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Soul Brothers of Kung Fu

original title: Bei Po


  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 26, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK VHS by VPD (BBFC 18) and the Uncut Version (the letter is available as so-called "Alternate Version" on the new German DVD)

- 52 cuts
- Length difference: 357.2 sec (= 5:57 min) in PAL

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Shot in the late 70s, Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (British VHS title: The Tiger Strikes Again) starring Bruce Lee rip-off Bruce Li contains several hard fights. In this particular case, the Bruceploitation is limited to some nunchucks action and the character name of course (plus a little chit-chat). Other than that, it is simply an entertaining quite reasonable nonstop martial arts flick.

In March 2017, the first uncut DVD worldwide was released in Germany. Until then, US tape was the longest version available but due to its incorrect aspect ratio (a lot of information gets lost) and its sucky image quality, this tape has never really been an option. The UK, French and German tape were all censored differently. The following comparison is about the UK VHS which is also the most censored version of said releases. At least, the UK tape contains the fight between Tong and Ku Feng at the end of the movie which is missing on both the French and German tape.

Interestingly enough, some of the worldwide releases contain a few alternate scenes resp. that is what makes the previously mentioned tapes from France and the UK so interesting. It has been common knowledge that the ending is some kind of happy ending in which the bacl sidekick gets to live. The French tape contains the some ending and exclusively the already mentioned alternate takes.

As last point, a few regarding the German DVD: The source was a foreign movie role with charming grindhouse atmosphere resp. the usual wear and tear but also the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio and almost completely uncensored. As a consequence of required reel changes, some footage got lost (sometimes even half-a-minute). Since the German VHS was the best option, the missing footage has been added to the DVD from said tape. Unfortunately, there are two missing scenes in both versions and since there are missing on both the French and UK tape, the only available source here was the incredibly bad US tape. All in all, the label put a lot of effort in this release in order to release the longest version ever of this rare movie.

Time indes refers to
UK VHS in PAL / Uncut Version in PAL

Please note: The screenshots for the footage missing in the movie role master have been made with the tapes. That being said, the main movie on the German DVD contains that footage in anamorphic widescreen and the quality of that footage is slightly enhanced.
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Additional logo at the beginning of the Uncut Version.

6.6 sec

Almost 2 minutes later, the title has been replaced.


05:47-05:50 / 05:52

Bruce a little longer on VHS when he reverses the forklift.

+ 2.4 sec

07:25 / 07:27-07:36

Tsao San gets pushed against the container and also a little strangled. He manages to get free by kicking his opponent in the crotch.

9.1 sec

10:56 / 11:07-11:20

At the end of the shot, Tong reaches for the nunchucks and tosses them to Bruce who then uses them.

12.5 sec

10:57 / 11:21-11:29

After Chai Kwan appears, Bruce destroys a few things with the nunchucks.

8.7 sec

11:00 / 11:32-11:33

Before Bruce hits the melon, the shot of him with the nunchucks starts slightly earlier.

0.5 sec

11:01 / 11:34-11:35

Medium long shot (nunchucks in the image) of the melon hitting the ground.

1.7 sec

15:38 / 16:12-16:14

Brucce hits his opponent's neck, the camera zooms in on his face - the remaining part of the shot is also on the UK tape.

1.6 sec

16:04 / 16:40-16:43

At the end of the shot, Tong bitchslaps his opponent several times. The subsequent shot starts earlier as well.

2.7 sec

19:06 / 19:44-19:56

The movie role lacks a longer scene that is completely on the tape (which is also where the following screenshots are from): Due to a reel change, the final seconds of the boss on the phone and the beginning of the subsequent fight are missing. The latter might be the result of censoring though because among other things, the fight contains a punch right in the crotch.

11.4 sec

19:26 / 20:16-20:20

At the end of the shot, Tsao San's opponent's larynx gets hit and Tsao San keeps fighting him when he is already lying on the ground.

3.9 sec

19:38 / 20:32-20:43

Tsao San's opponent gets hit more often. He tumbles and he gets pushed back by some woman near the door. Tsao San keeps kicking his butt. With the last punches, the UK tape is back in the game.

Partially missing on the movie role. For that reason, the screenshots have been made with the French tape.

10.9 sec

24:01 / 25:06-25:21

When the baddies attack Tsao San blocks the attack with a shovel. But at the end of the day, he gets kicked anyway.

14.9 sec

24:04 / 25:23-25:39

Another attacker with a pipe appears. Tsao San takes him down with a few hard punches. Then he grabs a sling and strangles a guy with it.

16 sec

26:50 / 28:25-28:26

Jump-cut when Ku Feng walks around.

1 sec

31:27 / 33:03-33:29

Ku Feng's first training session is completely missing: It ends with a kick in the crotch and a little speech about Feng knowing exactly how far he could go resp. that Chen would be dead already if this was an actual fight.

25.5 sec

31:48 / 33:49-33:52

Another shot from Ku Feng's perspective with the leg in a dangerous position (resp. the lesson to kick in the crotch).

2.3 sec

39:08-39:09 / 41:12

The TV a little earlier on the UK tape (the same goes for the German and French tape).

+ 1.3 sec

46:25 / 48:27-48:29

While Chai Kwan is being held instantaneously on the German tape, one actually gets to see how Bruce gets kicked numerous times.
When she gets to him, the UK tape is back in the game (while the German tape lacks the beginning of that as well).

2 sec

46:42 / 48:46-48:51

Rape scene: Cut during the distance shot before "Curly Hair" gets the legs in the right position. With a nasty look on his face, the lifts up the skirt. Chai Kwan looks scared.

5.6 sec

46:43 / 48:52-48:54

Another shot of scared Chai Kwan.

1.4 sec

46:50 / 49:01-49:09

Close-up of Chai Kwan's tights being cut. "Curly Hair" puts the knife in the wood and unbuttons his pants.

8.2 sec

46:52 / 49:11-49:25

Bruce notices Chai Kwan and manages to get free only to get kicked on the ground again. When the camera zooms in on him, the UK tape is back in the game.

A scene that is partially missing on both the German tape and the movie role - the French tape lacks the entire scene. For that reason, the US tape was used as source for the end of that scene.

13.7 sec

52:12 / 54:44-54:49

A nasty technique: The dummy moves backwards again, Bruce jumps over it and punches the dummy in the crotch from behind. Later on, there will be a reference to this finishing move.

5.6 sec

58:33 / 61:10-61:20

More reel change issues: Tong's conversation with Bruce is longer. Tong here mentions Tsao San was with some chick - which leads to the subsequent scene with Tsao San and Dorie which also starts a little earlier.

Screenshots from the German tape because the movie role also lacks that small scene.

9.8 sec

60:19-60:20 / 63:05

Jump-cut at the end of the scene.

+ 0.8 sec

68:46 / 71:31-71:32

Bruce hits his opponent's shoulder. Then a cut to the guy's face.

2 sec

68:54 / 71:41-71:45

Bruce takes the guy down by punching his neck and blocks another one by punching his crotch.

3.4 sec

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