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Release: Sep 30, 2012 - Author: Preacher - Translator: DaxRider123
INFO: Since America is especially prudish when it comes to nudity, a lot of comics have to be censored, especially when it comes to comics which are directed to a younger audience. This was the case for all US issues of Pokémon - every single panel that seemed to be offensive was censored. Here are a few examples for the censorship.
The juvenile heroine wears a pretty scanty top. In the US version she instead wears a black... whatsoever it's supposed to be that covers up her whole body.

The ample breasts of the young woman were edited for the US version.

Again, a girl's bosom was reduced.

The short shirt was made a little longer in the US version so that it covers the girl's bellybutton, too.

The short jeans in the US version were simply covered up by a speech balloon.

The woman's costume was covered up with a skirt.

Again, the clothing seemed to be too offensive for the American editors.

All the revealing details were covered up.

At this point, the US version not only reduced the girl's breasts but also made a dress out of the stretch costume.

A girl's cleavage was covered up.