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original title: Tenebre


  • UK VHS (Pre cert)
  • UK DVD (Arrow Video)
Release: Jun 11, 2013 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British pre-cert VHS by Videomedia and the uncut British DVD by Arrow Video.

The here compared cut version was shown with a BBFC 18 rating in the British cinemas in 1983. (If the theatrical version and this VHS are identical can't be assured. The same applies to the alternative footage, but there's a high probability for the four second violence cut) Videomedia released this version in the same year on VHS as pre-cert video without any rating. In March 1984, the movie was put on the British "Video Nasties List".

The alternative footage, which is contained on the Israeli tape, is visible on this pre-cert VHS only at the beginning of the movie. None of such footage was used in the later course of the movie.

The master errors which exist in different international versions do not occur in this version.

1999, Tenebrae was released anew on VHS by the label Nouveaux Pictures. This version, to which already exists a cut report, is censored for a further second, rather as an alibi, and received a BBFC 18 rating. Due to this further missing second it could be ensured that the BBFC wouldn't approve of a version that belongs to the video nasties.

Cuts under 5 frames are not mentioned in the report.

7 cuts, thereof:
1 cut due to violence (3.6 sec.)
3 scenes with alternative footage without any running time difference
1 longer black screen on the VHS before the end credits (+ 5.12 sec.)
Running time difference = 12.56 sec.
Time index: VHS / Arrow-Video DVD


There are missing 11 seconds at the beginning of the VHS. The book is being opened and someone starts reading it.

10.96 sec.


The hand of the person moves differently in the two versions, as was already the case with the comparison with the Israeli tape. The book is written in English on the British tape, while it is in Italian on the DVD.
This difference is illustrated only once and from here on only mentioned briefly. A more detailed comparison can be found in the report dealing with the Israeli VHS and the Arrow Video DVD.

No running time difference

Pre-Cert VHSArrow Video DVD


Both versions are different again in terms of the book and the movement of the hand during the display "a film by Dario Argento".

No running time difference


The location is displayed in different languages in those versions, English on the VHS and Italian on the DVD.

No running time difference

Pre-Cert VHSArrow Video DVD


There are missing 13 frames during a scene change.

0.52 sec.


9 frames are missing due to an error on the VHS during the conversation of detective Germani and detective Altieri.

0.36 sec.


There's again missing half a second due to an error on the VHS, this time during the conversation between Bullmer and Peter Neal.

0.48 sec.


There are missing 8 frames at the beginning of the scene in which Bullmer is standing at the plaza holding a magazine.

0.32 sec.


Jane screaming is shown for three more frames. After that, her arm is chopped off by the axe and blood is splattering out of the stump. Then, Jane is shown holding her arm. Loads of blood come out of the wound and Jane screams. The first three frames of the following shot, the severed hand with the gun, are also missing.

3.6 sec.


Again an error on the videotape. After Germani has bent over to pick up the handkerchief it is missing how he gets up again and hence is blocking the view on Peter.

1.44 sec.


The British DVD fades away a little bit earlier and the end credits begin. The black screen before the end credits is longer on the VHS.

+5.12 sec.