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  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Oct 30, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored US-VHS by Live Home Video (R-Rated) and the uncensored US-DVD by Artisan Entertainment (NC-17)

Abel Ferrara's dark cop drama - with a brilliant leading performance of Harvey Keitel – was released in two versions in the US. The uncut version received an NC-17 rating and was released next to a heavily cut R-Rated version. The latter features a nearly 3 minutes long scene which loosens the (at least in the original version) aggrieving atmosphere. Furthermore, some parts of the film feature a different soundtrack (probably because of legal causes).

R-Rated: 90:57 min.
NC-17: 96:16 min.
00:00 The logo of Artisant Entetainment is only featured on the DVD.
6 sec.

10:24 The NC-17 version shows a shot in which one can see the two women with whom the lieutenant gets stoned. They are sitting on a bed while one of them is naked. The one with clothes takes a sock (or scarf) and puts it as a gag on the mouth of the other woman. Then she pulls her back and begins to bump her underbelly rhythmically against hers while slow music can be heard in the background. The R-Rated version begins totally different. Both women can be seen, they're both dressed. They're already a little stoned when the lieutenant enters the room and greets them. After he took off his jacket in the kitchen, he joins them and opens the champagne he brought along. They talk and consume cocaine. After that, one can see them dancing wildly while cheerful music plays in the background.
NC-17 = 40,5 sec.
R-Rated = 186 sec.


13:46 The R-Rated version doesn't show how the lieutenant dances with the women while slow music is played. Finally, he can be seen standing there completely naked while whining with outstretched arms.
76,5 sec.

19:08 While the nun is abused by the two guys, some shots are missing. For example, her private region is seen shortly.
7 sec.

19:15 Some more scenes showing the nun getting her clothes ripped off by the guys who then start raping her. In between there's a shot of Jesus on the cross.
19,5 sec.

19:16 And once more some scenes of the abuse are missing. After the nun screamed previously she now just lies there without movement.

8,5 sec.

26:19 The end of a shot showing the lieutenant as he goes through the hospital. He stops in front of a cop.
3 sec.

31:10 The R-Rated is shorter in the scene in which the lieutenant interrogates the two girls in the car. The following is missing: He threatens one girl to tell her father that she had no driver's license on her. Her friend begs him not to do so. The lieutenant responds if she had ever given a blowjob before. The two girls are very anxious and the lieutenant tells the co-driver that she should show her rear part while he commands the girl driving the car to show her how she performs oral sex. The poor girl is totally uncertain and after she spit out her chewing gum she simulates a blowjob. The lieutenant masturbates simultaneously next to the car. After he is done with that, he goes away. The two girls stare confused at each other.
283 sec.

61:34 The scene, in which the lieutenant's red-haired girlfriend injects a shot while he watches her, is missing.
60,5 sec.

90:57 After the credits, the DVD shows the logo of Artisan once more.
5 sec.