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2.01 Fugitivus


  • TV-Version
  • Extended Blu-ray
Release: Oct 04, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (Pro 7) and the Extended Version
(on Blu-ray by Starz/Anchor Bay)

12 differences, consisting of
10 extended scenes
1 extended scene with alternate material
1 scene with alternate material

The extended episode runs 83.04 sec. or 1 minute 23 seconds longer than the TV version.
Extended Scene
0:07:01: A young companion talks to Spartacus: "I will kill many Romans."
Spartacus: "Of that I have no doubt. Return to training."
8,44 sec.

Extended Scene
0:07:46: After he throws the food into the water, Rhaskos makes a dismissive remark: "Let the rabbits feed themselves."
3,64 sec.

Extended Scene
0:12:40: After the magistrate's rant about the dissatisfying fight, he adds in the extended version: "Even for the lesser games of the Vulvanalia."
3,16 sec.

Extended Scene
0:14:04: The magistrate's rant continues: "Would that Batiatus yet lived, to feel the sting of blame properly braced."
Seppius: "Spartacus and his shits will be put to grass soon enough. And I've already sent dispatch to Rome for aid in the matter."
Seppia: "Perhaps you can secure better entertainment as well. The current offerings bore beyond the telling."
17,64 sec.

Extended Scene
0:15:53: The bandit adds: "I was there in Pompeji the day he faced Theokoles and barely lived to speak of it. Oenomaus he was called."
8,68 sec.

Extended scene with alternate material
0:17:55: Spartacus motivates Varro's wife: "A lopsided grin, eyes promising mischief. I've seen that many times. On his father."
Varro's wife: "It was what drew me to him. I felt love the crooked bend of Varro's lips long before the man himself."
Spartacus: "As did I."

The TV version shows a short shot of Spartacus in a different camera angle.
The extended version runs 21.4 sec. longer

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

Extended Scene with alternate material
0:22:22: When Spartacus goes away, both versions have a different course. While the TV version shows his men following him, the extended cut shows Mira stepping forward and starting a short dialogue about Spartacus' plan.

Mira: "Was he swayed?"
Man in background: "Have you met the man?"
Mira: "Taking such a large force to the city is foolish."
Agron: "As are all things in the pursuit of a woman."
The extended version runs 7,16 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:25:42: A little more fighting but nothing too explicit except for the naked lady in between.
2,52 sec.

Alternate material
0:26:10: Despite all sex scenes, this may have been a little too much for US television: Every time when the catamite can be seen, alternate material was used. While the extended version shows him having sperm on his face, it is clean in the TV version.
The TV version runs 1,8 sec. longer

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

Extended Scene
0:26:28: The prostitute gets urinated on by the Roman soldier. She doesn't like it. He does.
4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:46:05: Lucretia looks at Ilithyia unsecurely. Ilithyia says: "You won't shed a fucking tear."
5,88 sec.

Extended Scene
0:48:31: Seppius reacts on his sisters provoking remark that she likes the praetor: "As I have favored the shade of our villa."
2,32 sec.