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original title: Lisa e il diavolo


  • Lisa and the Devil
  • The House of Exorcism
Release: Aug 10, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are Lisa and the Devil (Original Version) and The House of Exorcism (edited US Version) (both available on the UK BD/DVD combo by Arrow Video).

100 differences, consisting of
- 35 removed scenes
- 16 additional scenes in THoE
- 42 extended scenes in LatD
- 4 extended scenes in THoE
- 2 scenes with alternate footage
- 1 extended scene in LatD with alternata audio

Since Lisa and the Devil flopped in Italian theaters, its theatrical release in the US was limited to a very few theaters. Producer Leone could convince a quite reluctant Mario Bava to make another version of the movie so that it could cash in on the success of William Friedkin's The Exorcist. As a result, there was a reshoot with Elke Sommer and Robert Alda as Priest. More than 20 minutes of Bava's original footage had been removed and the exorcism scenes had been added instead. In addition to that, a lot of tracks had also been replaced (which will not be listed in detail in the following comparison). While the original music perfectly matches the scenes in Bava's original cut, the music in the exorcism version is more horror-like. This was nothing but a (failed) attempt to emphasize the horror/exorcism aspect of this version. Ironically, the exorcism version makes it seem as if Bava's original footage are only flashbacks that interrupt the main plot at the hospital. Since Leone insisted on sex and swear words which was not an option for Bava, Bava decided not to be involved in the project any longer and left. Leone took over as director. But Leone's plan failed big time because The House of Exorcism was also a flop in US theaters because it had been considerd a bad rip-off of The Exorcist.

The Original Version Lisa and the Devil is a suspenseful and good movie with nicely shot images - as usual when it comes to Bava. Until the end, one can only assume what is really going on. But Leone did with it is pure blasphemy and it does not do the Original Version justice at all. As already mentioned, the original scenes now need to be considered flashbacks between the scenes with Lisa and the Priest at the hospital. For that reason, it seems that the original footage keeps interrupting the actual movie resp. the "main plot" with Lisa and the Priest. But the fact of the matter is that it is actually the other way around because the added footage with Lisa and the Priest does not fit in at all. We now have a swearing Elke Sommer spitting green slime and frogs. Yeah that's right: Freaking frogs! Sounds dumb and cheesy? Well, it is. Also, the Priest is pretty annoying with his "In the name of this, in the name of that" every five minutes.
As always, Bava had a vision what his movie was supposed to look like and Leone screwed that up royally. The arc of suspense suffers big time here. While the Original Version is thought out well, one only waits for the flashbacks (aka Baba's original footage) to end in the Leone Version so that the main plot with Lisa and the Priest can finally continue. The problem is this so-called main plot just sucks. At the end of the day, one now has a boring, dump and stupid movie and the fact that one gets to see Sylva Koscina's breasts (which is not the case in Bava's version) can't save the Leone cut either - even though this is the only reason to watch Leone's version in the first place. As fan of Mario Bava resp. his original version, one might as well take a look at The House of Exorcism - simply to have seen it because the result is quite curious and a perfect of how to screw up an incredibly good movie with a rather slight effort. So basically what I am saying is: Do not waste your time with the Leone cut. It is not worth it. Watch the marvelous Bava cut instead.

Time index refers to
LatD (Original Version) / THoE (Exorcism Version)
1 of 4
Opening Credits
00:00 / 00:00

The opening credits are entirely different. Moreover, different music has been used. The new music in THoE makes it pretty clear that this version is supposed a horror flick like "The Exorcist".

THoE 19.04 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
04:54 / 05:13

Lisa slightly longer when leaving the shop.

LatD 0.92 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
05:01 / 05:19

After Lisa's weird behavior, the Shopkeeper and Leandro talk about her when she has left. To be more specific, the footage of Lisa leaving the shop gets interrupted by that conversation in THoE.
Shopkeeper: "I swear that was her. It could be her twin."
The Shopkeeper starts looking for something: "Wait. Now, where the hell did I put it? Where is it? I must have picked it up a hundred times in all these years. Where… is it? They have a way of hiding when… you need them."
He now holds a dusty bust in his hands and says: "The spitting image of Elena. See? I bet I can guess what you are thinking. You're thinking why not instead of Elena don't I use that girl tonight, right? It's a hell of an idea."
Leandro: "Hmm."
Leandro then makes sure the bust hits the ground.

Subsequently, we see Lisa on the street. She screams and hits the ground as if she was struck by lightning. People start gathering around her, a man asks "What happened?". A woman would like to know "Do you think it's a fit?". Then the man goes on: "Could be a heart attack. Call an ambulance!". Further comments are being made from the background (Man: "We're crowding her." & Woman: "We ought to call a doctor." & Man: "Somebody find Carrie.").
From the background, one can now hear Lisa's friend calling her name. She gets to her, bends over and wants to see if she is alright.
Then she asks: "Oh, my God. What happened to her?"
The man who has been there since the beginning explains: "I don't know."
Lisa's Friend: "Lisa."
The man goes on: "It was like she was having a fit and then fainted."
Lisa's Friend: "Oh, my God! Someone get me a doctor!"
A Priest shows up and butts in: "Please, let me through. Excuse me."
From the background, someone says: "We can call for an ambulance, Miss."
The Priest then asks Lisa's Friend: "Is there anything I can do?"
Lisa's Friend: "She suddenly fainted. I don't know."
Priest (to the others): "Stand back, please. She needs air. Stand back, please."
The Priest touches Lisa's forehead and intends to make a further comment: "Miss…"
But he is being interrupted because when he touches Lisa's forehead, she starts moaning and twitching - the same thing that happened after the bust incident at the beginning of this additional scene.
Priest: "Easy! Miss! No, no, no."
Lisa keeps going, the Priest attempts to hold her down.
In the meantime, one can hear sirens in the background. The ambulance has arrived. A man yells off-screen "Hurry! Hurry!".
The medics are now with Lisa who is still twitching.
One of the medics says: "Alright, let's get her into the ambulance. Stand back, please."
The medics pick her up carefully and take her to the ambulance.
Medic: "Hold her."
The Priest gives them a hand: "I've got her. I've got her. Easy."
Lisa's friend follows them and so some of the other people.
Priest: "Watch her head."
Medic: "Yeah."
When they are getting Lisa in the ambulance, the Priest says: "OK. Here we go. Here we go."
Lisa's condition remains unchanged. She is still moaning and twitching like hell.
Priest: "Get those straps."
Medic: "I've got it."
Priest: "A little bit tighter."
Being on the stretcher, she is now pushed in the ambulance. Lisa's condition is getting worse. Not only is she still moaning but she has started to scream as well. If she was not tied to the stretcher, she would lash out. Lisa and the Priest then get into the ambulance with the medics.
Lisa's Friend: "I can't believe it. Just a few minutes ago, she was fine."
Priest: "Easy, easy. Be calm."
Lisa's condition is still the same.
Medic: "Quick, the injection."
Priest: "What do you think… What can it…"
One of the medics interrupts him: "Too early to tell."
Priest (to Lisa's friend): "Don't worry."
Since Lisa still is not herself, she needs to be hold tight in order to get an injection.
Medic: "Hold her."
After the injection, Lisa still moans a little. Now, Lisa laughs maniacally which is still audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot.

THoE 201.4 sec resp. 3 min 21.4 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE / Recut
05:01 / 08:40

Now the previously mentioned scene with Lisa's maniacal laughter at the beginning. Also in LatD but later.

THoE 8.28 sec

Removed Scene THoE
05:01 / 08:40

After Lisa leaves the shop, THoE continues with a rather long sequence (please see 05:01 / 05:19). But LatD contains some exclusive footage as well.

Another shot of Lisa leaving the shop follows. When she is standing on the street, she hears some kind of noise and turns around. The door she just used to leave the store is locked now. She smashes against it several times but nobody answers so she leaves. Lisa walks across some alleys until she encounters a man.
Lisa: "Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me…"
But the man does not respond and leaves instead.
Lisa: "No, wait."
The man walks around the corner.
Lisa keeps trying to ask him something: "Sir, the main square…"
But when she turns around the corner, the man has vanished. Then several shots of Lisa.

LatD 74.64 sec resp. 1 min 14.64 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
06:11 / 08:49

The shot of Lisa from the front begins a little earlier in LatD.

LatD 4.44 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
06:24 / 08:57

Right after that, there is another alteration.
Lisa keeps walking around on the empty streets until she spots an elderly woman at a window.
Lisa: "Signora! Excuse me, signora, but I'm lost. Can you tell me where the main square is?"
The woman does not respond, Lisa repeats her question in Italian. But the woman still does not react and gets back inside her apartment instead. Further shots of Lisa wandering around aimlessly follow.

LatD 41.84 sec longer

Extended Scene THoE / Recut
07:06 / 08:57

Now the mentioned scene with a woman's laughter at the beginning (please see 05:01 / 08:40). As already pointed out, it is Lisa's maniacal laughter in THoE while it is the laughter of another woman in LatD. Also, the shot is insignificantly longer in LatD (3 frames resp. 0.12 sec / no screenshots).
THoE now continues with the shot of Lisa from the front which is a little shorter here (please see 06:11 / 08:49). Since this shot has already been used in LatD, Bavas original version continues differently - for obvious reasons (no screenshots).

LatD 8.4 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
07:14 / 08:57

Another additional shot of Lisa in LatD.

LatD 8.04 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
07:32 / 09:07

Lisa a bit longer in LatD. Moreover, there are two more shots that are missing in THoE.

Last but not least, the subsequent shot of Leandro showing up with the doll begins 13 frames earlier in LatD (no screenshots).

LatD 6.36 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
08:08 / 09:37

Lisa slightly longer.

LatD 0.88 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
08:24 / 09:52

Lisa slightly earlier.

LatD 3.2 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
08:37 / 10:01

Lisa slightly longer again.

LatD 0.92 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
08:49 / 10:12

Leandro slightly longer as well.

LatD 4.16 sec longer

Extended Scene THoE
09:37 / 10:56

Only THoE contains small flashbacks of Leandro and the doll.

THoE 2.2 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
09:56 / 11:19

THoE cuts from Carlo lying on the ground unconscious to Lisa's startled face. In LatD, the shot of Carlo on the ground is longer.

Also, the camera pans from Carlo up to Lisa's face. As a result, one also gets to see her make the last step down the stairs before she stops.

LatD 13.76 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
10:41 / 11:49

Right after that, there is more additional footage of possessed Lisa in THoE. Meanwhile, she has arrived at the hospital and is being examined.
Doctor (while taking Lisa's pulse): "It's normal."

Then Lisa's friend and the Priest who is pacing up and down nervously.
Lisa's Friend: "What happened to her? We were having so much fun together."
Priest: "Mm. Have you known her long?"
Lisa's Friend: "We just met on the tour. Her name is Lisa. Lisa Reiner. This was our last stop. Our flight was leaving for home tonight."
Priest: "You may have to go on without her, dear. I don't think…"
The conversation is being interrupated. A man screams: "Strap her down! Strap her down!"
Lisa moans, then she yells: "Just get your fucking hands off me!"
Lisa keeps yelling. Only from now on, her voice is deeper: "Take your shitty hands off me!"
The Doc leaves the room.

Lisa's friend can't believe that this is happening: "My God, that can’t be her voice."
The Priest mentions the wound in the doctor's face: "What happened?"
Doctor: "Nothing, nothing. Just a scratch. I'll have to hold her for some tests."
Priest: "Doctor, I'd like to go in for a moment."
Doctor: "Well, alright, but be careful."
Then he checks his watch, says "Excuse me." and leaves.
Lisa also wants to see Lisa but Priest disagrees: "No, no, dear. You'd better join yur group. Otherwise you'll miss your flight."
Lisa's Friend: "But I can't leave her like this."
Priest: "Oh, now, don't worry. She's in very good hands. The doctor's a personal friend of mine. We'll see that she gets home safely."
Lisa's Friend: "Thank you. Thank you."

All the time, Lisa is moaning in the background.
Then the Priest enters the room with Lisa in it. Lisa did a hell of a job (so to speak) because there is a lot of broken glass lying around on the ground.
Lisa keeps insulting the Doc (with a deep voice): "You shit! Get your hands off!"
She then calms down. The Priest gets closer but when he touches her, she is done being calm.
Lisa: "Get out of here, you son of a bitch! And take your stinking hands off me! They reek, you bastard! They stink of incense!"
The Priest and Lisa are looking into each others eyes. The Priest closes his eyes for a moment. It seems as if he could not believe what was going on.
Lisa laughs, then she says: "It's her turn now. It's her turn now! Now it's her turn!"
She laughes again, the Priest asks: "Turn for what? Whose turn?"
Lisa keeps making weird noises, the Priest repeats his question: "Whose turn?"
Lisa: "Ah, finally a body. A living body. It's her turn now and this time she'll suffer. She will suffer, not I."
Lisa laughs one more time.
Priest: "Who is she? Who is she?"
Lisa: "It's her turn. Ha. It's her turn. It's her turn."
But the Priest is persistent: "Whose turn? Who are you talking about? Listen to me, Lisa."
Lisa: "I'm not Lisa, you stupid pig! I'm not Lisa and I never was Lisa, you prick!"
Now, the nurse intervenes: "Father, please. You're only making her exhaust herself. She needs a chance to calm down. Please, let's go, father, hm?"
Priester: "Yeah."
When both the Priest and the nurse are on their way to the door, Lisa says something. Only this time, she speaks with er regular voice.
Lisa: "Wait for me. Please, wait for me. Wait for me. Please don't go."
The Priest and the nurse turn around to her.
Lisa (still with her regular voice): "Please. Hey…."

Lisa's "Hey…" begins when the nurse kills the light. In addition to that, it is still audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot of the street lamp which is also the moment the versions are back in sync. In LatD, one does not get to hear Lisa's "Hey…" though - for obvious reasons.

THoE 223.24 sec resp. 3 min 43.24 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
10:54 / 15:45

The car slightly longer in LatD…

LatD 1.12 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
10:57 / 15:47

…and Lisa insignificantly earlier.

LatD 0.04 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
11:17 / 16:07

Missing tracking shot from LatD. Instead, THoE cuts to George, the driver, rather roughly.

Lisa approaches the car, bangs against the window and says: "Please open. Please."
The guy in the car (Francis) rolls down the window and asks: "What's the matter?"
Lisa: "Excuse me but I'm a tourist and I've lost my way."
Then the tracking shot to George who is repairing the car while Lisa and Francis keep talking indistinctly in the background.
Francis then says: "Alright. George!"
George: "Yes?"
Francis: "We'll give this young lady a lift."
George: "We will if we can get it started."

Lisa approaches the car, bangs against the window and says: "Please open. Please."
Now the close-up of George while Francis says from the off: "What's the matter? George?"
George: "Yes?"
Francis: "We'll give this young lady a lift."

Please note: When Lisa is getting in the car, she does not say anything in LatD. In THoE, she says "Thank you very much.".

LatD 9.32 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
11:54 / 16:34

THoE lacks a shot of Lisa and George.

LatD 2.28 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
12:02 / 16:39

Three shots are missing here.

LatD 8.92 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
12:10 / 16:39

The subsequent shot of Lisa is starts identical but it is quite short in THoE and a shot of George follows.
LatD also shows Sophia on the backseat.

LatD 5.32 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
12:18 / 16:41

Now the previously mentioned shot of George which is a bit longer in LatD.

LatD 1.72 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
12:21 / 16:43

Francis briefly longer.

LatD 0.52 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
12:23 / 16:45

3 more missing shots in THoE.

In addition to that, the subsequent shot of Sophia starts earlier in LatD.

LatD 17.72 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
13:01 / 17:05

THoE only contains a little close-up of Sophia.
In LatD, the shot is longer. To be more specific, one also gets to see Lisa. Then an additional shot of George…

LatD 7.72 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
13:12 / 17:07

…and the following shot starts also sooner.

LatD 5.76 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
13:34 / 17:24

Only in LatD, Sophia puts a cigarette in her mouth. An exterior shot of the car George is repairing follows.

LatD 3.08 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
13:46 / 17:32

The shot of George helping Sophia get out of the car is longer in LatD. The camera zooms in on her hands, then we see Francis who is still sitting in the car. In the meantime, Sophia thanks George in the background.

LatD 17.24 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
14:36 / 18:17

Missing shot.

LatD 1.76 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
14:37 / 18:17

Lisa trivially longer.

LatD 0.4 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
14:39 / 18:19

Another longer shot.

LatD 0.28 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
15:20 / 18:59

After Max enters the house, the shot of Leandro is a bit longer…

LatD 1.72 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
15:41 / 19:18

…and the subsequent shot of Max actually entering the house starts a little sooner. As a consequence thereof, Max's first "Mother!" is missing.

LatD 4.24 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE / Recut
16:25 / 19:58

After the Countess's comment "Max. Not in here. Show them to the cottage." (in both versions), LatD continues with Leandro and Max taking their guests to the mentioned cottage. After several shots of the group on their way, a conversation begins.
Max: "It's just ahead. A few more strides…"
Sophia: "Thank goodness for that."
Francis: "Sophia!"
Sophia: "Well, we could at least tell George where we're going."
Leandro (to Lisa): "Would you care for a lollipop?"
But Lisa ignores Leandro who then explains: "You know, the villa's a bit run-down but I'm sure the cottage will be suitable. Besides, even the Countess would prefer it. Miss… Erm, you and I earlier this evening, yes?"
Lisa: "I…"
Leandro: "I mean you were lost and asked for directions. You do remember, don't you?"
Lisa: "No."
Leandro: "I do most of the shopping for the Countess and I'm often in town. And very little escapes me, if you know what I mean."
Leandro then puts the lollipop in his mouth. From the off, Sophia starts nagging
Sophia: "Well, are we supposed to stand here all night?"
But Leandro got it covered. He says to Lisa: "Excuse me."
Francis (also from the off): "Listen there, where is the place?"
Leandro passes Francis: "Come, please. Come this way."
The camera sticks with Lisa but Sophia just can't stop nagging.
Sophia (from the off): "Oh, it's so slippery."
Leandro explains (also from the off): "There's a bit of moss here… and there… and everywhere."
Then he laughs which irritates Sophia.
Sophia (from the off): "What's the matter with him?"
Leandro: "Come, Miss!"
Also in THoE but later.

LatD 109.8 sec resp. 1 min 49.8 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
18:15 / 19:58

Right after that, George drives the car onto the estate. Leandro closes the gate. He then locks the gate with a chain. The end of that shot is slightly longer in LatD.

LatD 0.56 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
18:45 / 20:28

More new footage at the hospital in THoE. The Doc discusses the test results with the Priest.
Doctor: "Nothing. The results of the electroencephalogram were totally negative and… erm… the same goes for the rest of the tests. All negative. The temporal lobe is functioning normally. So is the pineal gland. Physically, she's in perfect health. What I think we have here is a psychiatric problem."
Priest: "Then these manifestations are coming from the dark area of the unconscious. Or, and I know how much you medical men hate the term, from the deepest level of human existence which we priest call… the soul."

THoE 37 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE / Recut
18:45 / 21:05

Now the scene with Francis, Sophia and Lisa on their way to the cottage from LatD (please see 16:25 / 19:58).
But a simple recut would have been way too easy. Instead, a few shots are missing in THoE and others have been moved within the sequence. For instance, Sophia nagging for the very first time is missing in THoE. Here, Leandro instantaneously offers Lisa a lollipop. This is the only cut worth mentioning by the way. Other than that, the removed footage only shows them walking across the estate and some details of the estate itself are missing are well. Compared too LatD, the scene is 25.36 sec shorter (no screenshots).

THoE 84.44 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
19:07 / 22:51

Earlier beginning of a shot.

LatD 7.36 sec longer

Alternate Footage
19:27 / 23:03

Here, both versions contain footage missing in the other one. The dialogs also differ.

Sophia and George kiss. A little tracking shot follows. Sophia and George then slowly move to the bed. Sophia is now lying on the bed, George is standing in front of her.
George: "Now, where's your husband?"
Sophia: "Guess."
George: "Oh."
George turns away from her: "Taking his bath."
While he is getting a cigarette, Sophia explains: "The first he did was to go look for a tub."
Sophia laughs, George lights his cigarette.
Sophia: "No need to worry."
Sophia takes George's cigarette and continues: "He knows about us. He's not blind. It's just that he doesn't care."
While Sophia is putting the cigarette in the ashtray via close-up, she says (from the off): "Don't look like that."
Sophia (now on-screen): "Hm?"
A close-up of the opened cigarette box follows. George says "I love you.". Then they kiss which one gets to see as reflection in the cigarette box. Several close-ups of the two of them follow. Last but not least, a shot of a sculpture inside the room.

Here, they kiss as well but instead of the tracking shot, there is a rather rough cut to George and Sophia. In other words, a part of the tracking shot is missing. While slowly moving to bed, they have a little conversation.
George: "Where's your husband?"
Sophia laughs, then George goes on: "Sophia, look. I…"
Sophia: "Come."
Sophia lies down on the bed, George remains standing in front of it.
Now the shot of the cigarette box that shows the reflection of them kissing. George here also says "I love you." before they start making out. Contrary to LatD, THoE contains more explicit footage. For instance, one also gets to see Sophia's breasts which is not the case in LatD. Also, THoE contains two shots of the sculpture inside the room (LatD only contains 1 shot at the end of the scene).

LatD 19.68 sec longer

Removed Scene THoE
21:04 / 24:21

Now Lisa sitting in her room. A pocket watch accidentally falls on the ground and the glass breaks. That watch is the very same watch that was lying next to unconscious Carlo. Lisa picks up on that as well and gets scared. She gets up slowly and moves away. All of a sudden, she hears some kind of clattering behind her but it was just the open window which she immediately closes. She closes the second window and runs out of the room. She locks the door from the inside. When she enters another room, she recognizes a gestalt at the window outside. She is so frightened that she screams. The gestalt turns out to be Carlo. Lisa runs away but she fails to open the door. Carlo slowly opens the window from outside. Lisa then manages to open the door and runs outside.

Lisa suddenly stops running and sees Carlo again. One more time, Lisa starts runnind away and bumps into Max.
Max asks: "What's the matter? What's wrong? What frightened you so much?"
Lisa looks away. Then Leandro with a doll that looks exactly like Carlo.
Leandro (to resp. about the doll while he is geting rid of the dirt on the doll's clothing): "Messy… dummy!"
Lisa: "No, no, no, it… It wasn't Leandro, it was…"
Max: "Oh, he was carrying a dummy."
Lisa: "Oh, it was awful."
Max: "The villa's full of them. They're harmless. Don't cry. Don't. This is such a gloomy house. We're so alone. You can't imagine how… how happy I am now that you're back."
Lisa is surprised: "Back?"
Max turns away from Lisa, gets close to a flower and explains: "This is the last rose of the season. It lingered on and waited for you. If only you would stay."
He then turns back around to Lisa: "Don't go away. I beg you."
Then a shot of Leandro hiding in the bushes in order to spy on Lisa and Max.
Lisa: "I… I don't even know you."
Max: "Everything's so different with you here. I feel alive and happy."
Lisa: "But…"
Max: "Don't say no. Please."
Another shot of Lisa and Max follows. Right before they kiss, the Countess intervenes.
Countess (from the off): "Maximilian!"
Lisa and Max cringe, the Countess continues: "Is that you there?"
Max: "Yes, Mother."
Max then says to Lisa: "Excuse me, I have to go now. I'll see you at dinner."
Lisa: "Alright."

This sequene is completely missing in THoE. Instead, THoE contains more footage of the reshoot. Which brings me to the next alteration…

LatD 177.52 sec resp. 2 min 57.52 sec longer

Additional Scene THoE
21:04 / 24:21

Instead of the sequence with Lisa, the conversation between the Doc and the Priest continues in THoE. They are still talking about Lisa's condition.
Doctor: "We're dealing with a case of hysteria. This young woman is suffering from a split personality."
Priest: "You could be more explicit."
Doctor: "The conscious ego is substituted, deprived of all ist authority by an extraneous entity. A sort of occult invader, if you will, that leads the personality astray… alters its goals, turns it into someone else."
Priest: "You almost sound like a text on demonology."
Doctor: "Well, I don't mean to. We're no longer in the Middle Ages. The extraneous entity I mentioned can be caused by a lesioned cerebral cell that suddenly goes berserk. It doesn't necessarily mean an external invader. Clonic convulsions, that's what they're called, can as I said be brought on by cerebral lesion, brain damage which in this case is simply… not evident. As far as I'm concerned, she's clinically healthy and…"
But their conversation ends abruptly due to loud noises and loud screams.

One of the nurses is sending the other patients back to their rooms ("Back in your rooms!"). There is total chaos and Lisa is still screaming.
Lisa: "I've gotta get out!"
The screaming continues, accompanied by maniacal laughter. Then the Doc and the Priest in Lisa's room. She is still acting nuts so gets pushed down to the bed but she is quite resistant. The Priest witnesses the entire thing. Lisa calms down rather quickly, she even closes her eyes. But after a little while, she opens her eyes and stars at the lamp at the cceiling. The lamp starts moving, the light starts flickering. The Doc and the Priest are irritated. The glass of the lamp bursts into pieces, the doors of the closet open, a lamp on the table gets tossed under the ceiling and breaks as well. The Priest does not appear oblivious to what is going on. All of a sudden, Lisa jumps up resp. she jumps in the direction of the Priest but two nurses attempt to hold her back. She now has completely lost it and the nurses can barely hold her. Lisa bites a nurse's leg, said nurse screams, the fight continues.
The Doc orders the nurses: "Hold her! Hold her still!"
Keep on fighting, Lisa. She kicks the other nurse, the Doc now intervenes and tries to hold Lisa back as well.
Doctor: "Get the stretcher!"
The nurse who just got across the room positions the stretcher and Lisa gets tied to it.

In meantime, the other patients are taken to a safer place with the other staff members. The next shot shows Lisa on the stretcher, she is still screaming. Since the hallway is filled with patients and staff members, the Doc tells people to get out of the way several times. The Priest is right behind them and watches Lisa closely.
Lisa (to the Priest): "Miserable fucking bastard! You won't use me tonight! You won't use me in your games tonight! Damn you! Dinner is served! Dinner is served! Dinner is served!"

Lisa's third and final "Dinner is served!" is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot of the rabbit on the table which by the way is also when the versions are back in sync. Well, more or less…

THoE 209.16 sec resp. 3 min 29.16 sec longer

Extended Scene LatD
24:02 / 27:50

…because the shot following the two longer sequences starts insignificantly earlier in LatD.

LatD 0.44 sec longer
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