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original title: Bei Po


  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 26, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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68:58 / 71:49-71:50

Obvious jump-cut: After Bruce grabs his opponent's leg, he kicks him in the face...

0.7 sec

68:59 / 71:51-71:54

...and also in the stomach when he is lying on the ground.

3.2 sec

69:27 / 72:22-72:30

Bruce gets out his nunchucks and illustrates what he can do with them.

8 sec

69:31 / 72:34-72:35

Bruce blocks an attack with his nunchucks.

1 sec

69:35 / 72:39-73:31

Bruce with the nunchucks again. Now, he uses them for both attacking and blocking. Baldy shows up and Bruce has to fight both.

52.3 sec

69:44 / 73:40-73:44

More nunchucks action.

4 sec

69:44 / 73:44-73:49

Only a few frames are in it, then the entire shot of Bruce jumping and taking down his opponent is missing. Blood is leaking out of the mouth.

5 sec

69:46 / 73:51-73:53

Bruce uses his nunchucks once again.

1.8 sec

69:55 / 74:02-74:05

Bruce earlier: He drops the nunchucks.

3.6 sec

70:57 / 75:07-75:10

A shot of angry baldy plus a close-up of the blood-leaking wound.

2.8 sec

70:58 / 75:11-75:12

An x-ray illustrates the broken arm.

0.8 sec

70:59 / 75:13-75:16

Bruce punches baldy's neck. Blood is running.

3.4 sec

72:00 / 76:17-76:18

Bruce lifts up his opponent...

0.7 sec

72:01 / 76:19-76:28

...and punches him in the crotch several times. He finishes the move with the claws and the previously mentioned training sequence implies that this was incredibly painful.

8.9 sec

74:28 / 78:55-78:56

The baddies keep beating the crap out of Tong who is lying on the ground defenselessly.

1.4 sec

74:36 / 79:04-79:08

More footage of Tong's suffering. Bruce shows up from behind - at this point, the French tape is also back in the game.

3.4 sec

74:38 / 79:10

The subsequent shot starts slightly earlier as well resp. there is a little more butt-kicking.

0.6 sec

75:11 / 79:43-79:48

Tong grabs some guy's arm and kicks him in the abdomen several times. Last but not least, he punches him in the face.

5.5 sec

75:15 / 79:53-80:00

Tong hits the guy's chest. Tong then smashes his head on a stone several times.

7 sec

76:17 resp. 78:38-80:42 / 81:04-83:15

Tong's encounter with the boss is not cut on the UK tape (contrary to the German & French tape). However, the scene is being shown a little later. To be more specific, one gets to see it after Bruce's victory ver Tsang Sao.

80:40 / 83:06-83:14

And yet, there is a small cut for censorship reasons in that scene which is quite obvious in the Uncut Version due to the different source (US tape): Ku Feng twists Tong's leg and hits his chest.
After zooming in on the face, he goes down - versions back in sync at this point.

7.8 sec

76:17 / 83:15-83:17

The first seconds of the scene with Bruce Tsang Sao which actually belongs here are missing: Bruce shows up.

2.2 sec

80:55 / 85:53-86:02

After Ku Feng's jump, Bruce gets hit a few times.

8.9 sec

81:33 / 86:39-87:07

Ku Feng takes a run and the consequence is a rough fight.

27.4 sec

82:15 / 87:49-87:51

At the end of the shot, Bruce gets punched in the face & he takes another hit at the beginning of the subequent shot.

2.4 sec

83:14 / 88:50-88:54

Bruce throws a few more punches & additional kick at the beginning of the following shot.

4 sec

83:18 / 88:58-89:07

Another anatomical close-up of the chest hit. Blood starts leaking from the hole in the chest after Bruce gets his fingers out.

8.3 sec

83:18 / 89:07-89:09

After a little close-up of Ku Feng's face, a shot of the body follows.

2.4 sec

83:19 / 89:10-89:12

Hit to the larynx, blood starts leaking out of Ku Feng's mouth.

1.7 sec

83:28 / 89:21-89:25

Bruce tumbles a little before Tong gets to him.

3.8 sec

On the French and US tape, "End" pops up on the screen during the final shot of Bruce and Tong. On the UK tape, it pops up afterwards with a different background. Due to the crappy aspect ratio of the US tape, the French tape with "Fin" has been used as a source here.


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