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The Authority (Vol.1)

#28 Brave New World Part 3

original title: Authority, The


  • Released Version
  • Unreleased Version
Release: Jul 16, 2013 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Sebbe
After September 11th America was so traumatized that it even affected the world of comic books.
The series "The Authority" by the writer Warren Ellis had a reputation for being a widescreen orgy of action and violence but at the time under the new author Mark Millar it became a victim of censorship.

On page 11 of the issue 28 the Midnighter kills the tormentor of his friend Apollo in a quite gruesome way. He sneaks up behind him and blows a hole in his head with a nail gun so that besides the nail some cerebral matter, blood and one eye are shooting out of his head. This extremely cruel scene was obviously too much in a mainstream comic for the publisher and they decided to alter two images.
For the Teuton wants to rape and afterwards kill Apollo the second image on page 11 was exchanged. In the unreleased original version Teuton comes closer to the bound Apollo in a homosexual way. But this maybe would have been too much to take for some Americans, so you can only see Teuton's lustful looking face in the released version.

Finally the scene where the Midnighter blows out Teuton's brain with a nail gun was exchanged for a way less violent scene.