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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Oct 26, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) (contained on the US-DVD from New Line) and the Director's Cut (contained on the German DVD from Kinowelt)

- Theatrical Version: 102:27 min (107:10 min with ending credits) in NTSC
=> equals 98:20 min (102:53 min with ending credits) in PAL

- Director's Cut: 100:17 min (104:41 min with ending credits) in PAL

14 changes parts, including
* 5x alternative footage
* 1x longer shot in the Theatrical Version
* 2 recuts

Difference: 115,3 sec (= 1:55 min)

The visually stunning Fantasy-Thriller by Tarsem Singh had to be cut for an R rating in the USA. The MPAA did not approve of the scene in which the killer (Vincent D'Onofrio) dangles from numerous chains and masturbating on his already dead victim. However, violent scenes like Vince Vaughn being disemboweled have not been cut.

Until today only the edited R-Rated Version is available in the States.

Running time data is presented in the following order:
Theatrical Version in NTSC / Director's Cut in PAL
12:49-13:11 / 12:18

While the R-Rated in Catherines apartment starts with her smoking a joint and looking at newspaper articles about the killers victims the DC starts with her taking something out of the fridge. The joint comes later (at 13:54-14:14).

For continuity the R-Rated shows a shot of Catherine first looking to the wall and then down at the fridge. This shot is missing in the DC..

R-Rated 1,2 sec longer

13:36 / 12:41-13:36

Carl takes his victim (Anne Marie) out of the tub and puts her on the table. Then he turns of the light and a stronger one on..

In the R-Rated the previous shot from above is 3 frames longer (no screenshots).

54,9 sec

13:40 / 13:39

The water from the shower is see 4 frames longer in the DC.

0,2 sec

13:42 / 13:41-13:42

The following shot of Anne Marie is a bit longer. The next shot of Carl starts 3 frames earlier.

0,8 sec

Alternative footage
13:44-13:50 / 13:44-13:54

As Carl turns the water off we see an alternative shot: The R-Rated shows Anne Marie only from the side, the DC shows her front..Then only in the DC a shot of Carl wiping her face.

DC 4 sec longer

R-RatedDirector's Cut

13:50 / 14:14-14:39

Both versions jump back and forth between scenes (Catherines apartment and Carls basement).

The R-Rated shows Catherine in bed. The DC shows the previously mentioned scene and adds a scene in Carls basement that is completely missing in the R-Rated. He takes off his shirt, turns the TV on and rewinds the tape. We see a video of the victim and Carl makes excited noises. Only then we see Catherine in bed.

25,1 sec

15:27 / 16:14-16:38

After Catherines dream we see Carl earlier: The chains are attached to his body and he bends over Anne Maries body. Every now and then we get to see the video but the screaming is heard all the time.

24 sec

R-Rated longer
15:29-15:32 / 16:40

In the R-Rated the apparatus turns 0,3 sec longer, then we see Carls barking dog.

+ 2,4 sec

Alternative footage
15:34-15:43 / 16:42-17:00

The R-Rated shows a long shot of Carl being pulled up.

The DC shows much closer and detailed shots of the chains tensing and Carl being hoisted in the air. The last shot is similar to that in the R-Rated but slightly different and shorter.

DC 9,9 sec longer

Alternative footage
15:45-15:57 / 17:02-17:09


- Shot of the TV
- The body from above, we see Carl hanging there as the camera moves back
- Carl in a close up, looking up and moaning.
- The dog is barking.


- We see Carl moaning longer.
- Similar shot of the body but as the camera moves back we already see Carl fondling himself.

R-Rated 4,4 sec longer

R-RatedDirector's Cut

15:58 / 17:10

The video is seen 5 frames longer in the DC, also the movie cuts to Carl 5 frames earlier.

0,4 sec

16:01 / 17:13-17:15

Again the barking dog and Carl moaning in the DC.

2,4 sec

Alternative footage
16:02-16:03 / 17:16-17:18

The R-Rated shows the TV, the DC a shot from above.

DC 0,6 sec longer

R-RatedDirector's Cut

Alternative footage / Recut
16:04-16:05 / 17:19-17:21


- The dog is barking
- Shot from above but a different and also shorter part of te shot: Carls lifts his head.


- The previously removed shot of the TV.
- Alternative shot of the barking dog
- Carl makes an excited face.

DC 1 sec longer

R-RatedDirector's Cut

The US-DVD also shows the rating at the end (ca. 8 sec).