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Release: Dec 20, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Adaptations of foreign films and TV series are not uncommon in the USA. The Scandinavian series Forbrydelsen, which was adapted by AMC under the title The Killing, is just one example for that. It premiered on the American television in the Spring of 2013, but was canceled after only two seasons. This didn't last for long and AMC announced the third season, partly because Netflix contributed to the production. The ratings were rather good, but not good enough for the TV network, which is why they canceled it again. But once more, this wasn't the end of it, because Netflix recently announced the production of the fourth (and probably final) season for 2014.

The major selling points of the quite decent series remake are the calm narrative style, the many twists, the atmosphere and of course the two leading actors Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman. This season manages to raise the bar even more in terms of quality. Unfortunately, it hasn't been released on DVD yet. But the first season is available and has a nice little goody for the fans. The release contains an extended version of the season finale, which has some additional dialogue and plot scenes. Not that extraordinary, but a nice feature for the fans.

This is a comparison between the TV version and the Extended version, both contained on the UK DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The Extended version differs in 10 scenes and runs 156.92 seconds (~ 2:47 minutes) longer than the TV version.
0:00 Minutes
The black screen at the beginning is longer in the extended version. The further black screens are not taken into account.
0.96 sec.

0:54 Minutes/ 0:53 Minutes
Linden is shown in a wide shot in the TV version as she she's getting the call from Holder. The extended version has a slightly longer close-up of her instead.
6.64 sec. / 5.92 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

1:15 Minutes / 1:13 Minutes
Richmond is standing longer at the door with his arms crossed in the TV version. The conversation between Linden and Richmond is longer in the extended version.
Linden: "Orpheus sounds like the story of Lot in the bible. His wife turned into a pillar of salt."
Richmond: "Warnings against looking back maybe. Well, these stories all come from the same place, don't they?"
Linden: "Never seem to end well for the women."
Richmond: "They don't end well for anyone."
20.72 sec. / 2.32 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

6:53 Minutes
Richmond is standing at a lake. He takes out a camera and then drops it into the water.
31.96 sec

25:13 Minutes / 24:17 Minutes
Jamie is talking longer with Gwen: "I know I've been a grad-A asshole to you. But honestly, seeing you guys together for the last few months... you did bring out the best of him."
Jamie is just sitting there silently a little bit longer in the TV version instead.
12.36 sec. / 2.24 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

25:26 Minutes
Gwen is shown longer.
3.64 sec.

26:20 Minutes / 25:10 Minutes
Belko hands Terry the nightlight while they are talking a little bit longer.
Belko: "Yeah. Um... will you give this to Tommy, please? Told him he could have my old night light."
The TV version sets in again when Belko is reaching for his rucksack, but with alternative/zoomed-in footage.
20.12 sec. / 5.88 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

29:51 Minutes
Mitch is standing in the rain at the grave of her daughter. She puts her umbrella over the tombstone before she leaves.
40.12 sec.

35:06 Minutes
Richmond is talking to his supporters: "When I look back over the last few months of this election, the one lesson - the most important lesson I've learned, I think that we've all learned - is the value of integrity."
The people cheer.
14.64 sec.

35:20 Minutes
The picture of Rosie and Richmond on TV sets in earlier to align the line of Linden to the audio track.
0.56 sec.

40:48 Minutes
Stan lets go of his wife to tidy up. He turns around to Mitch before he leaves.
22.52 sec.