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#16 Asterix in Switzerland


  • English First Edition
  • English Re-Release
Release: Jul 21, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: DaxRider123
Asterix probably doesn't need any introduction; the Gaul's adventures with his friend Obelix and the other townsmen are well-known and commercially successful all over Europe.

The comics were translated into many different languages, however, there's always the problem to translate all the jokes (especially puns). However, thanks to tight controls the the publishing houses ensure the highest possible quality. Still, the first issue of the English version includes an interesting aspect which was annulled in all the later re-issues.

This is a comparison between the English first issue and the English Re-Issue.
The Repair of the Cart

In the comic "Asterix in Switzerland" the English translation is different from the original version that goes beyond regular translation differences. You can see this during the sequence where Asterix and Obelix go to a workshop to have their cart repaired.

In the original version the owner of the workshop is the mascot of the French mineral oil group "Antar" (which was bought up by "Elf" in 1976).

When the comic was translated for a British audience it was more than obvious that the English readers won't get the joke. Therefore they retouched the page by replacing the Antar-mascot by Bibendum (the mascot of "Michelin").

However, this alteration was evanescent - in 2004, the comic was re-issued and offered the original image (the first image originates from this re-issue). Unfortunately, the editors didn't alter the text; Obelix' quote from the next panel ("Call me fat! Did you see HIS spare tyre?") now no longer makes sense.

NOTE: Editors from other countries (e.g. Germany) didn't change the image but rather tried to hint at the strange appearance of the workshop owner (e.g. in the German version Obelix comments on the strange look of the owner).