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Last House on the Left, The


  • BBFC 18 Krug & Company Cut
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Jun 28, 2010 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the so-called Krug & Company Cut (2 Disc Set by XT Video = Austrian DVD = identical to UK DVD from Anchor Bay) and the regular Uncut Version (also on the 2 Disc Set by XT Video).

The production company became really creative for the release of "Last House on the Left": the movie was shown in theaters with lots of different titles, e.g. "Sex Crime of the Century, "Night of Vengeance", "Krug & Company" and "Last House on the Left". The company wanted to test which of these titles is most accepted by the audience. The most successful one was "Last House on the Left", that's why most of the DVD releases have this title. This "Krug & Company" Cut on the release by XT Video is based on the UK DVD (2 Discs) by Anchor Bay. In addition to the order change of some scenes, this version also contains lots of cuts made for censorship. These cuts were made to get the BBFC 18 rating. The cuts are identical with the regular BBFC 18 version on DVD.

Many thanks to Heiko Esser for this information.
The total difference is 48.4 seconds with a total amount of 18 cuts in the Krug & Company Cut and 8 in the Uncut Version (jump cuts included).
Running time of the Uncut Version (credits excluded): 1:19.24 min.
Running time of the Krug & Company Cut (credits excluded): 1:18.36 min.
The time index refers to the Uncut Version.
Extended black image at the beginning of the Uncut Version.
6.24 sec

Extended shot of the carved finger.
1.76 sec

Tracking shot of the woman who peed her pants. She attempts to hide it with her hands.
7.92 sec

Jump cut due to a splice.
1.88 sec

Now the first scene with alternate footage:
Krug & Company Cut: shot of a man. -> 10.44 sec

Uncut Version: Extended shot of the women's preparation for the love play. -> 10.04 sec

0.4 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

Here's the next bigger difference:
Uncut Version: (10 sec)
  • Extended shot of the Sheriff, he hits the head with his hand.
  • Krug says he was going to the car.

Krug & Company Cut: (17.68 sec)
  • The above mentioned scene with the sheriff's hand is shorter.

  • Krug: "Alright. I say we should do it. (?) couse Wiesel and I are very hungry."

  • Shot of the second woman.

  • Krug says he was going to the car.

7.68 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

A couple of seconds later the next difference:
Uncut Version: (12.28 sec)
  • Tracking shot of the branchwood while Krug's leaving.
  • Shot of Wiesel.

  • The woman rubs her arms and gets up.

(Krug & Company Cut: (12.28 sec)
  • No tracking shot of the branchwood while Krug's leaving.
  • Extended shot of the woman rubbing her arms, then she gets up.

No difference

Extended shot of Wiesel with the knife in his face.
2.76 sec

Now an extended shot of Wiesel with the knife in his face in the Krug & Company Cut.
3.04 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

The next jump cut in the Krug & Company Cut.
0.24 sec

The woman crosses a river while Wiesel's chasing her.
20.24 sec

Presumably sloppiness when the reels where switched. Immediately after the symbol, a shot of the woman rushing in the woods and another one with Wiesel on the second woman are missing.
10.2 sec

The cops get out of the car.
7.16 sec

Even the woman takes the knife and stabs him several times.
17.12 sec

Extended shot of the man's head which is bent downwards.
0.96 sec

Extended shot of the woman's body in the Krug & Company Cut after everyone left.
1 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

Another jump cut in the Krug & Company Cut. Extended shot of the driving car.
5.92 sec

Krug carves his name in the woman's chest. Dreadful jump cut in the Krug & Company Cut.
3.92 sec

A further huge difference at 55.32:
In the Krug & Company Cut, the shot of the walking cops is very dark plus a blue filter has been used. In the Uncut Version instead, the colors are just normal. Approx. 1 sec is gone due to the switch of reels. A detailed comparison is impossible due to the different look of the scenes in both versions.

Left: Krug & Company Cut / Right: Uncut Version

The flashback of the name engraving is also missing. Again a (little) jump cut in the Krug & Company Cut.
2.36 sec

Here's some missing footage in the Uncut Version (several cuts):
Extended shot of the woman on the ground before the others arrive.
1.88 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

The man wants to know from the injured woman who had done that to her. She replies vaguely.
10.08 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

Extended shot of them with the body, they also get to know that Phillis is dead as well.
13.28 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

Tracking shot of the woman's face, then a cut to the man who killed her daughter.
8.72 sec (Krug & Company Cut)

Extended shot of the string tightening. This might also be a jump cut.
5 sec

Another jump cut.
0.32 sec

0.48 sec