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Release: Sep 28, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored US DVD (R-rated/TV 14) and the uncensored US DVD (unrated) (both by 20th Century Fox).

Unlike the 1999 original, which was an entertaining animal horrorflick with some irony, sarkasm and edgy characters, the sequel is nothing but a lame crocodile horror movie. Bad actors and totally failed effects (speaking of the crocodile and the gore) make this movie unenjoyable.
Since the movie is a TV production (hence the censored DVD has a TV 14 rating, no real R-rating) Fox decided to release an Unrated version to make some extra money. Extra gore effects haven't been reshot (the movie was already pretty bloody for being a TV film). The producers relied on nudity and integrated two pretty but talentless actresses and also used alternate material in some shots. However, it doesn't make the film any better.

R-rated version = 85:21 min.
Unrated version = 87:27 min.
12:37 After Sheriff Riley, Frank and Emma took off with the boat the unrated version has an extra sequence in which a man - accompanied by two pretty ladies - walks over to the lake. After they dropped their bags the blonde one takes off her top. The guy just stares at her to the dislike of his brunette girlfriend. She rants at him and takes her top off as well. The guy now looks at his girlfriend and the blonde girl in turns.
55,7 sek.

15:09 After the visit at old Mrs. Bickerman the unrated version shows more of our three friends at the lake. The guy looks at the nude girls having fun in the water. It looks like he's jerking off but instead he's trying to hammer a nail into the ground. He fails and he hits his fingers instead so he decides to join the girls in the water. As he undresses the crocodile approaches and picks the girls one by one. After he's done taking off his clothes he turns around and the girls are gone. He runs into the water and calls for them. He then picks up a bloody bathing slip before the croc pulls him down as well.
70,8 sec.

34:57 Here the unrated version shows Rachel taking her bikini off. In the R-rated version the beginning of the following shot of Kerri and Scott is a little longer.
Unrated: 2 sec.
R-Rated: 2 sec.



35:08 The continuing shot of Larry has been intercut with another shot of Rachel in the unrated version
Unrated: 2,2 sec.


35:10-35:17 The following shot is a little closer so we can't see Rachel's breasts in the foreground. Furthermore the beginning of the shot is a little longer in the R-rated version.
R-Rated: 2,2 sec.



35:26 After Scott and Kerri left the shot the camera pans down in the unrated version showing Rachel once again. In the R-rated is the following shot of Larry a little longer. No time difference.