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Love on Delivery

original title: Po huai zhi wang


  • Hongkong Blu-ray
  • Hongkong Laserdisc
Release: Mar 12, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Hong Kong Blu-ray by IVL / Celestial and the uncut Hong Kong Laserdisc by Mei Ah

- 3 censored scenes, 2 further missing scenes with no censorship background
- Length difference: 7.3 sec

Similar to a lot of other Celestial restaurations, there a numerous frame cuts under 1 second due to which there is a further length difference of approx. 2 1/2 minutes.


Basically known for Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer in Western regions, Stephen Chow was in numerous further unconventional Hong Kong action comedies. For fans who have no problems with imports, the label Vicol is a blessing: Among release of movies like Tragic Hero starring Chow Yun-Fat, a lot of Stephen Chow's earlier work has been released on very recommendable Blu-rays since the beginning of 2015 (contrary to Fortune Star, the Blu-rays are mainly in native and unfiltered HD) - such as From Bejing with Love, the Fight Back to School series or Flirting Scholar.

While especially the last one with a huge number of local idiosyncracies with barely translatable wordplays is the perfect example for barely being released outside of Asia, it is a shame that the here compared Love on Delivery is known so little around the world. There is no language barrier for the over the top comic/slapstick humor, Chow's entourage (especially Man Tat Ng) is also on board and in top form, there are several weird ideas and over the top violence plus a lot of kung fu. The parodies of The Terminator or Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are easy to understand as well, even if one did not grow up in Asia and without having studied Asian culture intensely.

The Blu-ray

Fortunately, this movie was released on Blu-ray in February 2016 as well. But it does not belong to the mentioned series of Vicol releases from the previous months - the rights are with IVL / Celestial. Those of you who are familiar with their releases probably know the two big flaws. First of all, there are several framecut due to the restauration process resp. damaged frames at the beginning/end of a shot have simply been cut. Secondly, the images have been "DNR'd" - just like many other Shaw movie. Consequently, the result does not look as good as the other Vicol releases.

What makes the title interesting for us is the censorship already reported about the older Hong Kong DVD by IVL. Unfortunately, that DVD was not available for this comparison but the new Blu-ray has now been compared with the uncut Laserdisc. In fact, there are a few alterations during the reading of the erotic novel. Those alteration make the result more harmless. Moreover, two (admittedly rather insignificant) shots have gotten lost in the restauration process.

Eventually, the Blu-ray is still an option for fans due to its availability and enhanced quality - the circumstances remain upsetting though.

Time index refers to
Hongkong Blu-ray / Hongkong Laserdisc in NTSC
Logos / Credits

While the Blu-ray starts with Shaw logos, the Laserdisc contains different company logos.

Only on the Laserdisc, the subsequent title has a "1" right underneath. Almost one hour later, one has to switch to Laserdisc #2 and gets to see the title with the mentioned number underneath (no screenshots). But this is the reason for that alteration.

Blu-ray 3.2 sec longer

Hong Kong Blu-rayHong Kong Laserdisc

18:45 / 19:07-19:08

After Ho fell over the balustrade, there is a reaction shot of Lily first.

1 sec

27:17 / 27:58-27:59

When Ho gets the ball in his face while having breakfast, the previous shot of the ball heading his way is missing.

1.2 sec

50:30 / 51:30-51:31

Not an entirely missing shot as before and only mentioned because here is missing more footage than the usual frame cuts lack at te beginning/end: Lily and her friends arrive earlier in the dream sequence.

1.5 sec

Now the censored scene and introducing a little explanation what this is all about. Ho is facing the superior fighter Master Lau. At the beginning, he attempts to intimidate him by literally turning his back on him and just standing still. In fact, Master Lau is irritated by that at first - the fight does not pick up pace. The organizer however demands a suspenseful fight and forces the commentators to comment the fight in a way that makes it more interesting to the audience. They are so desperate that they use a book and it does work at first resp. they manage to make the lame fight actually sound interesting. But all of a sudden, the book falls down and they carelessly grab another book that contains an erotic story. As a result, their comments steers the audience in an entirely different direction. The commentators are just as surprised as their audience.

80:13-80:14 / 82:37-82:40

Right before Master Lau stops, a sleazy remark has been removed (footagewise barely noticeable due to the frame cuts but a part of a statement is missing as well which confirms it has been censored).

After "He feels (so hot) that...", only the Laserdisc contains the following "...his tits become hard."

Laserdisc 2 sec longer

Even for the previous shots which are identically regarding image and audio, there were curious alterations in the subtitles. The fact of the matter is, the subtitles on the Blu-ray differ from the ones on Laserdisc during the entire movie. But in this particular case, it is quite an alteration. Any reference to breasts and intimacy has been removed.

"Master Lau fell into the arms of Delivery Boy, at this moment Master Lau was so hot. His wet lips slightly opened, from his mouth there came the scent of orchid. Delivery boy held his waist and he put his hand into the clothes of Master Lau. He touched his tits... Lau can't control himself.. He feels so hot that..."

"Duan Shui Liu fell into He Jin Yin's arms. He closed his eyes, his tender lips slightly open, breathing out 'Jin Ping Mei'? He Jin Yin is enjoying himself, thinking the girl has fallen for him. He fells her supple skin and her tender hands, like cotton candy. He feels that..."

Screenshots to illustrate the scene

80:19 / 82:45-82:46

Only on Laserdisc, Master Lau asks about the nipple the commentators mentioned.

0.9 sec

80:41 / 83:10-83:12

The commentators make another remark at the end of the shot. Actually, the term "scold" does not have any sexual meaning. It is likely that it has been translated falsely.

2.1 sec

The Blu-ray contains further Celestial logos after the end credits.