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Real Killers (aka Killers)

original title: Killers


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 23, 2011 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Original Version: 83:07 min.
Director's Cut: 97:00 min.

The Director's Cut's in NTSC, so it's 4% longer than the Original version because of technical reasons. This is why the length of the cuts isn't always 100% accurate.

Cuts in total: 19
Length of cuts in total: ca. 635 seconds = 10:35 minutes.

Compared here is the original version with the Director's Cut. The original version has been released at least in the UK on VHS and in the Netherlands on DVD too. Because of that it is very likely that the shorter original version has also been released in other countries as well.

In some scenes of the Director's Cut was used a blue filter, contrary to the original version. Moreover the music is partly different. It's noticeable that only music without lyrics was used in the original version. Especially this music works better in the director's cut. Both versions also differ in light. The original version mostly is too bright while the Director's Cut is often too dark - although this seems to be better regarding visual effects.
00:00 Min.
The logo of the company and of the movie during the opening credits were slightly altered in the Director's Cut. Moreover the song at the beginning is different in the Original version. In this version you can hear real sounds which were deleted for the theme songs in the US version. This applies to the end also where Kyle and Odessa get started. The sounds and songs were changed too.
0 dif.
Left: Original version, right: Director's Cut

02:17 min.
The writing "Two Years Later" is missing in the Original version.
0 dif.
Left: Original version, right: Director's Cut

02:24 Min.
The whole scenes in which the family's watching TV take place in bright light in the Original version - in the Director's Cut it's dark (blue filter as in the TV report).
0 dif.
Left: Original version, right: Director's Cut

05:56 min.
The interrogation of James is longer. He's asked about the weapon he used and if he knew that on that said morning 27 rounds were shot by him and his brother. James answers with a "No".
48 sec.

23:25 min.
Odessa's talking a little longer about his former dream of directing a movie. It should have been just a damn movie about the son of a Cajun and about how America was built - the American Dream.
17 sec.

23:58 min.
Odessa asks Rea if she has ever done it in a cinema with an audience. Rea answers no. After that Odessa talks about God and he asks himself if He invented fucking after creating the world and Adam in the Garden of Eden. Moreover he talks about "the white, salty piss" which came out of God's dick.
28 sec.

24:00 min.
Odessa's blowing out some smoke and he moves his head.
2 sec.

24:27 min.
Odessa keeps talking and he asks when the two kids will arrive. Next up's a shot of some Christmas decoration. Then you can see Kyle kissing Charles, who is tied to a chair, on the forehead. In the following scene, the two policemen walking down the way are shown one second earlier.
44 sec.

24:17 min.
In the Original version you can hear sounds of the vomiting policeman who is running out of the picture, you can't hear that in the Director's Cut.
0 dif.

27:26 min.
Odessa sits down in an armchair and talks to Charles. He shortly talks about the Hollywood crap and about some TV stations. Then he talks about Juliette Lewis, about how good he is, that he'd like to have date with her, but he's also scared that she would accept. After that he explains why she hasn't won an Oscar so far and so on. Afterwards he talks about the police in Halloween. He says that there were murdered so many policemen to let the Simpson case look quite proper. Then follows a short speech about Friday the 13th and something about the consultants.
159 sec.

28:09 min.
The trucking shot is longer. On the wall hangs a Playgirl magazine with Kyle as cover boy.
5 sec.

32:45 min.
The policeman talks in the car to his colleague.
31 sec.

Previous to this cut, a dialogue scene in the car is slightly delayed in the Original version.
33:01 min.
The police woman talks a little longer.
16 sec.

33:59 min.
The police woman says that she sees no more hope for both of them and this is the difference.
12 sec.

34:01 min.
Further dialogue: The police woman explains that she met Odessa once more - on the way to the death cell. He told her that they would meet again in the next life and she believes it.
21 sec.

35:22 min.
There's missing a short black screen where you can hear Odessa and Rea.
2 sec.

58:19 min.
The police woman talks to Odessa, but he never answers.
95 sec.

65:25 min.
The police woman talks a little longer to Odessa before she dies.
26 sec.

68:25 min.
Short scene which is missing at the beginning of the shootout. In return there's a scene at this point in the Original version which is missing in the Director's Cut. It's a short shot of an uprising zombie.
(1 sec.) 0 dif.
Left: Original version, right: Director's Cut

79:57 min.
Odessa enters the living room and meets Jenny. She pulls out a gun and shoots Odessa who slumps down behind an armchair. Suddenly he pushes the armchair aside and shoots Jenny. He gets up and walks to the frontdoor. But before that he takes Jenny's gun and looks to the plant briefly.
77 sec.

80:18 min.
Odessa looks longer towards the street. He sees some zombies eating human flesh and also some dead policemen. At the end of that scene a neighbor arrives and welcomes him to the city.
34 sec.

80:26 min.
Further view on the zombies holding some flesh in their hands. Now a bigger mob and the neighbor walk towards Odessa.
13 sec.

80:30 min.
Another shot of the zombies and the neighbor walking towards Odessa.
5 sec.

80:35 min.
Both end credits have a different font.
0 dif.
Left: Original version, right: Director's Cut