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Roots of Evil

original title: Die Brut des Bösen


  • Original Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 27, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Original Version (Theatrical Version) und der Extended Version (both available on the German Blu-ray by Subkultur).

- 9 relevant differences, consisting of:
- 8 additional scenes
- 1 extended scene
- Length difference: 792.5 sec resp. 13 min 12.5 sec

The Movie

Roots of Evil is not exactly sophisticated or demanding but in this particular case, it is not a bad things at all because the movie is incredibly entertaining - if one does have an affinity for trash flicks that is. Baddie Van Bullock is so entertainingly evil, it is pure joy watching him do his job. Even main actor Anders does a rather decent job. Admittedly, some of the scenes (such as the scene at his master's grave) perfectly illustrate that he never was and never will be a second Pacino but at the end of the day, his performance is quite alright. Some of the scenes are actually funny - the training sequence comes to mind. In addition to that, all the references in the movie are pretty interesting for movie buffs. For instance, it is no coincidence that Bruce Lee comes to mind when Frank Mertens appears on the screen.

All in all, Roots of Evil may not be very sophisticated but it is incredibly entertaining and that is more than what could be said about some of the current US blockbusters.

The German Release by Subkultur

In 2015, the German label Subkultur announced the release of Roots of Evil for the very first time. In August 2017, it was announced that the release had been set for 11/29/2017. At this point, there was no chatter, no rumor, nothing at all that would indicate the very existence of an Extended Version. In the middle of November, the release was postponed. The new (and final) release date was 12/18/2017. But Subkultur had already announced two surprises for their release of Roots of Evil and with the new release date, Subkultur also let the cat out of the bag regarding the previously announced surprises. For starters, the Limited Edition contains a soundtrack CD. The second disc is a DVD that contains the uncensored and uncut Original Version. The third disc is the Blu-ray and this is where is gets interesting: In addition to the uncensored and uncut Original Version, the Blu-ray also contains an Extended Version of Roots of Evil. The Extended Version is almost 14 minutes longer which brings me right to the next point…

The Versions

At first glance, "Extended Version" sounds pretty amazing. But keeping in mind that longer does not necessarily equal better, the question is: Is the Extended Version of Roots of Evil worth the money? The answer is simply: Oh, heck, yeah! The additional scenes with Van Bullock are reason enough to prefer to the Extended Version because the character is no magnificantly over the top that one almost asks themselves why that footage was cut in the first place - even though the movie would probably focus a little too much on the villain. And due to the further additional scenes, the other characters are more elaborated as well. Fans of the movie will definately enjoy the Extended Version, no doubt.

Time index refers to
Original Version – Extended Version (both Blu-ray)
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00:00 / 00:00

The Original Version contains the original German title "Die Brut des Bösen" while the Extended Version contains the English title "Roots of Evil". Other than that, the credits are identically equal.

no difference
Original VersionExtended Version

Additional Scene
08:19 / 08:19

Additional scene with Frank and his students.
Frank: "Now let's remember our master's words. He said: Breath is the answer to all questions, shows the way to you. Listen to it in silence, then it will give strength to you. His words fill us with wisdom."

21.9 sec

Additional Scene
11:21 / 11:43

Further additional scene with Frank at the karate school. O'Blonski enters and knocks.
O'Blonski: "Mr. Mertens?"
Frank: "Yes. What can I do for you?"
O'Blonski: "It's you. I'd like to know if you're happy with your school."
Frank: "Why? Did the owner send you? Didn't I pay the rent or what?
O'Blonski: "Well, you see, I'm the owner of the house in front of yours and… How could I tell you? I've got a buyer for my house. He wants to set up a fighting school in this place and of course, he wouldn't like you to be here. You understand?"
Frank: "No, I don't understand."
O'Blonski: "Mr. Van Bullock, the buyer, would be glad to pay for you a place like this elsewhere in town."
Frank: "Well… No, I'm not interested. I mean nobody will throw me out of here. Tell that mister… whatever his name is that I'm not moving and I'm not interested in hearing about his offer. Is that clear, Mr…."
O'Blonski: "It is not a threat, Mr. Mertens. But Mr. Van Bullock might become very unpleasant."
Frank: I couldn't care less what Mr. Van Bullock wants or not. Now, what would happen if you just left now, please?"
O'Blonski: "Well then, it's alright. Good bye, Mr. Mertens."
Frank: Good bye."
O'Blonski: "Good bye."
Frank: And never come back, please."
O'Blonski leaves. Ingrid is curious so she walks up to Frank.
Ingrid: "What did he want, Frank? You look worried. Any problems?"
Frank: "Not yet. Not yet."

98.2 sec resp. 1 min 38.2 sec

Additional Scene
14:04 / 16:04

Here, the Extended Version contains an additional scene with a length of 3 minutes, starting with Van Bullock's conversation with Cora via intercom. In the Extended Version, the conversation is not over yet and Komo is present as well.
Cora: "Don't worry so much, Van Bullock. Forget that poor karate teacher. We have to be very careful. Why don't you buy a house somewhere else?"
Van Bullock: "You are right, my dear Cora. But I don't surrender so easy. And don't forget that O'Blonski needs money."
All of a sudden, Van Bullock's red phone starts ringing. Komo intends to answer but Van Bullock stops him.
Van Bullock explains: "It must be Fanetti from Rome. Nobody else knows this number."
Van Bullock himself then answers: "Yes? Oh, yes, Mr. Fanetti. I do as much as I can, you know that. But I have to act with discretion. Of course, I'm sure of it. Yeah, the merchandise from Los Angeles is already here. Yes. I'll take care of them. Of course, Mr. Fanetti, you don't have to worry. Well, give me one more month, the school will be ready and we'll be able to start. Yes, Mr. Fanetti. No, no, no, Mr. Fanetti. I… I wouldn't cheat you. Why would I do that to you, Mr. Fanetti? Thank you for calling, it's good to hear from you. Bye."
Slightly miffed, Van Bullock hangs up: "One day, Fanetti, you're going to shine my shoes! You son of a bitch!"
Subsequent to his little outburst, Van Bullock and Komo look at each other. None of them says a single word.
Then Van Bullock explains: "He's getting impatient. We just have a month. Just the time to launch the merchandise in the market. It's not really enough time."
Komo wonders: "Why is he in such a hurry?"
Van Bullock: "In his place, he has a stock worth $12 million. We can get a very good price for it. Even if we just get 30% of Fanetti's share, we could be rich, Komo. Yes! Rich as a gold mine! This means we have to start everything as soon as possible. Then Fanetti will send the heroin to us. In a short time, we'll build an empire. Yes, I'll become very powerful. People will respect me and follow my rules. Yes! Van Bullock will be remembered and will be known all over the world!"

Ting and Chen enter the room.
Van Bullock: "Yes, what is it now?"
Ting: You ordered us to come here, sir."
Van Bullock: "Yes. Yes, I did. Come here, you two. I've got a job for you. Somebody doesn't want to do what I ordered him to do. So give him a good lesson of kung fu."
Van Bullock signals them to leave and so they do.

Last but not least, a shot of Ingrid at the karate school.

180.3 sec resp. 3 min 0.3 sec

Additional Scene
24:26 / 29:27

After Van Bullock's goons got their butts kicked by Frank, they have to explain themselves in the Extended Version.
Van Bullock: "So you have failed again. Maybe I have to ask Komo to shake you up a bit. You are nothing but a bunch of cheap street fighters!"
Ting: "I ain't a bad fighter, boss, and you know it. But that man is too strong for us. He's fast. He hits hard. Besides, he has a very special style of fighting I haven't seen before."
Van Bullock yells at them: "You bore me! Go and do some training! You need it!"
His people walk away in silence, Van Bullock takes a sip from his drink.
Komo: "Let me take care of him, chief. With just hand, I'll break all of his bones.
Van Bullock: "For doing this, we still got time, Komo. I've got another idea. It would be a pity, really a pity, to hurt such a good fighter. I'm gonna make him an offer. An offer that he won't refuse. Oh, Komo, by the way, we've got new people in the garden. I would like you to shake them up a bit."
Komo: "Yes, sir."
Komo then leaves as well ans Van Bullock takes another sip.

95.2 sec resp. 1 min 35.2 sec

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