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original title: Die Brut des Bösen


  • Original Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 27, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Additional Scene
37:12 / 43:48

Once again, the Extended Version contains more footage of Van Bullock. He speaks with Cora via intercom but the scene is much longer in the Extended Version.
Van Bullock: "Now, I need you. Now, I really need you."
Van Bullock gets up, walks up to the piano and starts playing. The door opens and Cora appears.
Cora: "Here I am, Van Bullock."
Van Bullock: "Cora. Come here. My beautiful Cora. Come close to me. You like the melody?"
Cora takes a seat next to Van Bullock on the stool.
Cora: "Yes. It's nice."
Van Bullock: "I wrote it specially for you."
Cora: "Oh. Thank you."
Van Bullock: Cora. I love you. Oh, I love you so much."
Cora: "I have so many things to be grateful to you for, Van Bullock. So many."
Van Bullock: "I know you don't love me. You just give me your body. Your beautiful body. I need a little favor from you, Cora. An unpleasant favor. A while ago, I had to kill anybody who said to me I would ask you such a thing."
Cora asks: "What do you want me to do? You know I'll do anything for you. Anything."
Van Bullock: "For love? Or pity?"
Cora laughs: "You know I never lie to you, Van Bullock. Please don't ask me to answer that question. Well, what do you want me to do?"
At a moment's notice, Van Bullock stops playing. With painfullly seriousness, he explains to Cora: "I want you to make love with another man. Just for one night."
Cora does look thrilled at all but she does not say another word.

Subsequently, an additional scene with Frank and Ingrid.
Ingrid: "We must call the police, Frank. They'd been try to kill you."
Frank: "No, it won't be no use. I can't prove it. And Van Bullock would only become more aggressive. No, that's not the solution."
Ingrid: "And why is this man doing this to you?"
Frank shrugs: "I don't know, Ingrid. I don't know. I'm just a little suspicious. But let's hope I'm wrong. Otherwise, it'll be terrible for all of us."
Ingrid: "I'm scared, Frank. I'm really scared."
Frank moans: "Maybe all of this is just a bad dream."

195.5 sec resp. 3 min 15.5 sec

Additional Scene
53:04 / 01:02:55

Komo shows up in his vehicle and stops close to a bunch of street thugs aka dope slingers aka his employees. One of them walks up to the car, Komo hands over another brick.
Komo: "Here's yours. You gotta get more clients. You gotta double your current list within three weeks. If you like yours free."
Dealer: "Yeah, yeah. Alright. But it's not very easy. Police are getting closer every day, the prices are higher."
Komo: "You heard me. Now, beat it!"
The dealer returns to the others, Komo leaves.
Dealer: "Well, guys, you gotta distribute this in the usual locations."
One of them wants to check the quality but the one who talked to Komo does not consider it a necessity.
Dealer: "It's very good. You gotta get more clients and you gotta do it real quick if you wanna get your piece. So let's move it."
Then they spread out.

107.5 sec resp. 1 min 47.5 sec

Extended Scene
01:12:30 / 01:24:09

When Komo tosses Frank out of the window resp. through the glass, the Original Version only contains the end of it. (Original Version: 0.5 sec / Extended Version: 4.3 sec)

3.8 sec
Original VersionExtended Version

Additional Scene
01:18:15 / 01:29:58

Komo and Van Bullock are searching for Frank. Komo is carrying Van Bullock around on his shoulders and while doing so, Komo keeps yelling.
Komo: "Frank Mertens! Son of a bitch! Come out! Don't be a coward! It was me! Me who killed Takimura! Same as I'll kill you!"
Van Bullock: "Come on, Komo."
Komo: "You're afraid, eh? You, you're afraid!"
Komo laughs, then he continues yelling: "The great fighter, he's afraid!"
Once again, Komo laughs.

Subsequently afterwards, there is an additional scene at the police station. Ingrid gives a statement on Frank's behalf.
Ingrid: "Believe me, inspector. Frank is innocent. It was Van Bullock who planned all this."
Gonzales: "Do you have any proof of what you're saying, miss?"
Ingrid: "No. I can't prove it. Inspector, what will happen to Frank if he is arrested?"
Gonzales: "That will be up to the judge. He has injured three persons, two policemen and some other people."
The phone rings, Gonzales picks it up.
Gonzales: "Gonzales. What's the matter? I see. Good.Yeah. Thank you."
Gonzales hangs up, then he explains to Ingrid: "One of Van Bullock's men just died at the hospital. Your friend, Frank Mertens, killed him."

85.5 sec resp. 1 min 25.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:22:38 / 01:35:46

In the Extended Version, Frank pinwheels several times before he drops Komo. The Original Version only contains the end of the scene.

4.6 sec
Original VersionExtended Version