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  • Producer's Cut
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 11, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Producer's Cut (e.g. Amazon Prime VOD) and the Director's Cut (e.g. iTunes / included on the German Blu-ray from Shamrock Media).

- 4 changes
- Difference: 130.3 sec (= 2:10 min) [in 24fps].

Mike Mendez's Killers was mostly released in the Producer's Cut worldwide. The German DVD, in turn, included not only the Producer's Cut as the main version, but also an 8-minute longer Extended Version, which was a rough cut version of the film. The German HD premiere from Shamrock Media has been available since February 10, 2023.

Fortunately, the main film here is not the Producer's Cut, but the Director's Cut. The differences can only be found in the finale, because this was clearly toned down in the more widespread producer version. The extended version also featured the longer ending, which Mendez clearly prefers according to interviews in the bonus material on the Shamrock disc. Beyond that, Shamrock also reconstructed the Extended Version in HD.

As for the history, it should be briefly noted that curiously enough, the German laserdisc also already contained the director's cut with the harder finale. In addition, the film was already available in HD on foreign VOD providers before the Shamrock disc. Here, the Amazon Prime US option included the Producer's Cut, but the later-released iTunes counterpart was the Director's Cut. The Producer's Cut was also used in e.g. Great Britain (with further censorship for the BBFC rating)

Runtime details are arranged according to the scheme
Producer's Cut in 24fps / Director's Cut in 24fps

83:28 / 83:28-84:46

Odessa goes into the living room and meets Jenny there. She pulls out a gun and shoots Odessa, who falls down behind an armchair. Suddenly, however, he pushes the armchair aside and shoots Jenny. He now gets up and walks towards the front door. Before he does so, he takes the gun from Jenny and takes a quick look at the plant. Blood drips down onto the newspaper and when Odessa has turned his head towards the door, the Producer's Cut starts again in the middle of the shot.

77.8 sec (= 1:18 min)

83:50 / 85:08-85:42

Odessa looks longer towards the street. There he sees some cannibals eating human flesh and some dead policemen. At the end of the scene, the neighbor arrives and welcomes him to the city.

34.2 sec

83:58 / 85:50-86:03

Another shot of cannibals nibbling on human remains. Now a larger mob joins the neighbor in walking towards Odessa.

13.5 sec

84:03 / 86:08-86:13

Another shot from above with the cannibals and the neighbor going to Odessa.

4.9 sec

Different music plays during the credits (which are identical in themselves). This makes the Producer's Cut seem much sillier. Also particularly noticeable: The gunshot sounds at the beginning of the credits, which still signal that he is being shot down after Odessa's final comment "Fuck!" during the first credits, only exist in the Producer's Cut. The Director's Cut and also the Extended Version do not have these gunshot sounds.