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War and Peace

Stand by Me




  • Free TV: WSJU
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 17, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: brainbug1602 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the WSJU broadcast (22.02.2010) and the uncut german TV version.

WSJU showed a heavily censored version of the movie. There were 16 cuts with a complete running time of 39:50 min.

A part of the credits are missing.

1:06 min.


Marion goes to the closet. The money and the half packed suitcase are lying on the bed. She puts on a vest, packs the suitcase and walks to the mirror.

49 sec.


Marion can be seen longer.

Marions car stands on the lane. A police officer stops and wakes Marion up. Marion tells him, that she just wanted to take a shor rest and fell asleep. The police officer checks the papers and lets Marion drive on, but he follows her for a short time.

Marion stops in a city to change her car at a car dealer. The police officer followed her and watches her from across the street.

Marion drives on with the new car.

10:56 min.


Norman comes to Marion with a tray in his hands. Both go to his living room and talk about his work as a taxidermist and live in general.

5:11 min.


Norman tells Marion, that he can't leave his mother.

55 sec.


Norman keeps watchin Marion, who removes her bra.

4 sec.


Norman goes to his office, turns off the lights and gets some cleaning stuff. He removes the blood and drives Marions car to the front of the room. Finally he wraps her into the shower curtain.

4:52 min.


Norman walks into the room and gets Marions stuff, which he puts in the trunk of the car. He forgot the newspaper.

1:47 min.


Norman watches the sinking car longer.

42 sec.


Arbogast keeps on interrogating Norman. He tells him, that Marion ate something and then went to bed. Arbogast sees Normans mother in the window and aks him if he could talk with her. Norman refuses and tells him to leave.

The TV version only shows Norman nodding.

3:56 min.


Arbogast goes to the motel and searches the office and the living room without finding anything. He goes to the house.

1:15 min.


Two knife cuts at the beginng are missing.

3 sec.


The sheriff thinks, that Arbogast went away with the money and that's why he doesn't responds anymore. Sam and Lila ask him to call Norman, who tells him that Arbogast was at the motel this evening but left afterwards.

2:10 min.


Norman goes to his mother to bring her to the cellar.

Sam and Lila meet the sheriff after sunday mass and want to go to the motel with him. He tells them that he has been there and meet nobody except Norman. He suggest to come to his house and file a missings person report in the afternoon.

3:06 min.


Sam and Lila walk to the room. Norman keeps on watching them. Lila thinks, that Norman got the money. Both decide to search room number 1.

1:12 Min.


Lila searches Normans mother on the first floor.

Norman tells Sam, that he is happy here and doesn't want to leave.

Then Lila walks to another room.

1:46 min.