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Original Uncut NC-17 Version

So I Married An Axe Murderer

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The Burning

The War of the Worlds

Needful Things

Dreamers, The


  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Feb 25, 2011 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Fassung and the NC-17 Version, both released by 20th Century Fox.

The American Matthew mets the siblings Isabelle (Eva Green, who became the Bond Girl Vesper in Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond in Casino Royale) and Theo in Paris in 1968. The movie loving teens are doing lots of things and Matthew lives in their appartment when the parents are out of town. They start some sexual experiments but tensions are being build when a relationship between Matthew and Isabelle grows.

Due to several explicit shots, the Uncut Version was rated NC-17 in the US. That's why the milder R-Rated Version lacks more than 2 1/2 min of footage with sexual content.

Running time R-Rated Version (credits excluded): 1:47:01
Running time NC-17 Version (credits excluded): 1:49:47

11 cuts
3 scenes with alternate footage whereby the NC-17 Version is longer
= 166.5 sec / 2 min 46 sec
Extended shot of Theo kneeing in front of the Marlene Dietrich masturbating while being watched by Isabelle and Matthew. The following shot of Isabelle lacks a second.
5 sec

The scene with Matthew ends earlier in the R-Rated Version. In the Unrated Version, he's being shown from another angle while he's still masturbating. He slightly hits the wall with the head and touches the picture. The beginning of the following shot of Isabelle moving her head is missing as well.
9.3 sec

A moment later, the R-Rated Version ends when Isabelle pets Theo's butt and back with a feather duster. Theo's waving hand can be recognized better here.
12.3 sec

The end of the shot of Isabelle is missing and so is the beginning of the following shot of Theo masturbating. The R-Rated Version is back in the game when Theo's coming.
3.59 sec

Alternate footage of Isabelle dropping Matthew's shorts in the R-Rated Version.
In the Uncut Version, she drops his shorts and his penis is visible. Furthermore Matthew had a picture of her in his shorts. (7.97 sec)
The R-Rated Version contains a close-up of Matthew instead. This exact shot is exclusively in the R-Rated Version. (3.21 sec)
4.76 sec


The camera pans over their naked bodies. Isabelle has her hands at Matthew's crotch and supports him to penetrate into her.
17.02 sec

Extended shot of Isabelle's face while they're having sex. She moans. The beginning of the following shot a little lower is also missing.
9.51 sec

The R-Rated Version stops and goes on with alternate footage of Isabelle when Theo enters the kitchen. The footage is slightly different to the footage a little later in the Uncut Version.

R-Rated: Shot of Isabells on the ground. (5.5 sec)

NC-17: Theo slowly goes to Isabelle and Matthew who are still lying lying on the ground. The camera tracks to them over the table. Theo knees down in front of his sister, pets her und touches her vagina. His fingers are bloody and he smiles at her. Then he gets up and Matthew touches her, too. His fingers are also bloody and that is where the R-Rated Version continues. (45.05 sec)

39.55 sec

The R-Rated Version ends when Matthew smudges Isabelle's face with her own blood while they're kissing. They keep kissing, then they hug. The beginning of the following scene is also missing: they're having sex and the camera tracks slowly to the top.
29.03 sec

The camera tracks slowly ober Isabelle's legs to the top, an explicit shot of her vagina included. The R-Rated Version only shows her breasts.
7.55 sec

The R-Rated Version contains alternate footage of Isabelle when Matthew puts is head next to Isabelle's hip and her pubic hair is visible for a short period. The beginning of Matthew's comment is slightly shorter. (3.67 sec)
The NC-17 Version sticks with Matthew. (7.63 sec)
3.96 sec


Earlier beginning of the shot of Matthew. His face is pretty close to Isabelle's pubic area.
9.92 sec

Same here. This time he kisses Isabelle's belly.
4.13 sec

Extended shot of Isabelle in the mirror. Then a shot of Matthew's head between Isabelle's legs, under the tied round blanket. Then Isabelle in the mirror again. she really enjoys what Matthew is doing up there. The first frames of the following shot of Matthew are missing as well.
10.88 sec