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  • Chinese DVD
  • Uncut DVD
Release: Sep 03, 2019 - Author: BFG97 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored Chinese DVD and the uncensored German DVD.

- 4 cuts
- Runtime difference 262.8 sec (= 04:22 min)

With the 1994 film Forrest Gump, director Robert Zemeckis created a modern fairy tale that won 6 Oscars for good reason. It tells the story of the naive Forrest Gump, equipped with an IQ of 75, who stumbles through American history in a partly curious and partly sad way. However, he only has his friends and especially his childhood friend Jenny in mind, with whom he has fallen in love immortally and for whom he waits until the end.

Forrest Gump is played by a very well-prepared Tom Hanks, who lets the viewer see the world through his eyes, so that you can hardly escape this moving story. He is accompanied by a no less grandiose Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan, whose initial pain you can almost feel for yourself, which also applies to Robin Wright as Gump's big love Jenny, who tries to live her own life until she finally realizes that she and Gump are meant for each other.

The fact that this story doesn't come across as unbearably schmaltzy is mainly due to the well-done and sympathetic storytelling of the movie, which is always loosened up by funny and exciting moments. In addition, there are some philosophically touchy scenes that make the viewer think.

Unfortunately, the Chinese authorities had some problems with the movie, which is why it was only released there with several minutes removed. In doing so, the movie didn't have to suffer any cuts in the middle of the scene. Instead, whole scenes were cut out so that some of the following scenes are more difficult to understand or make less sense. However, if you don't know the movie, you might get the idea that the original film editors in charge did their job carelessly.

42:27 Min

You can see the soldiers walking through the field for even longer, until Lieutenant Dan gives the order to stop, whereupon the soldiers lie down on the sides of the path. Forrest narrates that they always made those long walks and were constantly looking out for someone called "Charlie".

37,08 sec

01:02:36 Min

The speaker wants Forrest Gump to tell something about the Vietnam War and after the speaker uses rather unflattering words fpr both the war and the country itself, you see the cheering crowd. The Chinese version starts again with Gump's inaudible speech.

22,48 sec

01:10:31 Min

The longest cut of the film deals with Gump's ping pong career and the alleged effects of its success on the global political situation. China comes into play as well, because Forrest and the national team are the first Americans in a million years (or so) to enter the country. As the scene progresses, Gump talks about China in the Dick Cavett Show and finally meets Lieutenant Dan again, who is upset that someone like Gump has won the medal for bravery. The Chinese version doesn't start again until you see them on the street, on their way to Lieutenant Dan's apartment.
166,56 sec

01:22:38 Min

When Forrest finally gets home from his service in the Army, he finds himself confronted with a huge amount of Gump-Mao merchandise and since Mao is still worshipped in China, the Chinese probably got angry that he isn't represented in a completely good way.
36,68 sec