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Kung Fu Cult Master, The

original title: Yi tian tu long ji zhi mo jiao jiao zhu


  • Korean Blu-ray
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 13, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Korean Blu-ray by Nova Media and the uncut German DVD by Splendid (Amasia)

- 13 cuts
- Length difference: 148.4 sec (= 2:28 min)

Known for rather odd Hong Kong flicks, Wong Jim did it again with his The Kung Fu Cult Master in 1993. The cast is quite excellent: Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Chingmy Yau and Richard Ng - to name a few. Pretty sure there are many people who still have not gotten what this fantasy flick is actually about. But as often, the attraction of Hong Kong cinema is not necessarily the content itself. Another problem is the fact that the novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Louis Cha, on which the movie is based, is quite popular in Asia while most people in the Western regions are not familiar with it. As for the movie, important backstories regarding the characters are missing in the movie which is rather complicated to fully comprehend. Similar movies also based on Cha novels like China Swordman or Ashes of Time do not have that problem to such an extent but one thing is for sure: The Kung Fu Cult Master is an entertaining movie.

Basically, the uncensored version of the movie was released worldwide. Until now that is because the HD premier released in South Korea on 06/19/2017 by Nova Media is not uncensored. At first glance, the release is quite nice actually: It is a lovely Collector's Edition which contains the movie in true HD for the very first time and the image is superior to the previous releases on DVD. But there is a downside as well: Unfortunately, the coding is somewhat less than perfect and DNR is an issue once again.

But what totally disqualifies that release are the cuts. Violent scenes have not been touched at all but some rather harsh scenes with sexual implications are missing. Mostly, it is not even nudity that has been censored. Instead, the audio track has been altered when the dialog has sexual content - even though the translations in the subtitles on Hong Kong DVDs are often quite rough. Furthermore, some regime critical comments are missing.

One can only hope that there will be another HD release that contains the uncensored version. So far, it has not been announced.

Time index refers to
Korean Blu-ray / Uncut German DVD

Please note: Despite the frames per second difference between Blu-ray and PAL DVD, both versions run in the same speed.
The Golden Harvest logo has been replaced by a Gala Film logo.

Korean Blu-ray 3.6 sec longer

Korean Blu-rayUncut German DVD

31:37 / 31:33-31:49

After they hug, Siu Chiu (Chingmy Yau) and Chang Mo Kei (Jet Li) are rolling across the floor. The master tied to the stone is surprised about how brave Chang San Fung's student is.

16.2 sec

32:16 / 32:28-33:01

Siu also wants to know from Chang if he was carrying. When he explains he was not, she asks what that "hard thing" down there was. Chang realizes that he has an erection and gets startled. After mumbling something about a possible technique, he wonders if she could get pregnant by that. The two of them are screwing around a little while the master tied to the stone starts attacking from the off.

33 sec

43:54 / 44:39-44:59

After being put in his place by the head of the cult, "Mustache Guy" walks up to the others. They whisper about the head of the cult that they would still do her, despite anything else (FYI older Hong Kong DVDs used the term "rape" in their subtitles).

20.3 sec

44:48 / 45:53-45:55

At the end of the shot, the two of them also say that they were going to sell women as hookers.

1.8 sec

62:33 / 63:40-63:49

Wai Yat Siu (Richard Ng) asks them if they were not there to help. They explain their sexual motivation and attack.

8.3 sec

63:29 / 64:44-64:48

They threaten to kill everyone if men did not put their swords down and women did not take off their garments. They were going to be killed if they refused.

4.2 sec

66:27 / 67:47-67:53

After a shot of Chang posing, one of them says the style was indeed superior to their own style.

6.1 sec

69:45 / 71:11-71:17

The two of them also state that she was pretty and they were going to get her (old English subs: "rape"). When they make a step forward, the others quickly position in front of Siu and Chang in order to protect her.

6.3 sec

69:49 / 71:21-71:26

They claim they would rather go to see some hookers resp. they would be better off with them.

5 sec

74:08 / 75:45-75:50

After one of the guys says to Chang that this was were the Wu Dang students were being held, the other guy adds with a smile on his face that they were only being held, not raped. He gets punched in the face and whines a little.

5.4 sec

79:55 / 81:37-81:50

After Chao Min tosses the arrows in Chang's direction, the latter turns around. A close-up of the arrows that look like a character follows. Subsequently, Chao Min says the Yuan dynasty was particularly powerful and the biggest empire there was plus Chang should reconsider facing that all by himself.

13 sec

79:59 / 81:54-82:10

Arrows keep flying around and through a log. Because of that, Chang has created a different character. He says the people would suffer from the Yuan dynasty while the Ming would represent the people and their will and fight the Yuan dynasty for the people.

16.2 sec

92:54 / 95:06-95:18

Chang speaks longer. He speaks about his technique resp. about his comment regarding his erection he made earlier. Chang San Fung (Sammo Hung) explains he had only learned that art form because no women would want to be with him. Looking at Siu, he also says that Chang did not have that problem.

12.4 sec

At the end of the movie, the Blu-ray shows the Gala Film logo one more time.