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War and Peace



original title: Rumah Dara


  • Indonesian DVD
  • Canadian DVD
Release: Jan 04, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the cut Indonesian DVD (Dewasa/18+) by Ezy Home Entertainment and the uncut Canadian DVD (16+) by Mongrel media.


Macabre was already released in April 2011 on DVD and BluRay. After several reports, that Macabre is the first movie to be banned in Malaysia because of extreme violence and a cut Indonesian and Singapurian release in the cinemas and on DVD, the chances of a uncut release were simply bad. The main hope laid upon the Great Britain and American releases. However, a Canadian label was the first to release this movie in its uncensored state. lists it with a release date for the 8th november.

The Indonesian DVD was cut in two scenes whereas half a minute is missing. These scenes can be seen as some more harmless ones from the movie.

Runtime and cuts

Runtime of the Indonesian version, w/o credits: 1:32:02
Runtime of the Canadian version, w/o credits: 1:32:37
Both versions run at the same speed.

1 slightly longer blackscreen on the Canadian DV (0,63 Sek.)
1 different text
1 slight different text
15 cuts (34,2 Sec.)
= 34,83 Sec.
Timeindex: Indonesian DVD / Canadian DVD

The blackscreen on the Canadian DVD is slightly longer.
0,63 Sec.

The title screens differ. The Indonesian version shows the title Rumah Dara, the Canadian version shows the international title Macabre.
no time difference

Indonesian DVDCanadian DVD

The text of the city's name Bandung is on different positions in both versions. The name is shown a bit longer in the Indonesian version.
no time difference

Indonesian DVDCanadian DVD

The Indonesian DVD stops when Eko storms towards Adam. Eko rams the sword into Adam's body. One can shortly see Ladya and then Eko who still pushes the sword into his body. Adam grabs the sword and Eko's hand and pushes him back. Afterwards he throws Eko to the ground and stands over him. The sword still in his chest he starts beating Eko. Adam puts one foot into Eko's face, grabs the sword and starts pulling it out of his body.
31,61 Sec.

A short view, how Adam pulls out the sword of his body, has been deleted.
2,59 Sec.