows why they are laughing: Caligula ordered that Proculus has to be pushed in front of the killing machine. As this happens Proculus tries to survive, overpowers a guardian and climbs up to the killing machine. Caligula honours him right away as a Roman hero. This shows the following scene of the raping in the kitchen in a completely different light.

After Caligula had to subscribe some laws he disappears in the uncut and just a comment can be heard that he will have some ‚fun’ with Proculus. It is missing how he climbs up some furniture and is talking to Longinus. He ponders about conquests and wars and orders food deliveries for the preparation of the sea fight.

Scenes which have been generated while cutting:

While Caligula is in his bed because of severe illness, Caesonia walks onto the terrace and observes some noblemen who are planning the time after Caligula’s death. The dialog has been re-made and can be heard off-screen.

The dialog between the men who wash themselves in the red mud has been re-made which can be seen at the different lip-movement.

Missing scenes:

Caligula replaces the heads of various statues with his own image.

Caligula destroys those heads later with a hammer and starts crying afterwards,

Caesonia gives a massage to Caligula after he was elected to a god by the senate.

Caligula smashes the head of a priest of Jupiter and claims to have spoken to Jupiter. Afterwards he robs the treasure hold of the temple.

For his war costs Caligula collects donations and takes a bath in his money.

Caligula elects his horse to a consul.

These facts are just little excerpts, there are lots of other scenes which are missing in the uncut version. Some sources claim that the kitchen scene was also more graphical and more brutal. It is conspicuous that a lot of scenes from the last third of the movie are missing where Caligula’s antics gone wilder.

The AE is a small step to a completely restaurated version of this legendary movie, but still lacks new aspects. Caligula maniacs are more likely in love with this AE while the uncut version with its hardcore scenes seems to be for newcomers. Especially the bordello scene is much more boring in the AE.

So this is he comparison of the Alternative Version and the Uncut Version, both are included in the Imperial Edition by Arrow Films.

Runtime Uncut: 2:35:58
Runtime AE: 2:32:58

The uncut version offers more material in 15 scenes which has been extended or replaced, furthermore there are 20 contextual differences. All time notes are based on the uncut version. As it is not described differently the pictures from the AE are on the left side and those pictures from the uncut version are on the right hand side.
After showing the text boards the uncut versions provides the viewer with the scene in the woods. Caligula and Drusilla are running around and keep cuddling with each other. This scene doesn’t have any context to the actual beginning of the movie: Caligula doesn’t wear a beard! Directly after this scene he has got a beard which is only cut off when Nerva dies.
Uncut 154 Sec. longer, pictures from the uncut version

When the intro fades away one can see Caligula who awakes from a nightmare. He says that Tiberius wants to kill him. His sister Drusilla tries to calm him down and tells him he is the only heritage of Tiberius. Caligula gets out in panic and Drusilla laughs at him. Caligula calms down and jumps back on his bed. Here the uncut starts. The beginning of this scene comes pretty much later in a completely illogical sequence.
AE 108 Sec. longer, pictures from AE

While the uncut version shows a masturbating man, the AE shows a woman who is leading a goat to her pubic area.
No time difference.

Here the uncut version shows a HC scene of a couple in cowgirl position (no pictures) and right after a SC shot with fellatio. The AE shows a woman who tries to do “something” with a swan.
No time difference.

The uncut version shows a scene which has been shown in the AE at 05:29 – Caligulas nightmare and the black bird. While on Capri this scene does not make any sense.
Uncut 108 Sec. longer

When Caligula finds both spiest he AE lacks another HC shot.
Uncut 4 Sec. longer, pictures from the uncut version

The first close-up of the masturbating love slaves has been shortened in the AE so one can not see the right guy ejaculating (no pictures).
Uncut 0,5 Sec. longer

A shot where the love slaves collect her semen in a bowl is missing in the AE (no pictures).
Uncut 4 Sec. longer

When Caligula discharges Ennia with her bed the uncut fades to the royal terrace. This fading is missing in the AE and one can not hear how Ennia is screaming for Caligula. The AE shows the forrest sequence which has been shown at the beginning of the uncut version. Beside several shots of Caligula and Drusilla one can also see the penthouse pets who find the sleeping shepherd and try to get close to his penis.
The whole scene is very beautiful and just makes any sense in this context. Tiberius is dead, Marco has been replaced by harmless Caerea, Caligula and Drusilla don’t have to keep their love secret.
AE 203 Sec. longer, pictures from the AE

The uncut version shows several shots of the penthouse pets who are touching each other. The AE shows a top-down shot of the whole pool.
No time difference.

While Drusilla and Caesonia care Caligula the A lacks a zoom on the hole in the wall where two pets are watching the scenery.
Uncut 10 Sec. longer, pictures from the Uncut

Again the AE lacks another shot of the pets.
Uncut 3 Sec. longer, pictures from the Uncut

Shortly after Caligulas kisses Ceasonia the uncut version shows the pets again.
Uncut 6 Sec. longer, pictures from the Uncut

Caesonia and Drusilla are kissing each other. Just the uncut version shows the next sequence with the pets.
Uncut 34 Sec. longer

Here the AE is cut in a strange way. There is a jump-cut while Caligula lays his arm on Drusillas back.
Uncut 2 Sec. longer

Again only the uncut versions shows the scene between the lesbians.
Uncut 13 Sec. longer

The AE lacks a shot of Caligula, Caesonia and Drusilla. The next part of the lesbians is also missing.
Uncut 32 Sec. longer

The uncut version lacks a scene where Caligula strokes Drusillas bottom.
AE 8 Sec. longer, picture from AE

The next part of the leasbian scene can only be seen in the uncut version.
Uncut 35 Sec. longer, pictures from the Uncut

The uncut shows a scene which was missing at 1:22:13. Afterwards the great final of the pets can be seen.
Uncut 114 Sec. longer, pictures from the Uncut

The first HC shot from the „Imperial Bordello“ scene (fellatio between two men) was replaced with a shot of swinging women.
No time difference.

The first shot of a female love slave which tries to overpower a dwarf is still available in the AE. The uncut shows afterwards how the woman starts to please the dwarf with her mouth. The AE replaces this scene with more swinging women.
No time difference.

The uncut shows a zoom of the blowjob. The AE shows several shots of the orgy where the pets can be seen longer.
No time difference. Pictures from the AE

Again a replacement of the blowjob with softer material.
No time difference. Pictures from the AE

Again HC elements were replaced with SC material – this time a whole scene.
No time difference.

And again the AE replaces HC with SC.
No time difference.

The uncut shows a couple while having a good time, the AE shows guests.
No time difference. Picture from the AE

While the uncut version shows the couple in a reverse cowgirl position, the AE shows more guests.
No time difference.

The blowjob shots from the uncut have been replaced with more swinging women.
No time difference.

When the soldiers start to march around the ship the uncut version has several scenes of blowjobs in between. The AE replaces these elements with the soldiers from a different angle.
No time difference.

Identical to the former shot.
No time difference. Bild nur aus AE

Again an identically change.
No time difference. Picture from the AE

The blowjob has been replaced with a camera panning of the ship.
No time difference. Bild nur aus AE

No time difference. Bild aus AE

Again a blowjob has been replaced with swinging girls.
No time difference.

No time difference.

The final of the blowjob, a second girl watches the scenery in a pleased manner. The AE shows again more swinging women. It seems that the imperial bordello scene lacks a second soundtrack so the AE also uses the uncut soundtrack.
No time difference.

The riders can be seen a it earlier in the uncut version.
Uncut 1,5 Sec. longer, picture from the Uncut