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The Last House On The Left

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy

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  • US TV Version
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 26, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
The TV version was compared with the uncensored US version. Both can be found on the German DVD from Great Movies.

Congressman Powers candidate for a new term as he learns that his daughter Melinda has been brutally murdered. It turns out that she was involved in a drug trafficking, which he tries to keep out of the media as this would be detrimental to his candidacy. The case is handled by the tough cop Blade who first suspects Melinda's fiancÚ Watson as the suspect but doubts his guilt. Investigations in the underworld slowly lead him on the trail of the employee Petersen, but what was his motive for the murder?

"Blade - Der Kontrabulle" is a pretty solid cop thriller starring John Marley (the father from "Dead of Night"). The suspect is already known at the beginning of the movie so that the tension is mainly how Blade manages to convict him.

You shouldn't be too fooled by the cover of the German DVD which shows Morgan Freeman "Sin City" styled with a gun in his hand because he is only seen for a short time in the movie.
The main version of the film has only the German audio language and is available in full screen with a very bad picture quality so that it seems that the transfer is based on a VHS master tape. This version was probably made for the US TV broadcast because all swear words, nude scenes and violent tips were removed. Furthermore the film was re-cut in many places, apparently to simplify the plot a bit. The TV producers`opinion were probably that it might be a too big hurdle for the US viewer to remember some events over a period of a few minutes because otherwise some re-cuts cannot be explained. When Powers demands that Blade has to be removed from the case, which he also tells him later by himself, these scenes were cut one after another for the TV version so that some connectivity errors were accepted, as an example, in one scene Powers is still sitting in the office with the chief of police but then suddenly only Powers sits alone there. The TV version also has some new scenes but these are unspectacular and mostly consist of outdoor shots of buildings or a car that drives through the area. We can therefore only advise against this version. In the bonus material you can find the uncensored US theatrical version of the film which was apparently taken from the US DVD released by Code Red. The theatrical version has only the english audio without subtitles an is presented in the right picture format and is of good quality.
Despite obvious deficiencies in the German main version we can definitely recommend to buy the Great Movies DVD if you are not reliant of the German language. Since the US DVD of Code Red is quite expensive, the German release offers a cheap alternative to watch the movie uncut. The main version should rather be seen as a bonus. Since the running time of the German DVD is quite similar to the German VHS releases, apparently only the TV version was evaluated in Germany.

Nude scenes were removed at some scenes by a zoom-in into the picture. This is shown exemplarily by the two following pictures.

Running times:

DF: 76:21 min.
US: 86:15 min.
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The German version begins with the opening credits as Petersen drives through the city in his car.

Petersen stops by and watches a couple kissing in a car. The woman gets out and goes into her apartment. While the apartment can be seen from the outside, you can hear Petersen breaks into the apartment and killing the woman.

An exterior view of the police station can be seen.

The US version begins with the logo of the production company. A couple kissing in a car is observed by Petersen. The woman gets out and wants to go into her apartment but Petersen follows her and brutally beats her up.

He's hiding the body. A woman comes down and asks him for a match to light her cigarette. He thinks he doesn't have one and opens the door for her. The woman goes outside and calls a taxi. Petersen runs to his car and follows her, the credits are visible. The man finally sees the woman going into another apartment.

A group of policemen are talking about the case. One of them notices that Blade will be late today.

Powers learns from Steiner that Melinda was found dead and that drugs were found in her handbag. He thinks he can keep this out of the press as much as possible. Powers wants the offender found.

DF: 5:04 Min.
US: 6:27 Min.


The Inspector still thinks he's gonna lose his temper one day over Blade.

US: 4 sec.


In the German version the camera slides towards a building, followed by the dialogue between Powers and Steiner. The scene is a bit longer at the end. Than Powers takes a smoke.

In the US version instead, you see Petersen dressing and having a short breakfast with his mother, taking a glimpse at the newspaper.

DF: 53 sec.
US: 1:07 min.


The German version cuts to Blade, who's driving through the city in his car.

DF: 6 Sek.


The DF shows again a view of the city.

In the US, you see Blade's car, then Petersen going to work.

DF: 4 sec.
US: 14 sec.


We see the policeman at the car a bit longer.

US: 2 sec.


The DF shows the scene of the policeman. (see the last cut)

In the US, Henry can swear a bit.

DF: 2 sec.
US: 5 sec.


The DF shows a building. Steiner says he will call back...

In the US, you see Petersen sitting in an office. Joanne comes in and brings a man something to sign. When she leaves, Petersen says that the woman is into the man. Joanne walks in to remind the man of an appointment. He tells her to knock on the door next time.

Then you briefly see Steiner thanking a policeman by telephone.

DF: 8 sec.
US: 1:06 Min.


The DF shows an exterior view of the police station.

In the US version, you see Powers a bit longer. Henry asserts his innocence in an interrogation and suspects that something is being attached to him.

The policeman tells Blade some details about Melinda and who still lives in the house.

DF: 14 sec.
US: 1:08 Min.


In the DF the part of the scene follows where the policeman Blade explains who lives in the house. Then you can see an outside view in front of the police station.

In the US, you can still see the lawyer going to Henry. However, there also seems to be something missing here due to damaged film material.

DF: 21 sec.
US: 3 sec.


Inspector Blade says he'll be retired soon. Blade wants to take care of this himself.

DF: 15 sec.


The DF shows a part of the conversation between Henry and his lawyer. Then an exterior view.

Steiner ends the conversation. Then follows the dialogue about Blade's early retirement.

DF: 22 sec.
US: 30 sec.


The phone's ringing. Watson wants to meet with Blade to discuss the case. Blade says goodbye to his wife.

US: 38 sec.


The DF follows the scene of Watson's call.

Here are some shots of the city.

In the US you see Steiner instead, who assures Powers to do everything possible regarding Melinda's death.

Then you see Petersen, whose mother reads the newspaper and speaks to him about the case. He reacts irritably and wants to leave. His mother calls after him.

DF: 50 sec.
US: 1:06 Min.


Watson says Blade screwed up. He says he doesn't have to tell him.

US: 6 sec.


The DF cuts short on Watson.

In the US you can still see Blade.

DF: 1 sec.
US: 2 sec.


Blade and Watson yell at each other a bit longer, then Watson thinks he doesn't need this crap.

US: 7 sec.


The DF shows an exterior view.

Then follows the scene in which Steiner says to Powers that he will do everything he can to keep it out of the press.

Zoom in on an office building. This is followed by the part of the scene in which Joanne bursts into the meeting room. Burt had to rebuke her for her behavior.

A priest's in the car with Powers. He expresses his condolences. Powers says that people are becoming more and more animals and you have to keep them under control.

The priest delivers the eulogy at Melinda's funeral.

Blade's trying to make his wife realize he's working on the case and has less time for her.

Exterior view of a building. Petersen's mother reads the newspaper and speaks to him. The scene was seen earlier in the US version.

A car drives through the night.

The US shows instead, how the killer drives up to Melinda's apartment.

DF: 4:12 Min.
US: 21 sec.


Petersen searches the mailbox for Melinda's neighbor's apartment.

US: 6 sec.


The US continues to show how the woman undresses and also tries to open Petersen's jacket.

US: 28 sec.


The DF is turning towards a man standing in front of the house.

In the US you can see Petersen throwing himself at the woman.

DF: 5 sec.
US: 13 sec.
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