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Prophecy (aka God's Army), The

original title: The Prophecy


  • God's Army Cut
  • The Prophecy Cut
Release: Jun 27, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Brasilian DVD by Flasmstar and the US DVD by Dimension.

The arch angel Gabriel descends to earth to get a soul that may decide the second war in heaven. The angel Simon tries to stop him and hides the soul in the little girl Mary, who now has to flee from Gabriel together with her teacher Mary and the former priest Thomas.

There are two different versions of God's Army/The Prophecy.

The God's Army cut is probably an earlier version of the movie. There is a different beginning with the little Thomas and several small dialog extensions. The image is open mate and all the color filters are missing. This version was broadcasted in German TV and released on DVD by Laser Paradise. However, this DVD only contains the German audio track. Other well-known releases are the Brasilian DVD and - referring to the French DVD by TF1 video (in 2,35:1 ratio).
This means that English friendly releases of this cut can only be found on the Brasilian DVD, the French DVD and - as dvdcompare states - on the Scandinavian DVD by Scanbox.

The The Prophecy cut was released in the US and is pretty common elsewhere, too. This version has a new beginning and some new FX scenes. Most striking is the ending, in which there are several new scenes. So far, this movie was only released with an aspect ratio of 2,35:1. This means that, except for the French DVD, this aspect ratio hints at this new version. The German DVD by Eurovideo also features it as a NTSC-PAL transfer with the same running time. (Thanks to azog for checking on that.)

It's hard to say which version of the two is the better one. The God's Army cut in the open mate format has the advantage that it shows a lot more. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves what format the director wanted to see the movie in. When Thomas and Katherine have the vision of the stabbed angels in the cave, the picture of the God's Army version has been zoomed in, but also features a camera pan which shows the whole scene. This may be a hint at a desired aspect ratio of 2,35:1.

The God's Army version has been zoomed in in some special effects scenes.

Same scene in The Prophecy

The missing dialog in the The Prophecy version are not that important, the new special effects, however, are quite interesting, but also make the movie a bit less mysterious at the end. The God's Army cut let's the viewers phantasy imagine the soul going to heaven and the focus lies more on Gabriel's death.
Image comparison:

God's Army:

The Prophecy:

Running times:

God's Army: 93:34 min. (NTSC)
The Prophecy: 97:24 min. (NTSC)

The Brasilian DVD runs at PAL speed despite its NTSC format.

God's Army:

The movie starts with the Overseas company logo.

Then, we see little Thomas sitting on a swing, talking to a voice coming from the off.

Voice: "Thomas. Thomas, what do you wanne be when you grow up?"
Thomas: "A priest."
Voice: "Why?"
Thomas: "Because my angel Simon said to."
Voice: "Why did Simon want you to be a priest?"
Thomas: "Because I'm going to be a part of something."
Voice: "Of what?"
Thomas: "Something good."
Voice: "And do you believe in your angel, Thomas?"

God's Army: 45 sec.

The Prophecy:

The movie starts with the Dimension company logo instead.

Then we see Simon standing in front of an angel's skeleton in the desert.

Simon: "I remember the first war. The way the sky burned. The faces of angels destroyed. I saw a third of Heaven's legion banished and the creation of Hell. I stood with my brothers and watched Lucifer fall. But now my brothers are not brothers. And we have come here, where we are mortal, to steal a dark soul not yet Lucifer's to serve our cause. I have aIways obeyed. But I never thought
the war would happen again."

The Prophecy: 1:11 min.


A shadow on the wall tells that an angel desends from above. Then we see Uziel walking through an alley.

The Prophecy: 15 sec.


Simon walks through the room and eventually through the door.

God's Army: 16 sec.


God's Army:

There is more dialog in between the policeman and Thomas when they stand next to the dead Uziel.

Thomas: "Anything on the driver?"
Policeman: "No. He's straight. He's chocked up with some though.
Thomas: "Anything on him?"
Policeman: "No. No license. No wallet. Nothing."

God's Army: 11 sec.

The Prophecy:

A different shot of Thomas, the longer chat is missing.

The Prophecy: 2 sec.


The dialog at the end of the scene continues.

Policeman: "This kind weird'o you know. Both eyes pop out like that at once. Certainly deserves a page in my scrapbook."

The first of these sentences can be heared when Thomas is still visible.

God's Army: 10 sec.


Mary and Katherine can be seen a bit longer. They then can be seen driving around in two more shots.

God's Army: 12 sec.


Thomas hands Katherine his phone number.

Thomas: "All right, this is the number to my hotel. Call me when you get in touch with him."

God's Army: 10 sec.


Thomas closes his eyes and sees the tormented angels in front of his inner eye. He regains his consciousness.

The Prophecy: 12 sec.


God's Army:

Mary can be seen longer.

God's Army: 2 sec.

The Prophecy:

The fading out happens earlier here. Then one can shortly see a thunderstorm and then Gabriel watching the sun rise in time lapse.

The Prophecy: 15 sec.


Thomas leaves the hut and talks to one of the Indians.

Indian: "Tonight you will rest. Tomorrow we begin again until the enemy ghost is gone."
Thomas: "This is not a navajo ghost."
Indian: "The same."

God's Army: 22 sec.


There is more dialog between Katherine and Lucifer in the God's Army version.

Katherine: "What dou you want?"
Lucifer: "I'm here as this to put your ease."
Katherine: "The job?"

God's Army: 9 sec.


More talk again.

Lucifer: "With it, he could take heave. The problem: Simon has hidden the colonels soul in the girl. If Gabriel gets to her, he wins."

God's Army: 9 sec.


More dialog between Thomas and Katherine.

Thomas: "I don't care what God's plan is. I don't know if he even has a plan. Whatever."
Katherine: "Thomas, did you ever think that this here is part of the plan and what you are called to do."

Thomas' next sentence, "Maybe we both were", can only be heard in the God's Army version.

God's Army: 24 sec.


God's Army:

A shot of the sky.

God's Army: 1 sec.

The Prophecy:

Cut to a rock.

The Prophecy: 3 sec.


God's Army:

Another cut to the sky.

God's Army: 2 sec.

The Prophecy:

The rock again, then we can see some angels flying.

The Prophecy: 5 sec.


God's Army:

Mary coughs.

God's Army: 0,5 sec.

The Prophecy:

There are new FX scenes in the The Prophecy version: Mary spits out the soul, a ray comes from the sky and takes the soul with it.

The Prophecy: 28 sec.


God's Army:

Mary looks upwards.

God's Army: 5 sec.

The Prophecy:

Mary looks to the sky. The light fades and disappears.

The Prophecy: 10 sec.