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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jun 03, 2019 - Author: IamAlex - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
The theatrical version was compared with the extended cut. Both version are present on the Blu-ray set released by Warner.

The powerful magician Gellert Grindelwald managed to escape from prison when he was brought to London for trial. In Paris, Grindelwald gathers new followers around him to achieve his goal by bringing the wizards to power over mankind. The Ministry of Magic wants to stop him and orders Newt to track down Grindelwald and Credence, who survived the events of the first part, in Paris. He is also encouraged by Dumbledore, who persuaded him to go to Paris despite his travel restrictions. He is supported by his friends Queenie Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski, who are looking for Queenie's sister Tina in Paris. Grindelwald gains more and more power and sees the key to his success in Credence, who works in a magic circus and is unsure of his position in the world.

The second of five planned parts of the Fantastic beasts and where to find them series is a bit darker than its predecessor. The elaborate staging is confronted with an overloaded story, which too often gets lost in sideplots, so that even fans of the predecessor or the Harry Potter series might feel lost. Highlight is without question Jude Law's performance as Dumbledore, who unfortunately gets a bit too little screentime.

The movie was released by Warner on Blu-ray. Beside the theatrical version, there is another Blu-ray with the extended cut in the cover. In times of seamless branching one is surprised that a second Blu-ray with the extended cut was packed into the cover at all. The additional minutes would also fit easily on the first Blu-ray, especially as there are no complicated deviations, but mainly longer additions. The Blu-ray released by Warner in the US is also advertised with the extended cut, but only available there in the form of a digital download. Since the German buyers are coping somewhat worse with this, the decision was probably made for Germany with the before mentioned additional Blu-ray disc.

The extended cut runs 427.44 sec. (7:07 min.) longer than the theatrical version and integrates some of the deleted scenes back into the movie. With the extended scenes, Deleted Scene is additionally faded in at the beginning of the scene, which somewhat disturbs the film flow.

Unfortunately, the extended cut offers little new. If you already found the theatrical version too long and confusing, you won't find much joy in the extended cut either. Fans of the series, who just can't get enough of the magical world, can take a look. Newcomers should get a hold of the theatrical version.


Theatrical version: 133:50 min.
Extended cut: 140:59 min.

During the title insertion, there is a corresponding addition for the extended cut.

theatrical version:extended cut:

No time difference.


After Dumbledore and Scamander are disappeared to shake off their pursuer, they enter a park where Albus and his Deluminator extinguish the lights. The two continue to talk about why Albus sent Newt to New Yok before they disappeared again.

Newt: "So why did you send me to New York?"
Albus: "Because I knew Grindelwald would try to catch Credence. He had a vision, you see, many years ago. In which an Obscurial killed the man he fears above all others."
Newt: "You."
Albus: "I thought you might deprive Grindelwald of his weapon, not by killing Credence, but by saving him."

Newt: "Why did you send me to New York?"
Albus: "Because I knew that Grindelwald was after Credence. He had a vision many years ago in which an obscurial killed the man he feared in the first place." Albus: "Because I knew Grindelwald was after Credence."
Newt: "You."
Albus: "I thought you could take his gun off Grindelwald, not by killing Credence, but by saving him."

Ext: 40.08 sec.


Newt puts the Niffler in his suitcase, which Jacob is less delighted about. He has to persuade a Niffler to climb into the suitcase with a magic necklace.

Newt: "Come on. I don´t think it´s reasonable to ask Bunty to cope with evreyone here and a bunch of newborns, so..."
Jacob: "Are you insane? You´ve got a pack of Nifflers now?"
Newt: "In you hop."
Jacob: "Remember what happened last time?"
Newt: "I fixed the lock. So nothing gets out withaut my say-so. Come on. Get a move on. All right then, Accio necklace. Now you be a good example."

Ext: 49.17 sec.


Theseus and Leta enter a ball. Leta becomes aware of Yaxley and they talk about him. Then Theseus goes to him to congratulate him. As Leta touches the ball you can hear people whispering (about her) around her. She watches a woman dancing in the middle of the room, veil floating around her. A man approaches her and whispers something into her ear about her brother. When the dance reaches its climax, Leta is obviously frightened as the glowing veil reminds her of her boggart (to be seen later in the movie).

Leta: "Oh, no, Yaxley. I hate the way he makes a beeline for me every time."
Theseus: "Well, if you insist on being the most beautiful woman in the room."
Leta: "It´s not that and you know it. It´s all blood with Yaxley."
Theseus: "Let me go and congratulate him and we can dance and i promise i won´t say a word to anyone for the rest of the night."
Leta: "Promise?"
Theseus: "Promise. Sorry."
Yaxley: "How have you been?"
Theseus: "You sly dog."
People's whispering: "Is it her?. It is, look. Her brother´s alive. The prediction is true. Her brother will lead us from the shadows."
Man: "Return, great avenger, with wings from the water. Congratulations, Leta. Your brother lives. We all truly believe it."

Ext: 132.03 sec (2:12 min)


Credence wakes up in an attic with Nagini in his arm. He leaves her back and sits on the roof. Nagini follows him and sits down. After a brief exchange of words, Credence lets a (insects??) swarm appear from his hand, floating above the sky. Nagini observes him with fascination. The swarm flies through Nagini's chest and disappears into Credence's hand again.

Credence: "What if she doesn´t want me?"
Nagini: "Make it happen."
Credence: "What?"
Nagini: "Because we´re free."


Ext: 140.09 sec (2:20 min)


Credence is crouching in an alley. Nagini sits down and gives him some stolen bread. Credence takes Nagini's hand and kisses the back of her hand.

Ext: 42.02 sec.


Dumbledore is on his way towards the mirror (NERHEGEB) when he meets Prof. McGonagall, who is questioning him about the visit of Travers.

McGonagall: "There you are. What did Travers want? Absolutely outrageous behavior. Marching into a school like that."
Dumbledore: "It was all very mundane. I´m fine, sorry, Minerva, lot of marking."

Ext: 24.05 sec.