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Drunken Master 2 (aka The Legend Of Drunken Master)

original title: Jui kuen II


  • International Version
  • Chinese Version
Release: Sep 25, 2023 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
All International Versions (incl. the German Version) are equal, except in the final sequence: only the US DVD is slightly longer here. But the Chinese DVD by Thakral is the only release which contains the complete final sequence.
The aspect ratio of the US DVD is the original 1:2.35, the aspect ratio of the German and the Chinese DVD is 1:1.85 cropped. But a huge advantage of the Chinese DVD is the original score.

The following scene has been cut with regard to handicapped people because it was considered as rude.
1 Cut = 1 min 20 sec

2 changes = 1 minute 25 seconds

The ending sequence of Jackie Chan's sequel to the 1978 classic was deemed tasteless in relation to disabled individuals and consequently removed. While in many international releases, including the German one, the previous family reunion and photo were already missing, in the US version, at least this part of the actual ending remained intact - see separate report.

Before that, in the middle of the film, there is something else to discover on the China DVD, in the form of a differently edited scene with singing Jackie. Besides also featuring the uncut ending, his particular scene has only been available on the China DVD from Thakral or the Laserdisc/VHS editions from Hong Kong.

Update, October 2018: The Blu-ray release in Asia contains the film in HD for the first time without cuts. The alternative singing scene remains exclusive to China, but the ending scene is fully visible here.

Update, September 2023: After the uncut version was released on Blu-ray in the USA in 2021, the German HD premiere has been available since September 14, 2023. We have updated the screenshots in the report, and it can be said that, especially in terms of the version itself, a rather ultimate edition has been created:

  • In the uncut version, the English and Cantonese audio tracks are available in both the original and remastered versions, and there is also a Mandarin audio track.

  • Although this was not communicated in the pre-release information, the "international version" is available in the bonus material. With seamless branching, the film ends with a still image of Jackie in the factory, as in the original releases of said version.

  • The alternative ending of the US version (= after the factory, a photo is taken, only Jackie making disability grimaces is missing) is also selectable in the bonus, and those who navigate to the left get to see the corresponding US version ending as an Easter egg. However, only the original English dub is included here, not the second dub with a different soundtrack for the US release.

  • The alternative singing scene from the China DVD is also available separately as a bonus, encoded in 16:9 and slightly remastered.

  • In the complete HD version, the Chinese original credits are shown. Alternative Asian credits and the English credits from the international version are also included in the bonus material for purists.

98:26-98:29 / 98:26-99:49
In the international version, the image freezes as Jackie looks at the air bubbles in the factory and then fades to black.

In the original version, instead, Jackie leans forward out of the frame.

Next, the General thanks Wong's parents for saving the Jade artifact. He learns that the alcohol has damaged Wong's eyes, leaving him temporarily blind. After taking a photo with the General and his parents, they want to see their training son. Drunken Boxing has turned into Blind Boxing, and it seems that alcohol has not only harmed Wong's eyes but also his brain. With contorted expressions and stumbling, he approaches the people present.

Original version 80 sec = 1:20 min longer

Deviation only in the China DVD
Jackie's "I hate my Daddy" song is uniquely edited here with other shots. Unlike the regular version, it starts with a longer wide shot, and the cut to the people present has been rearranged in some parts. When Ken Lo joins in, you also see an alternative take, followed by a longer shot of the cook. Afterward, the versions sync up again.

China DVD 5 Sec longer

Finally, let's take a look at the different credits sequences. All three film versions (Uncut/International/US) on the Plaion Blu-ray use the same Chinese credits.

Old German releases (VHS/DVD) used the international credits, with the "II" missing in the film title. The aspect ratio here is usually zoomed to 1.85:1. Illustrated from the bonus material of the Plaion Blu-ray.

The China DVD is similar to the HD master, often without English translations, and the details of the overlays differ or are placed differently. Illustrated from the bonus material of the Plaion Blu-ray.

German Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook with three versions: