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Japanese Version

European Version
Rating: PEGI 18+
Region: Europe

Release: Sep 16, 2011 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the German Version, which equals the Japanese Version and the uncensored European Version.

There's no game which hit the headlines that much as Modern Warfare 2 did. The reports were both positiv and negative. First the PC Version needs to be connected to "Steam", then "Dedicated Server" and "Modding Functions" were cancelled... It was quite a scandal for many PC users...

Compared to the original version there's only one edit in the mission where the player is able to execute civilians as part of a terrorist group. In the German/Japanese Version, the player's not permitted to shoot at civilians because the mission is going to be aborted under these circumstances.

In Australia, the game was rated MA 15+ which also caused lots of discussions. In the name of protecting the youth, some people thought killing civilians would be inappropiate in a game for teens. In Russia, the versions for game consoles was called in because Russian gamers and magazines critized the way the Russiand were portrayed. Although the Russion PC version is still avialable it lacks one level which had been locked (Level: "No Russian")

What is the mentioned level about anyway? Well, the player finds himself as covert operative in a Russian terror group lead by Vladimir Makarov. With him and three other men, the game character enters an airport in Moscow and starts shooting civilians. At the end of the level, the character gets shot by Makarov because his cover's been compromised. It happens without any comment or sth. In the beginning, it looks pretty much out of context which is why the critics of this mission are justified. For whom it's too macabre, he can skipthe mission. But if the mission is being skipped, one misses the shootout with the Moscower cops at the end of the mission and that would be a shame because it's pretty exciting.

It's astonishing that nothing else has been removed. All executions, a bloody headshot and all pools of blood plus any blood textures are still in. Furthermore, it's possible to shoot up to 5 civilians in one mission without abortion in the Special Unit Mode. Bottom line: only the mission with the terrorists has been censored, anything is uncut and uncensored.

Beside the censorship, Modern Warfare 2 is a terrific and enormous action game. The short ad campaign was produced very well and the story, which looked pretty lame in the beginning, became pretty exciting as well. Special Unit and Multiplayer Mode are beyond any doubt, too.

Example 1
There's a bunch of civilians in the focus of the mission right at the beginning. After Makarov opened fire, the mission begins and the player can shoot civilians as well. But if this attempt is being made in the Japanese Version, the mission aborts automatically with the corresponding information on the screen.

Uncensored European VersionCensored Version

Example 2
A wounded civilian crawls over the ground. In the Uncensored Version, he can get shot but he can't in the Censored Version.

Uncensored European Version:Censored Version:

Example 3
A wounded man leans against a wall. And again, only the Uncensored Version allows the player to execute him.

Uncensored European Version:Censored Version: