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  • International Version
  • Hongkong Version
Release: Sep 27, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the international version (included on all Blu-Rays worldwide) and the Hongkong version (included on the Japanese Blu-ray).

18 differences:
* 15 scenes with additional footage in the international version
* 8 scenes with additional footage in the Hongkong version
* 5 scenes with an alternative course

Difference in time: 631.5 sec (= 10:32 min) [PAL speed]
* Additional material international version: 1140.9 sec (= 19:01 min)
* Additional material Hongkong version: 509.4 sec (= 8:29 min)

Over the course of the movies there are a few framecuts with a runtime of under 0.5 seconds that result from a faulty master. Those will not be regarded for the following report.

Bruce Lee's final and unfinished project "Game of Death" was remastered for the Japanese Blu-Ray and released in real HD quality. This version was based on the Japanese theatrical version. In the bonus features you can see another interesting detail in SD-quality: a very different Hongkong version. This was released in Hongkong theaters and later on released on DVD by Universe and Mega Star. Later DVDs and Blu-Rays, however, solely included the international cut.

First things first: There is NO additional material with Bruce Lee. For this you will still have to get the recommendable documentation A Warrior's Journey. Additionally, there are a few cuts in the Hongkong version. Over the course of the movie there are not only a few missing dialogs and rather unimportant short moments during plot and fight scenes, but also the entire fight against Ji Han-Jae. Roy Chiao's cameo in the opera's dressing room and the following battle was cut out, too. Instead there is alternative footage. This is what makes the international version interesting for fans and collectors: There is a lot of additional footage to be found.

In order to make up for the loss of the scene with Roy Chiao there is a fight inside the greenhouse. During this scene we can see the - at this moment of the plot not really justafiable - Lee double fighting Casanova Wong and making a decent opponent. This scene is really worth watching and would have been a nice addition to the international version. Additionally, the opening credits were done differently and accompanied by a different theme song. Besides a few minor additions here and there one should mention the loner and alternate ending: After Dr. Land's apparent fall to death, Bruce is being booked by the cops.

Two more things: In the Hongkong versions you - just as in the Japanese version - can hear Lee's original screams, while the international version was dubbed differenlty. Also, this report is supposed to be focused on the additional footage in the Hongkong version, which is why all the exclusive scenes of the international version will always just mentioned as a sidenote.

Runtimes are listed as follows:
International Version (Japanese Blu-ray) / Hongkong Version [PAL] (Japanese Blu-ray)
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Alternative Scene
00:00-03:15 / 00:00-01:53

The international version includes the usual credits with gambling table backgrounds.

In the Hongkong version there are different credits as well as a different song in Cantonese.

International version 74.7 sec longer

Cut in Hongkong version
03:40-03:48 / 02:16

A close shot from The Way of the Dragon in the international version is shown a little longer and the following long shot a little earlier.

+ 8.3 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
04:02-04:10 / 02:29

Additional scenes of the fight and Chuck goes to the ground before the cameraman yells "Cut!"

+ 7.6 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
05:59-06:02 / 04:14

Master mistake: Before the blade lands next to Lee's cheaply inserted head, the shot begins a little earlier.

+ 3.1 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
14:43-14:45 / 12:33

An additional shot of Billy stumbling to the hood.

+ 2.1 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
16:45-16:51 / 14:27

Kareem throws James Tien to the ground.

+ 5.5 sec

Cut in Hongkong version
18:04-18:11 / 15:38

Billy and the others go out of the restaurant a little longer.

+ 6.7 sec

Alternative Scene
19:31-26:43 / 16:55-21:28

Langer komplett alternativer Szenenblock nach einer Szene mit Dr. Land und co.

In the international version there is a long shot of the streets and you then see people backstage of the opera getting ready. Billy comes in and finds Roy Chiao (as Uncle Henry) who encourages him. Soon, the motorcycle gang follows and a fight breaks out in the dressing room. Billy is defeated.
Subsequently there is a conversation between Dr. Land and Steiner who make some evil plans against Billy.
After that, Billy appoints a meeting with Ann over the phone. On a boat they start talking while being spied on.

In the Hongkong version we instead see stock footage of Billy during his training. Then he goas to a greenhouse where he runs into Lau Yea-chun (Casanova Wong). A fight breaks out during which the obvious double fights, accompanied by shots from other Bruce Lee movies. After a few pots break, Billy wins and makes a threatening speech.

International version 141,4 sec (= 2:21 min) longer
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