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The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Return to Savage Beach


Brutal Massacre: A Comedy

Game of Death


  • International Version
  • Hongkong Version
Release: Sep 27, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
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During the phone conversation in the police office which follows a block of scenes that is included in both versions you in the international version hear Ann on the phone, while in the Hongkong Billy is on the line.

Alternative Scene
26:50-26:55 / 21:34-21:37

In between you in the international version see Ann on the phone, while in the Hongkong version it is Billy.

International version 2 sec longer

International versionHongkong version

27:00 / 21:41-21:47

In the Hong Kong version, Billy hangs up and places a piece of paper on the table.
Subsequently, the movie continues just like the international version, i.e. with Ann on the phone. Thus, in this version it is a second call.

5.9 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
27:46-27:53 / 22:32

In the international version, the scene in Billy's dressing room starts a little earlier. The camera pans backwards from the mirror.

+ 6.6 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
32:03-32:41 / 26:30

Several first shots of Lee's funeral are only included in the international version.

+ 37.2 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
35:30-37:29 / 29:12

Jim gets drunk with Ann. Again, they are being spied on by the same guy who had followed Billy and Ann to the boat.
Subsequently we see Dr. Land and Steiner in the car.

+ 113.7 sec (= 1:54 min)

51:20 / 42:29-42:32

Before the fight in the ring (Bob Wall VS Sammo Hung) the Hongkong version shows a poster which fades into a shot of the audience.

3.8 sec

61:51 / 52:38-53:07

Before the movie continues inside Dr. Land's office, the Hongkong version shows a short conversation between Billy and the captain. Billy is a little excited and wakes up the guy who then stumbles around a little.

28.7 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
64:38-65:08 / 55:46

After Billy hung up, he looks at himself in the mirror in the international version and then takes off his glasses in front of a picture of Bruce Lee.

+ 29 sec

Alternative Scene
85:00-87:28 / 74:50-74:52

After Billy defeated Pasqual (Dan Inosanto), the internationalen Fassung at first shows another level on which he defeats Ji Han-Jae.

In the Hongkong version he immediately goes to the next staircase. Curiously enough, just as in the Japanese version the Hongkong version at this point shows the closer shot of Billy a little earlier, while the international version shows him from further away. There, the previous figure shot was a little longer.

International version 139.6 sec (= 2:20 min) longer

Alternative Scene
97:20-100:20 / 84:19-85:39

During the shot of Dr. Land who dropped on the floor, the international version uses a rounded transition-effect to cut to the end credits which look very similar to the opening credits.

In the Hongkong version you instead see the police and an ambulance comes up. Billy climbs up the ladder where the police catches him and leads him away. Dr. Land's body is being brought to the ambulance. During a long shot of the ship leaving the harbor we can see the end credits. Towards the beginning of this scene we again can hear the Hongkong version's theme song.

International version 92,8 sec (= 1:33 min) longer

General note:

The forced English subtitles of the international and Japanese version that always appear when there are foreign-language scraps of conversation are not included in the Hongkong version which was fully dubbed in Cantonese.

International versionHongkong version

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