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Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

original title: Sau Ying Diu Sau


  • Original Version
  • Japanese / US Blu-ray
Release: Sep 16, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Original Version (German Blu-ray by Koch Media) (both Main Version and "Retro Version") and the Japanese Blu-ray by Sony (identically equal with the US Blu-ray by Twilight Time)

- 5 differences
- no length difference

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978) made Jackie Chan a star in Asia. Furthermore, it is simply an Eastern classic. And even though it did not reinvent the (kung fu comedy) wheel, it was groundbreaking and still has a lot of fans nowadays. In September 2018, the German label Koch Media released a lovely Blu-ray set in excellent quality - both English audio tracks included and there are some extras as well. In addition to the Main Version, there is also a so-called Retro Version available as bonus. Having compared that one, there is not a single frame missing. According to Koch Media, they received that version from Sony and the old US DVD for instance was based on that very version. Apparently, an HD master does not excist though but it is a nice bonus - the Main Version looks much better though.

Be that as it may, the reason for the following comparison is another one. The movie contains a few flashbacks which have ever been pink since the 70s so that they can be recognized as flashbacks easily. For some reason, the flashbacks are not pink on the Japanese Blu-ray and that did not change in June 2017 when Twilight released a Blu-ray in the US. Koch Media on the other hand reconstructed the known color for flashbacks. The flashback without pink coloring are available as bonus.
Time index is identically equal for both versions.


When Jackie remembers how he trained with the bowl, there are two sequential shots with the color effect for the very first time.

German Blu-rayJapanese Blu-ray


The second time shots have been colored is in the exact same scene, after Jackie sees the hand print on the ground.

German Blu-rayJapanese Blu-ray


High angle shot of So Hai dancing.

German Blu-rayJapanese Blu-ray


Being inside the school, Jackie remembers his conversation with So Hai, according to which he should tell anyone about his kung fu skills.

German Blu-rayJapanese Blu-ray


Jackie purs the tea from the other pot.

German Blu-rayJapanese Blu-ray