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  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 23, 2011 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Director's Cut and the Extended Version (both included on the German Blu-ray from Shamrock Media).

- 16 differences
- Difference: 496.9 sec (= 8:17 min) [in 24fps].

Mike Mendez's Killers was mostly released in the Producer's Cut worldwide. The German DVD, in turn, included not only the Producer's Cut as the main version, but also an 8-minute longer Extended Version, which was a rough cut version of the film. The German HD premiere from Shamrock Media has been available since February 10, 2023.

Fortunately, the main film here is not the Producer's Cut, but the Director's Cut. The differences can only be found in the finale, as this was significantly toned down in the more widely distributed Producer's version. Also in the context of the Extended Version one already got to see the longer ending, which Mendez clearly prefers according to interviews in the bonus material of the Shamrock disc. As for the history, it should be briefly noted that curiously enough, the German laserdisc also already contained the director's cut with the harder finale. In addition, the film was already available in HD on foreign VOD providers before the Shamrock disc. Here, the Amazon Prime US option included the Producer's Cut, but the later-released iTunes counterpart was the Director's Cut.

Beyond that, Shamrock also reconstructed the Extended Version in HD . Reason enough for us to give the old report another makeover. The different ending between the Producer's and Director's Cut is now covered in a separate report. In the following comparison, we focus only on all the additional scenes of the Extended Version. Above all, there are significantly longer dialogues, where you can already well guess why this was shortened for the wide release. For fans this may still be a small added value to dive even deeper into the rather nihilistic tone of the movie.

Runtime details are arranged according to the scheme
Director's Cut in 24fps / Extended Version in 24fps

The Director's Cut still has the Multicom logo to start.

+ 12 sec

The two introductory credits inserts differ.

Director's CutExtended Version

Furthermore, the soundtrack deviates right from the first scene. In the better known releases, background noises can be heard, while in the extended version, you only hear the song. This is also the case shortly after, when Kyle and Odessa start shooting. The song and the sounds were changed accordingly.

After about two minutes the old DVD version of the extended version used the note "Two Years Later" over an exterior shot of the house. In the HD master of the Extended, however, this is no longer visible.

The following scene with the family watching TV had a blue filter in the old DVD version. It was probably only meant for the exterior shots around this scene and only slipped in here by mistake. On Blu-ray, the extended has natural colors, as do all of the film's otherwise standard releases.

Extended (Laser Paradise DVD)Director's Cut / Extended Version

When James is questioned in the 5th minute there are partially different color filters and a slightly different framing, as well as some minor deviations.

Director's CutExtended Version

06:23 / 06:11-06:58

The questioning of James takes longer. Among other things, he is asked about the gun he used and whether he is aware that 27 shots were fired by him and his brother that morning. To this James answers in each case with a "no". At last he emphasizes that it had nothing to do with the statements of the others.

47 sec

In the 24th minute the next extension is hinted at in close-ups of Odessa. The footage was already taken from another source and has a blue cast in contrast to the "normal" HD master of the Director's Cut.

Director's CutExtended Version

24:35 / 25:10-25:26

Odessa talks a little longer about his dream at the time to make a film. He just wanted to complete the film for himself, without any bad intentions. He draws parallels to the American dream.

16 sec

25:09 / 26:01-26:29

Odessa mentions God and wonders what he might have thought after the creation of Adam in the garden of Eden. This is followed by some obscene comments.

28 sec

25:12 / 26:31-26:34

Odessa is still blowing smoke and moving his head at the beginning of the shot.

2.7 sec

25:18 / 26:40-27:24

Odessa utters a few more obscenities and asks Rea how her husband will feel when he comes back to her "and it's my cock he's kissing". A brief shot of a Christmas ornament follows. After that, Kyle is seen kissing Charles, who is tied to a chair, on the forehead. In the following scene, the two policemen are seen walking down the path an insignificant second earlier.

43.8 sec

It is noticeable that the English soundtrack of the extended DVD lacks vomiting noises in the follow-up scene with the policemen. On Blu-ray, these can be heard again.

28:46 / 30:52-33:31

Odessa sits down on the armchair and talks to Charles. He mentions that he was able to watch some Hollywood movies on various cable channels while in jail. First he raves about Juliette Lewis and gets upset about the fact that she hasn't won an Oscar yet. He would love to have a date with her. Afterwards he talks about the Halloween series, whereby he qualitatively distinguishes the 6 original films from the successors. There would have been so many cops murdered there that it would make the O.J. Simpson defense case look downright ridiculous. Another short speech about Friday the 13th follows, with Rea walking by in the background and sitting down with him. Lastly, Odessa gets a little upset about the radio program, mentioning Howard Stern.

159.1 sec (= 2:39 min)

29:31 / 34:16-34:20

The tracking shot lasts longer. On the wall you can see, among other things, a Playgirl magazine with Kyle on the cover.

4.4 sec

34:18 / 39:07-39:37

The policeman talks to his colleague earlier in the car. It would be typical for Odessa not to reveal his motives. He would have no conscience and no fear of death, because he never really lived.

29.8 sec

34:35-34:47 / 39:54-40:10

The policewoman is seen speaking in different takes. In the Producer's and Director's Cut, you can now see (slightly shortened) the shot that appeared in the Extended towards the end of the previously added scene. In the Extended she thinks he just looked at her and knew what she was thinking. He would have known that she would have liked to see him die in agony.

Extended Version 4.4 sec longer

Director's CutExtended Version

35:36 / 40:59-41:12

The policewoman still wonders whether things could not have turned out quite differently for the two in life.

12.5 sec

35:38 / 41:14-41:34

Another dialogue: The policewoman tells that she saw Odessa again - on the way to death row. He told her that they will meet again in the next life and she believes in it.

20.4 sec

38:04 / 44:01-44:03

Before the policewoman in the car speaks over the radio, there is a brief black frame in the extended.

2.7 sec

55:13 / 61:12-61:15 /

The shot of the cannibal gnawing on a severed leg starts a little earlier: a first, spirited bite.

2.8 sec

60:56 / 66:57-68:34

The policewoman talks to Odessa earlier, but he never answers. She thinks that he should not have saved her. However, since the outbreak, the book has been selling very well. She still tries to justify why she left him. It would have all become too much for her. She mutters a "Fuck you!" to Odessa, because by now she's getting annoyed by his silence.

96.8 sec (= 1:37 min)

The 67th/74th minute again indicates an extension due to a worse image source with a strong blue cast.

Director's CutExtended Version

68:20 / 75:58-76:25

The policewoman talks longer to Odessa before she dies. God would judge them. Odessa should just laugh when she leaves him now.

26.7 sec

71:27-71:28 / 79:32-79:33

A short scene at the beginning of the shootout is missing. Instead, there is a short shot of a cannibal standing up in the Producer's/Director's Cut at this point.

No time difference

Director's CutExtended Version

The credits also have a different font and deviate more often in terms of content. They are also somewhat shorter in the Extended version.

Director's Cut 23.5 sec longer

Director's CutExtended Version