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  • Director's Cut (US VHS)
  • Int. Version (Uncut)
Release: Feb 03, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut (US VHS) and the International Version.

A secret government project has developed killer piranhas that can also fly. A cargo of these piranhas has sunk together with a ship and is now at the wreck. Shortly thereafter the first corpses appear, which does not stop the owner of a hotel complex from animating his guests to further diving courses. Can policeman Steve and diving instructor Anne put an end to the threat?

Apart from the fact that the killer fishes can fly this time, "Piranha 2 - Flying Killer" is not very innovative. With slight variations the plot of the first part is repeated again and that was already a rip-off of "Jaws". At least James Cameron's first directorial work is in a certain way entertaining.

Originally James Cameron was only responsible for the special effects, but he took over the direction from Miller Drake, who was replaced at the request of Italian producer Ovidio Assonitis. But after 2.5 weeks Assonitis took control, and James Cameron was fired. James Cameron had no rights over the cut, but managed to make a deal with a distributor so that his cut was published. On the US VHS and Laserdisc of Embassy you can find this "Director's Cut" of Cameron, while otherwise worldwide only the common cut version (International version) was published. The most striking differences of the Director's Cut are it's distorted image effects as soon as the ego-perspective of the piranhas is visible, the introductory scene of Jai and Loretta on the boat is missing (thus also the nude scenes), and a scene in which Raoul once again refers two hotel guests to the fish buffet in the evening is missing. Many scenes were postponed, and the finale was also arranged a bit differently. The Director's Cut has a new music score and some alternative scenes, but often shots were shortened by a few seconds.
The Director's Cut is quite interesting for fans of the movie, otherwise you can be satisfied with the editing of the producers. The distorted POV shots of the piranhas are cool, but you also miss the introduction of Jai and Loretta. Why Jai steals the food from the kitchen doesn't become clear at first. Nevertheless, it's a shame that the Director's Cut has only been released on VHS and Laserdisc so far.

In the imdb you can find the note that the Japanese laserdisc should contain a longer version compared to the R-rated US release. However, this probably refers to the Director's Cut, which contains the International version on the Laserdisc.


VHS: 84:31 min.
DVD: 90:46 min.
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The VHS begins with the opening credits. When the wreck is visible, it fades in.

The DVD shows a couple in a inflatable boat. The man has erection problems, so the girl suggests to go diving right away.

VHS: 2:03 min
DVD: 39 sec


In the VHS the two approach the wreck.

In the DVD the two instead see a sign that says that it is forbidden to approach the wreck.

VHS: 11 sec
DVD: 14 sec


In VHS, you see the girl stroking the man's chest.

The DVD instead shows how she sits on him a bit longer. Then an exterior view of the wreck follows.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 5 sec


The VHS shows in ego-perspective how the Piranhas approaching the ship.

The DVD has an alternative, less artistic angle.

VHS: 11 sec
DVD: 4 sec


The VHS shows in ego-perspective how the Piranhas approach. The couple is attacked.

The DVD here shows the stroking of the man's chest, then you see the girl's breast. Most of the time there are alternative shots of how the Piranhas approach the couple and attack them.

VHS: 15 sec
DVD: 20 sec


The scene of the Piranhas in close-up is a bit longer in the DVD.

DVD: 1 sec


After the attack the VHS shows the moon and then a cut on the abandoned inflatable boat.

Opening credits on the DVD.

VHS: 7 sec
DVD: 2:36 min


Anne can be seen a little longer as Chris removes the fish.

DVD. 3 sec


Chris and Anne a little longer.

DVD: 1 sec


Beverly tells Cindy that this is a great man, but Cindy says that she is keen on the lifeguard. Beverly wants him because he is a doctor. Then you see the man earlier.

DVD: 19 sec


Ralph says to his wife Myrna that they now want to have breakfast, but she says that she is not hungry at all. Ralph says she has to force herself because they have booked the all-inclusive package.

Then you'll see lifeguard Ronnie earlier.

DVD: 15 sec


After Mrs. Wilson mentions that her husband died because of marital responsibilities, you see Ronnie laughing and leaving. Then a cut on the somewhat disappointed Mrs. Wilson.

DVD: 5 sec


After the explosion, the boy runs to Gabby, who prepares a second dynamite pole.

DVD: 11 sec


As Steve can be seen, three shots are mirror-inverted.

no difference (7 sec each)


Cut on Gabby, then Steve thinks he's a piece of crap.

DVD: 4 sec


Gabby laughs in VHS version. Steve thinks he's a son of a bitch.

In the DVD version, Gabby says that this time it was Steve who caused the explosion.

VHS: 5 sec
DVD: 3 sec


In the VHS version you can see Gabby preparing another dynamite pole.

Instead in the DVD version he says to the boy that Steve, Anne and he have known each other for ages.

VHS: 19 sec
DVD: 10 sec


Beverly's on the beach. Cindy calls to her "Come on", then a cut on Leo.

DVD: 9 sec


Cut to Leo, then cut to Beverly, who screams.

DVD: 4 sec


Beverly a bit earlier.

DVD: 1 sec


VHS has a cut on the screaming Beverly.

The DVD also shows how Leo runs into the water.

VHS: 1 sec
DVD: 2 sec


Beverly's early. She thanks Leo for the rescue.

DVD: 2 sec


Leo and Beverly hug.

DVD: 4 sec


The DVD shows the wreck from the beginning of the film.

Then you see a yacht with the two naked girls Jai and Loretta on it. Jai is writing in her logbook that the two are pirates and that they are going to plunder Elysium.

DVD: 1:02 min


The VHS shows here the yacht of Jai and Loretta.

The DVD shows Mr Dumont a little longer.

Steve meets Anne, who is running along the bridge. Both realize that its a streaky situation. Steve asks if Anne knows who owns the inflatable boat, but she has no idea.

VHS: 8 sec
DVD: 1:01 min


Jai's packing more stuff in the box. Mel approaches from behind.

DVD: 5 sec


Mel still thinks he's gonna cook a surprise.

DVD: 3 sec


In the VHS the scene follows where Steve asks if Anne knows who owns the inflatable boat.

Then you see Anne standing in front of the tourists and talking about the dive.

The DVD doesn't have Anne's shot in front of the tourists, instead you see Anne earlier.

VHS: 1:04 min
DVD: 3 sec


The VHS cuts during Anne's explanation to the tourists.

In the DVD you can see Anne standing in front of the tourists instead.

VHS: 3 sec
DVD: 3 sec


Anne realizes that nobody has a question anymore.

DVD: 5 sec


The tourists are to be seen longer than they take the equipment. In the next shot you can see Anne a little earlier.

DVD: 3 sec


The DVD shows the wreck before the divers jump into the water.

DVD: 3 sec


The man moves away from the group, then a cut on the piranhas.

DVD: 12 sec


The VHS cuts on the piranha.

The DVD has a somewhat better shot, followed by a scene from an ego perspective.

VHS: 3 sec
DVD: 5 sec


The body drifts slightly longer towards Anne. Then you can see Anne a little earlier.

DVD: 1 sec


The body slightly earlier.

DVD: 1 sec


The tape cuts back to the body.

VHS: 1 sec


The body can be seen in the DVD a little longer than it sinks to the ground.

DVD: 2 sec


Mel's a little early to see before he loosens the ropes.

DVD: 1 sec


Mel still thinks it's gonna be fun. Then he unties another rope, which he gives to Jai.

VHS doesn't start until he loosens the third rope.

DVD: 10 sec


Cut Mel, then Jai tells him to jump.

DVD: 2 sec


VHS is cutting on Jai telling Mel to jump.

In the DVD you can see Mel's attempt for another run-up, then a cut on the girls giggling about it.

VHS: 1 sec
DVD: 6 sec


VHS shows a cut on the girls.

In the DVD you can see Mel landing in the water.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 2 sec


Jai adds that Mel shouldn't catch cold.

DVD: 2 sec


Next on the VHS, after Chris and the girl have talked, the scene in which Jai and Loretta are attacked at night by the Piranhas.

The scene comes in the DVD at [00:41:33].

VHS: 2:31 min


In the VHS one sees the water surface, then a cut on the Piranhas.

The DVD shows a bubbling water surface instead.

VHS: 4 sec
DVD: 2 sec


In the VHS you can see a shot in which the piranhas fly out of the water.

VHS: 1 sec


The DVD has another shot of Loretta drying her hair.

DVD: 4 sec


In the VHS Loretta looks around, then a piranha approaches.

Loretta can be seen longer in the DVD. She takes a towel and sits down. You can hear the wings of the piranha. The next shot in which she is bitten in the neck starts earlier.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 12 sec


Jai comes up and calls for Loretta.

DVD: 1 sec


The VHS shows the following shots: Jai comes up. Piranhas in the water. Loretta screams. Attack under water.

VHS: 4 sec


Loretta screams in the water and tries to grab the hook.

The DVD has an alternative shot of it.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 1 sec


Loretta screaming in the water.

The DVD has an alternative shot. Loretta is also pulled down.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 2 sec


Jai longer with the hook.

DVD: 2 sec


Jai fights longer with the piranha that bites her in the throat. Blood splashes.

DVD: 7 sec


The VHS shows here how Jai fights with the Piranha. Then you can see Loretta in the water.

In the DVD you can still see Loretta in the water that is slowly sinking. In the next shot you can see Jai earlier.

VHS: 6 sec
DVD: 4 sec


One sees in ego-perspective how the Piranha swim back to the wreck.

In the DVD you can see the water longer. Then follows the same scene as in the VHS only without the alienation.

VHS: 13 sec
DVD: 14 sec


Anne can be seen a little earlier than she breaks into the morgue.

DVD: 2 sec


The DVD cuts again on the bite wound as the night nurse tries to get her coat free again.

DVD: 2 sec


The nurse puts her arm back, the piranha bursts out of the wound.

The DVD here has either an alternative shot or the VHS is missing a few seconds before the Piranha bursts out.

VHS: 4 sec
DVD: 7 sec


In the DVD the scene of Jai and Loretta on the yacht follows.

DVD: 2:41 min


Steve goes to the yacht and discovers the body of Jai.

VHS: 35 sec


The DVD shows another shot of the bitewound. Then the scene follows in which Steve drives to the yacht.

DVD: 35 sec


The VHS shows a shot of the wreck.

The DVD has an alternative shot.

(Could perhaps even be the same, only on the VHS very difficult to detect)

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 2 sec


The DVD shows a further shot of the wreck before Anne turns on the lamp.

DVD: 3 sec


In the VHS the Piranhas swim towards Anne.

In the DVD you can see instead how they nibble off a head.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 2 sec


An ego-perspective of the piranhas can be seen. Then the piranhas themselves.

The DVD shows the head again, then a Piranha tries to snatch Anne's flipper as she tries to escape.

VHS: 2 sec
DVD: 5 sec
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