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1.24 The One Where Rachel Finds Out


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 14, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV-Version (taken from the Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (taken from the British DVD)

- 9 alterations, 2 of those including alternative footage and 1 recut
- Difference in running time: 44.6 sec

Almost every episode of this sitcom classic was released in an extended version on the US DVDs. For TV some cuts were done in order to trim the episodes to the usual format, however, some censoring can be found as well. In Great Britain, only the TV versions were released on DVD at first yet the newer "15th Anniversary Edition" contains the extended episodes as well and was used as a comparison here.

The new Blu-ray release is identical all around the world and contains – only the TV Versions, the extensions can also not be found in the bonus material. People interested in buying the series now have to decide: Longer episodes or better picture quality? The latter is really great on Blu-ray, rescanning of the original 35mm tape led to a brilliant picture and it is now also in the 16:9 format with more information on the side of the picture. On the other hand, about 2 minutes are missing per episode.

As is to be expected for a season finale, Episode 1x24 ("The One Where Rachel Finds Out" aka "Die Liebesspender") was extended significantly by more than three minutes. Besides the normal small additions there are some nice longer scenes mostly featuring Chandler's jokes. Joey also is being made fun of for his fertility test program a lot more as well. There is also a new and additional pre-credit scene again, which jokes about new parents's special urge to show pictures of their children.
All in all, the Extended Version is clearly the better one here.
The Extended Version shows an additional scene before the credits, pushing the original pre-credit scene back. Ross is proudly showing the baby photos a first time, only Joey and Chandler are in the café and do not seem too excited about it. At the end, the girls join them, which makes a good transition to the following scene (pre-credit in the TV Version), in which the whole group takes a look at the photos.

Ross comments while showing more and more pictures: "Oh, look, here is little Ben falling asleep. A little bit later. Is he going to sleep? Is he gonna sleep? Is he gonna? Yup, out like a light! Look at that."
The two have almost fallen asleep in the meantime.
Chandler: "Boy, this sure trumps the 'Has He Pooped?' Series."
Joey: "Really, Ross, we love him, ok? But right now he is just a little naked fat guy. How excited can you get?"
The girls enter.
Phoebe: "Hey! What 'cha got there?"
Chandler: "400 pictures of Ben on a rug."
The girls are excited and run to Ross, pushing Joey and Chandler off the couch.

The credits follow.

85,3 sec


In the Extended Version, Joey answers to Monica's comment that he is hopefully not donating more than his time for the fertility study: "Ahhh, actually a little bit more than that."
Chandler can hardly control himself: "Oh, thank you, God! This will bring us so much joy!"

The following shot of Joey starts insignificantly earlier in the TV Version (no pictures).

Extended Version 8,6 sec longer

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, the scene ends the scene with a short shot of Joey with a forced smile, the credits follow.

The Extended Version, however, continues with the chat and Joey is being made fun of a bit longer.

Joey, sarcastically: "That's funny! Very funny!"
Rachel: "No, this is... this is really, really great. I mean, I actually know somebody who loves what they do."
Ross: "Yeah, but what do you do to unwind after a tough day at work...?"
Joey is annoyed and leaves.

TV Version 31,4 sec longer


Monica comments on Phoebe's support: "You know, I just love barbequeing with you."

3,3 sec

Alternative Footage

In the EV, Chandler adds: "I don't care what Rachel says, we're doing presents first."
There is an alternative shot of everybody getting up. The Extended shows the shot of Monica holding back Joey earlier than the TV Version.

Extended Version 3,2 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


The TV Version fades to black and back to the group in Monica's room due to an ad break. The Ectended features a soft fadeover, including an additional exterior shot.

Extended Version 0,6 sec longer

Alternative Footage

After Joey comments on China by saying "The country!", the TV Version only shows Chandler for a brief moment.

The Extended Version shows Rachel for a while, looking at Joey speechless, then she adds: "Well, did his flight leave yet?"
Chandler: "Are you kidding? He's probably at a seat watching a woman do this."
He moves his arms like a stewardess showing the safety instructions.

Extended Version 8,3 sec longer


The scene with Joey in bed is a bit longer and the following scene in Monica's apartment starts a lot earlier.

To the positively meant comment saying that he is like a woman, Joey answers, grinning helplessly:: "You're just saying that!"
Melanie hugs him: "No."
Joey, behind her back: "A woman...?"

Rachel enters.
Monica: "So?"
Rachel: "I missed him."
Monica and Phoebe: "Oh, I am so sorry."
Chandler agrees: "That's too bad."
This seems hard to believe and Phoebe sarcastically says: "Yeah, right!"
Rachel: "You mean that?"
Chandler: "I really do. I can think about somebody other then myself. All right, I am going to bed. Happy Birthday, Rach. Hang in there."
Rachel: "Thanks!"
Just after he has gone through the door, he screams: "Yes!!!"
The girls look confused, Chandler enters again briefly and explains himself with a piece of paper in his hand: "Pizza coupons."
Rachel sits down: "Uh, oh my god. All right, do you guys need help cleaning up this mess here?"
Phoebe: "Oh, that would be great."
At the same time, Phoebe and Monica are wildly gesturing behind Rachel's back. It seems to be about who is to comfort her back.

59,7 sec

Alternative Footage

After the statement that he did not know himself that he has he is on "a different level", Joey shrugs in a different shot and the scene is over
In the Extended Version, Chandler switches the topic by pickung up the newspaper: "Hey, is something going on with O.J.?"
Joey seems confused.

Interestingly, the exterior shot of the city directly afterwards was played backwards. The TV Version tracks from right to left, the Extended Version from left to right.

Extended Version 5,8 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


There is a rather long addition before Ross's plane lands. Rachel says goodbye to Monica and offers her her bad date as a second hand rendez-vous. Afterwards, she shortly talks to Chandler, leading him to think that he was successful as a coupling agent.

Monica, when Rachel passes her: "Hey, where you going?"
Rachel, coming back from her room with Ross's pin: "To get Ross."
Monica: "Oh, my god! This is so exciting!"
Rachel: "I know. Monica, listen, if you want the rest of my date, I'm not going to finish it."
Monica: "Rachel, he’s not a sandwich."
Rachel distracts her: "I know. He's an investment banker with tickets to the opera."
Suddenly, Monica friendly waves to Carl: "Hello!"

In the corridor, Chandler stops Rachel: "Hey Rach, where you going?"
Rachel: "Airport!"
Chandler: "Oh, no, no, no, you can't tell him. There is so much stuff I haven't done in my life. I haven't watched Baywatch since they brought on Yasmine Bleeth."
Rachel calms him down: "Ok. Chandler, relax. This is a 'good going' to the airport."
Chandler supportingly pushes her towards the staircase: "Oh, oh, well then fly good woman. Fly like the wind."
Rachel: "I'm flyin'."
Chandler calls after her: "Don't forget to tell him I'm the one who blew it."
After she left, he grinningly speaks to himself: "Yes, another successful case for the Love Doctor!"

53,5 sec

Alternative Footage

Not really understandable: Shortly before the ending credits, Rache can be seen a bit earlier in the TV Version, whereas Ross is shown longer in the Extended Version.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version