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Sunset (Bird of Prey)

artist: Fatboy Slim


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 20, 2013 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: Mr Miau
Fatboy Slim is an alias of the British Big Beat musician Norman Cook and "Sunset (Bird of Prey)" is the first single from his third studio album "Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars".

Both versions of the music video can be found on MyVideo and the DVD "The Greatest Hits - Why Make Videos" as well as the well-known clips for "Right Here Right Now" (the evolution from a simple organism to a modern-day lard ass, also the extralong Simpsons couch gag parody) or "Weapon of Choice" (the clip, showing Christopher Walken dancing through a hotel lobby, was awarded a grammy and six MTV Music Video Awards).

Comparison between the TV Version (5:02) and the extended Director's Cut (5:59).

THere is a total of 5 alterations summing up to 57 seconds longer running time in the DC.

Trivia: The clip was directed by Robert Jezek, the voice samples are from The Doors singer Jim Morrison. The video at the beginning is the controversial US election ad "Daisy" from 1964, which used the people's fear of the nuclear bomb. Towards the end, a Top Secret folder labelled "MKULTRA" can be seen, this alludes to a series of US tests on humans using hallucinogenic drugs.
1st Alternative / Additional Footage
TV Version: 0:00 - 1:08
Director's Cut: 0:00 - 1:24
Director's Cut ca. 16 sec longer.

Both versions start with the election ad (approx. 1 min.), but in the Director's Cut it is being interrupted by shots of a US soldier, who is drinking a glass of water which obviously has been mixed with a drug.

TV Version:Director's Cut:

2nd Alternatives Footage
TV Version: 2:15 - 2:19
Director's Cut: 2:31 - 2:35
No difference in time.

Three were short scenes were changed in the DC: the undercarriage can be seen folding in longer, the ascending ariplane shorter.

TV Version:Director's Cut:

3rd Alternative Footage
TV Version: 2:41 - 2:47
Director's Cut: 2:57 - 3:03
No difference in running time.

Two more very short scenes were exchanged and the airplane can be seen a bit longer after the barrel roll. The following shot features a predator bird with an airplane in the background, the DC only features the latter.

TV Version:Director's Cut:

4th Alternative Footage
TV Version: 3:37 - 3:40
Director's Cut: 3:53 - 3:56
No difference in running time.

The scene in which the bombs are being dropped was shortened (backwards), the DC shows the glass water with the drug again.

TV Version:Director's Cut:

5th Alternative / Additional Footage
TV Version: 4:56 - 5:02
Director's Cut: 5:12 - 5:59
The Director's Cut is about 40 seconds longer.

After the pilot landed, he is lying on the ground laughing. The TV Version fades out here.

In the Director's Cut, the pilot is being taken away by two military police men. After another look at the empty glasse, the pilot is looking at his hands and then the room (probably taking place before the flight). The clip ends after a few Top Secret files could be seen with the pilot watching the video from the beginning on TV.

TV Version:Director's Cut: