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original title: Lisa e il diavolo


  • Lisa and the Devil
  • The House of Exorcism
Release: Aug 10, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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Removed Scene THoE
26:10 / 29:58

After the Countess mentions the 5th person and asks Max whether he has already forgotten, we see Sophia. THoE only contains the beginning of the shot and a further shot (resp. the end of it) of the Countess follows. To be more specific, the THoE zooms in on her face. This shot is also in LatD but later. In addition to that, one can hear Sophia from the off. All in all, those two shots have a length of 6.84 sec in THoE.

In LatD, Sophia explains with surprise: "It's so easy to imagine a mysterious visitor in this house."
Lenadro then asks Sophia if she would like something to eat. While he is reaching for her plate, Sophia says: "Yes, thank you."
Regarding the food, Sophia adds: "Rare, very rare."
Now, Sophia speaks about the estate: "The entire setting is so right for a tall tale of gloom and perdition."
Sophia laughs nervously, then she explains: "We could make one up as we go along. We have the right ingredients. The dark night. This house. It's all so… so spooky."
Another shot of the Countess follows but Sophia keeps talking from the off: "Don't you find, Your Ladyship? I prefer ghosts to vampires though. They're so much more human. They have a tradition to live up to."
Francis (also from the off): "Sophia."
But Sophia is in full flow: "Somehow they manage to keep all the horror in without spilling any blood."

All of a sudden, there is a loud banging noise. This last shot of the Countess is the previously mentioned one i.e. the end of it is also in THoE - except for Sophia's comment from the off.

LatD 34.2 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
27:51 / 31:05

Leandro drops a bottle of red wine which bursts when it hits the ground and the camera zooms in on it.
While this is one single shot in LatD, it gets interrupted by another additional scene in THoE which shows Lisa at the hospital again. At the end of the day, this shot has a length of 8.76 sec in LatD while the added length of both parts is 6.36 sec in THoE.

LatD 2.4 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
27:51 / 31:09

Now the mentioned hospital scene between the two parts of the red wine scene (please see previous alteration).
Lisa is tied to the stretcher. As before, she makes weird noises and twitches. Also, she has spit green slime in the meantime. As a result, a lot of that slime is on the ground and she still has some in her face - particularly around the mouth. The Priest is also in the room. After a little prayer, he walks up to Lisa.
Lisa does not like it at all: "No!"
She keeps moaning and she also keeps attempting to get rid of the bonds.

In the meantime, the Priest gets a bible and starts reading out loud resp. he mumbles it. He then walks around Lisa, kneels down next to her and starts praying.
Priest: "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and…"
Out of nowhere, Lisa spits green slime in his face.
Lisa: "There's your fucking daily bread! Eat it! Eat it like you did those whores' cunts before you became a priest!"

The Priest is not impressed and continues praying: "And forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive who trespasses against us."
While wiping off the slime in his eye, he goes on: "And leas us not… into tempation…"
Lisa: "Ha! Afraid to be tempted, eh?"
Lisa laughs, the Priest continues: "…but deliver us from evil."
Lisa: "You are evil! You are evil! You and your church and your Christ!"
The Priest then yells at Lisa: "Silence!"
Lisa gets startled.
Priest: "You abominable monster. In the name of Christ our savior, I order you to be silent! Silent!"
Because the Priest holds a cross to her head at the end of his comment, Lisa reacts correspondingly.
Lisa: "Take it… take it away! Take it off me! It's burning me! It's burning! Take it off!"
The Priest removes the cross: "Who are you, infernal demon? What is your real name? Tell me. In the name oft he omnipotent God, tell me who you are. Tell me!"
Lisa: "I am the asshole of the world. The primodial beast. I am the blood, the sweat, the sperm from the beginning."
Priest: "You fiend from hell, why do you torment this innocent child? Who are you? What are you? In the name of the Archangel Michael, I order you to speak. Who are you?"
Lisa: "E… Elena."
Priest: "Elena. Elena who? Who is Elena? Who is Elana?"
Lisa: "A whore!"
Priest: "Speak in the name of Christ, who are you?"
Lisa: "A whore. Like the ones you used to fuck!"
Priest: "In the name of God, father of our savior, tell me who you are. Where do you come from? Where do you come from?"
Lisa: "From far away. From adultery. And from incest."
Priest: "In the name of Christ, I demand you to speak. Who are you? Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from?"
Lisa: "From a cunt, you jerk."

THoE 203.64 sec resp. 3 min 23.64 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD / Recut
28:45 / 35:20

Here, we have a little recut. To be more specific, the order of two shots has been changed after Max leaves the dining hall.
LatD first shows the Countess, then Max on the stairs on his way up.
In THoE, Max walks up the stairs first and the shot of the Countess follows.
Furthermore, the shots have different lengths in either of the versions. While the shot of the Countess is only slightly shorter in THoE (0.08 sec / no screenshots), the end of the shot of Max on his way up is missing in THoE (9.48 sec).

LatD 9.56 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
29:03 / 35:28

Having arrived on the top floor, the beginning of the shot of Max is missing.

LatD 13.32 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
30:31 / 36:43

The end of the shot of Max is slightly longer. Only in LatD, one also gets to see the flowers.

The beginning of the following shot of George resp. of the engine he is attempting to repair is also longer.

LatD 4.8 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
31:21 / 37:28

The scene after George's conversation with Leandro is missing in THoE.
Max enters a room. The room appears empty but the rocking chair is moving and there is stuff on the table as well. Max takes a look around, then he says: "How could you come back? After what you've done to us. Mother, Mother was certain that you'd return. She was certain… but I never thought you'd have the courage. Why did you have to come back now? Just when I found happiness. I won't let you destroy everything. You can't take her away again! Where are you? How can I stop you… when I can't even see you? Where are you, you coward? Show yourself! Show yourself!"

Basically, the versions are back in sync after that but the shot begins 2 frames resp 0.08 sec earlier in LatD (no screenshots).

LatD 88.48 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
35:02 / 39:41

Max earlier.

LatD 3.76 sec longer

Alternate Footage / Recut / Removed Scene THoE
35:54 / 40:28

Now, it is getting complicated resp. more complicated than it already is.
When Max burns the photo of Elena, the scene begins equally - except for the fact that the first shot is a little longer in LatD (please see previous alteration): Max sets the photo on fire, then the burning photo, followed by a close-up of Max. From this point on, the versions continues differently.

First Max who puts the burning photo in the ash tray. Then another close-up of Max, the burning photo again, Max again and finally several small shots of Max, the photo of Elena and Lisa. LatD then continues with a scene with Lisa, Sophia and Francis.

In THoE however, there is a further shot of the burning photo at first. A flashback with Elena follows. Not until now, Max puts the burning photo in the ash tray. But subsequent to that, another flashback follows. This time with Elena and Carlo. The footage of the flashback will also be used in LatD but more about that in due time.

In THoE, there is more additional footage with Lisa and the Priest at the hospital. Again, details in due time.

As recently mentioned, LatD now contains a scene with Lisa, Sophia and Francis. A music box has Lisa's full attention, Sophia is walking up and down the room, Francis is simply sitting down. He seems very relaxed.
Sophia: "Frank, this is ridiculous."
While Sophia keeps walking up and down the room, she becomes and more impatient.
Sophia: "I'm going out of my mind, Frank. These people are all crazy. What's happened to George? What's going on?"
Francis: "Where's George gone, dear? To fix the car. Cal down, will you? Calm down."
But Sophia does not calm down at all and keeps walking up and down instead.
Francis: "Alright. I'll go out and take a look."
While getting up in order to do so, Francis says to Sophia: "And you calm down."

Now George outside. He is busy with the engine which seems to work properly again. George then walks away while the engine is still running.

Back inside with Sophia and Lisa. Leandro comes in and plays a tape. One can hear car noises.
Sophia jumps up: "It's about time."
She leaves the room and Leandro puts the tape recorder inside the music box.
Leandro: "I find that invariably, Miss Lisa. There's a very simple explanation for almost everything. Don't you agree?"

Back to George. He honks twice, then he takes another look at the engine. But he accidentally honks again when doing so and he is so surprised/startled by it that he bumps his head. He takes a look in the side mirror too check whether he has visible injuries.

More footage of Lisa. She is alone in the room now. She stars at the music box as if she has been hypnotized. Now the flashback from THoE. Only here, it is one big sequence which is also longer than the two parts in THoE. In THoE, they have a total length of 59.6 sec while the flashback in LatD has a length of 131.04 sec resp. 2 min 11.04 sec. In other, the flashback is 71.44 sec resp. 1 min 11.44 sec longer. Be that as it may, LatD does not contain anything relevant missing in THoE - the shots are simply longer. In both versions, we see Elena looking for Carlo at first and then Elena with Carlo ceasing the day (if you will). Subsequent to the flashback, there is footage of Lisa but one can still hear Elena from the off.

Then a scene with Max and Lisa.
Max: "Don't leave me, please. The thought of losing you fills me with such sadness. I don't dare think of it."
They kiss.
Max: "Oh, my love. You're back. I've waited so long for you."
When Lisa opens her eyes again, she sees Carlo in front of her and screams "No!".
Then a small shot of the music box.

LatD 335.16 sec resp. 5 min 35.16 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
42:38 / 41:37

Now the previously mentioned additional scene with Lisa and the Priest which is placed between the scenes of Max burning Elena's photo and Sophia's search for George outside.
Lisa jumps up and screams: "Impotent! Max was impotent and that's why I had to fuck Carlos!"
While Lisa is lying back down, the Priest wants to know: "Who's Carlos? Who's Max? And tell me who are you? Tell me. I order you to tell me. Why did you possess this innocent creature's soul? Where is Lisa? What have you done with her? In the name of Jesus Christ our savior, in the name of the Archangel Gabriel, in the name of St Teresa…"
Lisa interrupts: "Fuck you and your formulas, priest!"
Priest: "Then speak. Speak of your own accord."
Lisa: Even though the memories increase the pain… I'll tell you.
Priest: "Speak."
Lisa laughs: "Do you really know what it means, priest, for a woman to long for a cock? Do you know how horny a virgin gets? After all those years, oh, yes, priest, years married to Max, I was still a virgin. Thanks to his mother, the rotten old bitch, he was… impotent. Oh, I know she had her prick, yes. And she loved it, too. I know because I used to spy on them. I saw how she wriggled and moved… the flabby old hips and that sagging ass. But I took her Carlos and I balled the shit out of him. Like this and this!"
Lisa does a little reenactment - matching noises included.
Priest: "No. No. Stop. Stop it, you fiend!"
When the Priest says "Stop it, you fiend!", Lisa is moaning so loud as if she just had an orgasm.
The Priest goes on: "In the name of the power invested in me by the Holy Mother church, I order you to stop it! Where did all this happen, you godless creature? Tell me where it happened. In the name of Jesus Christ, where did it happen? Where? Where? Where? Tell me."
Lisa: "Don't break my balls, priest. I know what you're thinking. But even if I tell you, there's nothing you can do. It's already happened. And it's about to happen again. And you cannot stop it, priest."

THoE 126.72 sec resp. 2 min 6.72 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
42:38 / 43:44

After the long sequence in LatD that ended with the small shot of the music resp. after the last hospital scene in THoE, we see Sophia looking for George. This shot starts a little earlier in LatD. Consequently, Sophia's first "George?" is missing in THoE.

LatD 12.08 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
43:32 / 44:26

George's body in the vehicle slightly longer.

LatD 0.64 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
43:38 / 44:31

After the mentioned shot of George's body, LatD continues with 2 shots of the Countess with the bloody scissors in her hand.

LatD 14.72 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
43:38 / 44:31

Instead of the Countess, THoE contains a shot of Leandro.

THoE 3.56 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
43:52 / 44:35

The scene with Sophia mourning George is destinctly longer in LatD. But first things first.
First of all, we see Sophia standing behind George's body. She is crying. THoE then shows Leandro kneeling down in front of George.
In LatD, Sophia can't believe that George is dead: "Why? Why?"
The camera zooms out and we see Lisa, Francis and Max surrounding George. In the background, Leandro enters the room with a wheel barrow. While Sophia is still crying like a baby, Leandro gets closer to George and kneels down next to him. He signals Francis and Max to give him a hand. When they lift up George's body, the versions are back in sync.

Francis, Max and Leandro carefully put George's body on the wheel barrow. With Sophia still crying, Leandro carefully pushes the wheel barrow across the room in order to get outside. The end of this shot is missing in THoE.
After Leandro has his hand in front of his face for a brief moment, probably to express his condolences visually, the subsequent shot begins in the THoE. In LatD, Leandro stops, turns around and after a little while, he keeps pushing the wheel barrow. Sophia, Francis, Max and Lisa follow. Leandro then stops again. He turns back around to the others. When he says "Shh" with his finger on his lips, the following shot begins. For continuity reasons, the beginning of it is also missing in THoE. The versions are back in sync when Leandro turns back around and keeps walking.

But that does not last long because the shot of them resp. their silhouettes through the glass, there is another alteration. At first, we see Leandro through the glass. Then Sophia and Lisa. With Max and Francis, the shot ends in THoE. In LatD, the shot of them through the glass is longer. Then the camera pans to a candlestick.

LatD 82.36 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
46:09 / 45:29

Now a rather long sequence in LatD. As mentined before, Leandro is leading the way with George's body on the wheel barrow and the others are right behind him.
Francis: "We must go notify the police."
Max: "No. We don't want anyone coming now. It's all so horrible. To think Mother predicted it… We mustn't call them. They'll pry into our lives and… and I'll be guilty."
Leandro heard the whole discussion of course so he stops.
Leandro: "It's not always wise to stir up the past. We all have some unforgivable secret. Sarah, let us leave well enough alone."
As before, Leandro now signals Francis and Max to help him with the body. They carry the body up the stairs.
While carrying George up the stairs, Francis says: "Your mother imagined there being someone else in the house. If we haven't seen them, there must be a reason, don't you think?"

Now, Carlo strikes a match and one gets to see the bloody scissors. Then Carlo again. With the match in his hand, he gets closer to a window and removes the drape to take a look inside.

Back to Leandro.
Leandro: "If you would take my humble advice, Mr. Lehar, it will be best to leave at once."
Francis: "Oh, yes. I understand. Would you say my chauffeur discovered something he wasn't supposed to?"
Leandro shakes his head: "Who knows? We all have enemies, Mr. Lehar. And what better place to get rid of someone undesirable?"
Francis: "Undesirable? Why? What enemies are there in here?"
Leandro: "Hm. But not to worry. All you have to do is go and leave the corpse to us. Now, Mr. Lehar, can I trouble you for a cigarette?"
Francis: "Oh, yes."
Leandro: "Hm."
Leandro puts the cigarette in his mouth and takes Francis's cigarette to light his. Leandro then takes a puff while the Countess is coming down the stairs in the background.
Countess: "Leandro!"
Leandro is so startled that he starts coughing. Then he puts his cigarette in Francis's hand and gets another one of his lollipops out of his pocket.
Leandro then says (to Francis): "Excuse me, sir, would you mind putting out those cigarettes? The smoke bothers the Contessa."
Now, Leandro turns around to the Countess: "You called, my lady?"
Countess: "Where is my son? Is he with the girl?"
Leandro: "I don't know."
Countess: "Get rid of her. We must send her away."

The next scene shows Lisa and Max out on the estate.
Max: "Oh, Lisa. What good is it to hope for the future when solitude is all that awaits you? What else is there to live for? What else matters after having felt the joy of your presence? When I…"
Lisa: "Hm?"
Max: "When I think of my life and on what poor stuff my dreams were fed, I feel such futility in growing old. If you were to leave me, I'd… "
Then a shot of the Countess watching them.
Max (from Off): "No. No. It is I who shall never leave you."
Countess: "Oh, Maximilian."
A bit startled, Max turns around and Lisa moves her head in the direcction of the Countess as well. A conversation between the Countess and Max follows. In between some shots of Lisa listening to their conversation.
Countess(from the Off): "What evil spirit forces you to utter such words? Have you no pride?"
Max: "No."
Max approaches the Countess: "I have no pride when it comes to words, what things I do. I only have the greatest regrets for what I have not done. Mother, please. Try to understand. If you knew how desperate I feel…"
Countess: "We both know how it will end, Maximilian."
Max: "No, you're wrong. You're wrong this time, Mother."
Countess: "No, my son."
Max: "It will be different. You can't stop me, Mother."
Countess: "Oh, my poor child."
Max: "I'm no longer a child. Let me live my life."
Gräfin: "Come, Maximilian, come…"
The last comments were all made off-screen while one gets to see Lisa left behind.

Lisa walks across the estate until she notices someone sneaking around in the shadows. She makes a few steps back when Carlo shows up behind her and puts his hand on her mouth.
Carlo: "No, don't shout. Be quiet. Don't make a sound. Shh. Quiet."
The person sneaking around enters the chapel, Carlo says: "Quiet, my love."
Mentioned person then takes a look outside in order to check if the coast is clear. We now see that person's face big surprise, it is Leandro. He goes back inside and shuts the door to the chaepl.
Carlo continues: "You must believe me. I want to help you. For years I've waited for this moment. Trust me."
Carlo takes his hand off Lisa's mouth and goes on: "You must flee from here. Wait for me here. I'll go and see what he's doing."
Carlo leaves to figure out what Leandro is up to. While doing so, he says to Lisa: "Wait for me, my love.".

Lisa watches the chapel from the distance but she then gets closer herself. Looking through a window, she sees Leandro singing. Leandro is preparing a body in a coffin but it turns out the body is too tall resp. the feet do not fit in so he breaks both ankles. Lisa is terrified of what she has just witnessed. Leandro keeps prepping the body. When he removes the flowers from the coffin, the identity of the body is revealed: It is Carlo. Lisa is surprised and also a little scared, so she runs off. But all of a sudden, Carlo shows up in front of her - very much alive I might add.
Carlo: "Elena, what's the matter? I heard you scream."
Lisa runs off screaming.
Carlo: "No, wait. I want to help you. Come back."
While Lisa is running up the stairs to the main house, Carlo screams from the off: "Elena! No, wait!"
On the stairs, Carlo stops for a second. Then he follows her in the house. Inside the house, Lisa is on her way up the stairs. Having arrived on the top floor, Lisa takes a look around. She then enters a room and closes the door. She keeps looking around. She takes a look at some dolls when all of a sudden, Carlo shows up again.
Carlo: "Elena."
Lisa is so scared, she screams out. Then she loses consciousness.
Carlo (while holding Lisa in his arms): "Why did you run away from me? I told you I want to help you. I love you."

Back to Sophia. She is with George and that poor thing just can't stop crying. Francis comes in.
Francis: "If you're through mourning your lover, we can leave."
But Sophia does not react at all so Francis pulls her away from George: "Let's go!"
They leave and the next shot shows the two of them by their car outside.
Francis: "Come on."

When Francis opens the door tells her to get in, the versions are back in sync.

LatD 536.08 sec resp. 8 min 56.08 sec longer
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