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Enter the Fat Dragon

original title: Fei Lung Gwo Gong


  • Asian version (US-DVD)
  • Export version (Blu-ray)
Release: May 05, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the Asian version on the Crash Cinema US DVD of and the Export version on the Thunderfist Productions Blu-ray

33 deviations, of which
* 29 additional shots in the export version with a duration of 232,5 sec. (= 3:53 min.)
* 4 additional shots in the Asian version with a duration of 166,3 sec. (= 2:46 min.)

There are a few additional mastering-errors with a duration of less than 0,5 sec. each, which were not mentioned in the following cut report for clarity reasons.

In 1978, Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung shot the extremely likeable Enter the Fat Dragon. He plays a country-based worthless fellow whose great idol is Bruce Lee (corresponding also to the alluding international title Enter the Fat Dragon. On a trip to Hong Kong, he stumbles into pretty much every sandtrap in the city, but can also make use of his existing kung fu skills.

Also from the movie's available version situation, it looked quite sad for a long time. Thanks to the widescreen format on the US-DVD it was even more useful than many other titles, but it also doesn't win a beauty award and unfortunately has burned-in subtitles in the image. Apparently, a Hong Kong theatrical print was the source. In addition, it turned out that two official versions exist here: The Asian version contained on the US-DVD offers a few smaller scenes in addition. In the export version (recognizable e.g. at the German VHS by the strictly English credits, apart from the movie title) there is also a lot of exclusive material and overall this version runs even longer. At least in the original version, because the German VHS again had its own story cuts - more about that later in a separate cut report.

An explanation for the deviations is difficult. In the Asian version, two scenes are extended (two extensions each) and especially in the second one it's very interesting that the die-hard Hong Kong fan gets to see another familiar face. First, the bus ride is somewhat longer at the movie's beginning, here the driver can still hear the outcome of a horse race on radio. Then there are two extensions at the BBQ party, here Eric Tsang appears. In the export version, there are many short moments to discover here and there in addition - but there is actually hardly anything there that you could culturally understand, for example, that this works better for western viewers. In the final fight the export version is even much longer and therefore obviously the more interesting option for most fans.

in April 2019, a German Blu-ray-Mediabook was released quite unexpectedly , which is already a small qualitative sensation. The main film is a HD scan of a first-class 35mm print, which contained the uncut export version and has never been released anywhere in the world. The picture is an absolute quantum leap to any previous releases worldwide and even the movie version itself is not yet known. In addition, the 4 additional shots of the Asian version described here, have been added to the HD master of the export version for a second film version entitled "long version". On top of that, the German theatrical version, which contained a few basic cuts on the basis of the export version, was rebuilt as a bonus in order to offer the German viewer a movie version without language change.

Runtimes are arranged according to the following scheme
US-DVD in NTSC / main version on German Blu-ray
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The US DVD starts insignificantly earlier.

2.4 sec

02:45 / 02:47-02:49

Mastering-error just before Ah Lung's dream sequence begins.

1.8 sec

The Chinese credits still have corresponding characters on their side - and interestingly enough the small additional comment "Lady Producer" is missing at the beginning.


Additional material on the US-DVD
06:30-06:33 / 06:34

The bus scene begins earlier with a first shot of the waiting Li Chen.

+ 2.7 sec

Additional material on the US-DVD
07:17-08:29 / 07:18

After Ah Lung was looked at critically by the man next to him for the whistle, the shot is even longer: He turns to the side and an announcement about the bus radio begins. The bus driver has obviously switched on a horse race comment and listens now eagerly. While driving, he feverishly follows or for example goes more into the curves and you can see the effects on the passengers. Finally the race is lost for him and he stops.

How he then drives off again can be seen again in the export version.

+ 72.2 sec (= 1:12 min)

08:54 / 07:43-07:49

The passenger, who has to pee urgently, screams into the ear of the stubborn bus driver and leaves angrily.

6.3 sec

19:46 / 18:41-18:42

Moviereel-change: A few unimportant frames are lost when Ah Lung is nagged for the lost food.

1.2 sec

29:10 / 28:06-28:17

It takes a bit longer until the bunch of thugs meets Kao at night and invites him into the car.

11.3 sec

30:47 / 29:54-30:04

The thug still stands up and his colleague uncovers a few stolen paintings in the background.

9,3 sec

32:11 / 31:28-31:33

Two thugs (one of them is good old Yuen Biao, by the way) hitting Yang's inventory like mad with a hatchet.

5 sec

42:39 / 42:01-42:02

Moviereel-change: The first shot of the meeting above begins insignificantly earlier.

1.5 sec

42:54 / 42:17-42:26

First shots from above, like Ah Lung destroys the car. In between Li Chen.

8.5 sec

43:20 / 42:52-42:56

Ah Lung paints the car earlier.

4.5 sec

43:25 / 43:01-43:25

Ah Lung goes back in the same shot and then paints calmly on the bonnet.

23.7 sec

43:27 / 43:26-43:37

Further painting on the side and the follow-up shot a bit earlier.

10.3 sec

49:27 / 49:37-49:38

Jumpcut on Professor Pai's scene.

1.3 sec

Additional material on the US-DVD
49:48-50:40 / 49:59

Before the garden party starts, there is an additional scene with Professor Pai at the Asian version on the US DVD.
His servant tells that he had prepared a big ceremony and that Pai could meet the local girls. Pai reacts rejecting and one of the fighters (Leung Kar-Yan) explains to the guy that Pai would only mourn his old love, which is now married.

+ 52,4 sec

Additional material on the US-DVD
51:22-52:01 / 50:41

In the Asian version Ah Lung can be seen longer in a close up shot and still stuffs some food into himself. Kao pushes him away, whereupon Li Chen comes to him for a moment.
Eric Tsang makes a guest appearance: He is a son of an older gentleman and is immediately forced by him to drink some wine, since he would have grown up by now. Tsang then says that he would not drink any local wines but only imported ones.

Skilfully cut for export, since the close up shot is cutted off when Ah Lung just moves back. Exactly at such a moment, a somewhat more distant shot of the two is used again later, so that one would not suspect the additional part in between at all.

+ 39 sec

63:30 / 62:10-62:12

Moviereel-change: A few frames less with the close up shot of the stunt coordinator next to Bruce.

1.5 sec

71:29 / 70:11-70:12

Jumpcut to the scene of Yang just before Ah Lung joins in.

1.2 sec

84:36 / 83:18-83:22

After the kick, the scene is a bit longer.

3.7 sec

84:37 / 83:23-83:34

The following shot (after seeing Leung Kar-Yan eat for a short time) also starts much earlier - with more slow-motion dancing scenes.

10,8 sec

84:46 / 83:43-83:44

A shot of Ah Lung a little earlier.

1 sec
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