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The Light at the Edge of the World

Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland


  • R-Rated / NL / UK DVD
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 29, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
To obtain an R-Rating the movie had to be cut in the USA. So far only this version has been released in the US on VHS and DVD. The R-Rated-version has also been exported to several countries like the Netherlands, UK and Germany. However: Some DVDs and VHS versions include the uncensored unrated version.

NL Version: 1:12:49 / 1:15:51

Unrated Version (German DVD, released by X-Rated): 1:14:35 / 1:17:31

For this comparison the NL VHS (= R-Rated) has been compared to the German DVD (=Unrated)
Please note that Marsha (that's how the name's spelt in the NL Version) is named Marcia in the credits of the Unrated Version.
Angela lunges out one more time, which means that she stabs Herman twice.
1 sec

Angela draws the branch out of Herman's mouth.
0.5 sec

After Jan's gone down, Angela hits her head with the branch again.
1 sec

Angela grabs a thick branch while Snowboy's lying close to Peter's body.
The NL Version restarts when she returns.
5 sec

Angela hits Snowboy's head. The beginning of the shot that shows blood splattering is missing.
0.5 sec

Extended shot of the burning tent.
1.5 sec

Angela spits some marshmellows, walks to the fire and starts toasting them while she's humming the camper song.

The NL Version blinds out.
24 sec

Angela kicks Arab's head away after having him beheaded.
2 sec

Extended shot of Arab's (beheaded) body. She moves her fingers and blood splatters on the hatchet. Angela turns around.
7 sec

When Angela lets Cindy fall down the pole, the impact is missing.
1 sec

Missing shot of Cindy's bursted head. Angela comes closer.
5 sec

Extended shot of the lawn mower the camp leader (Lilly) gets killed with. Dust and dirt come out of it. (I can't recognize any blood.)
5 sec

When Bobby's arms are ripped off, some details are missing. Furthermore his arms are dragged off by the jeep.
4 sec

Angela hits a stake in Riff's hand. Blood splatters out and runs between her fingers.
1 sec

Angela hits further stakes in the beheaded body.
1 sec

Extended shot of the beheaded body when Marsha finds Lilly.
2 sec

Extended shot of Barney who's slumping down at the pillar. His head sacks aside.
1 sec

Missing pan shot of Barney's body.
10 sec

Extended shot of Tony between the women who have been slayed by branches.
0.5 sec

0.2 sec

Marsha stabs Angela with the knife more often.
A small part of the scene is also in the NL Version, followed by alternate angles when she keeps on stabbing her.
No difference

Angela rams the cop in the ambulance an injection in his eye and the needle breakes.
3 sec

Angela sings while she's lying on the stretcher in the ambulance.
28 sec